Review Responses

Greetings Loyal fans and reviewers, I know that I said I would no longer respond to reviews; however I have noticed that I reached 375 Reviews and I felt that I owed it to my fans to respond. So here goes!

xzavx – Lol, if I were to make some form of new chapter for SOB, it would be in a new story not in this one :P

MissKingdomVII – Thanks for the review, and TRUST me I know, I re-read my story recently and have seen so many typos that I want and plan to fix, I will one by one be re-uploading every chapter with as many typo fixes as I can find, the main problem is that English is not my native lounge so I know I will miss some typos and grammar issues. Again I do apologize but I thank you for your feedback

grimlock1987 – Thank you for your review, I am happy that you enjoyed the story as much as you did, and I hope that you enjoyed the sequel just as much :)

kibafangirl1997 – Wow, you did a lot of reviews in a row! Lol I thank you so much for all of them, since you took the time to write them all, I will take the time to respond to them all :D

Chap 11 – Fight scenes to this day remains my mortal enemy, I hate them so much lol , it takes so much imagination to come up with cool fight scenes and not sound like the same thing over and over again

Chap 12 – Killing Tsunade was actually a very hard decision that I fought myself over because I do love her character but I felt like someone important had to die that I would not be using in the future plot line

Chap 14 – Lol, it was not a lemon scene, it may be implied of what is going on but as long as I don't go into detail or describe what they are doing, it can stay rated T ;) I am not a huge lemon fan :P

Chap 17 – Indeed, I wish I was good at drawing so I could have posted a picture of it to go with the story :D but alas, I can only draw stick figures lol

Chap 22 – I always figured him to be around the age of 10, defiantly not a teenager, but that is how I portrayed him to be in my story, I did do a bit of research and some people believe him to be as young as 6, but even I think that is way too young. The only thing that everyone agrees on is that he is older than he looks due to how much slower they age in soul society, I hope that didn't ruin the story too much for you :/

Chap 23 – Normally I would say just stick around to find out, but I already know that you know so :P

Chap 24 – Toshiro is and will always be my fav Bleach Char :D

Chap 25 – I am going to be honest here… I have no idea what the hint is anymore, I must have hidden it so good that even I can't find it after 5 years lol… I swear there is one though…Or at least I remember putting one in :/

Chap 27 – I tried not to make it tooo obvious, but I think most people figured it out before the reveal ;)

Chap 35 – Well you already know that he did return to his time, but it would have never worked out with him and Sakura in this time line for the same reasons you stated :)

Chap 36 – I assume you're talking about the Earth ANBU Captain, well I guess you now know why he did what he did ;)

Chap 39 – His eyes always looked green to me, at the very least they look Teal

Chap 41 – Indeed :P

Chap 43 – Although he never reaches 9 tails in my version of the story :)

Chap 44 – Yep, after your review of chapter 23, I knew you would enjoy that reveal ;)

Chap 45 – That was probably my hardest chapter to write, Naoto is by far one of my favorite chars, I know she is my own original creation and is not cannon, but killing her, even if it was going to be erased shortly after was devastating

Chap 49 – Ok, I admit, I made him out to be a bit more dense then he probably is, but it's not far from the truth, even in the cannon series he has no idea, or at least doesn't lead us to believe that he does "I am not fully couth up so if this has been revealed then don't ruin it for me :P I am at like chap 643…..yes I am a shamed at how far behind I am but I am REALLY busy :(

Chap 50 – I am very happy that you enjoyed my story this much and that you took the time to give me all these reviews :)

The Flying Lion – I thank you for your reviews, I hope that you stuck with it until the end. The only reason I used some of the good guys in bleach as my bad guys in this story is because I wanted to give them a role in this story, having all the bleach chars, good and bad would have been too much. However they aren't all bad ;)

Luna's Meow – Thank you for your review, I never claimed to be an expert in Japanese culture; I just go by what I see in Anime. But thanks for trying to clear it up it is still appreciated, much better then shouting at me telling me I know nothing :)

Juubito – Thanks for the review, 2 days eh? Well that is dedication lol, considering there are 50 chapters and most of them are rather long :P I hope that you found that it was worth it ;)

Taeniaea – Thanks for the review and I am glad to see you enjoyed it

Pokecar-Jo – Thank you for the review, I am ALWAYS reading reviews and I appreciate everyone who takes the time to do them that Is why I try to thank each and every one of you, good or bad review alike. As for your comment, trust me I know what you mean, when I was re-reading my story over the past few days, I couldn't believe how often I would be going from past to present tense and the typos I had made, I plan on re-uploading the entire series one chapter at a time trying to find all of the mistakes. So thank you again for your comments, I do listen ;)

I Kicked A Baby – Thank you for the review, that is indeed your opinion and you are entitled to it. Why would I change the bleach chars from who they are ? If I wanted to do that then I would have just made up some fake chars. Most people enjoyed the fact that I respected both Anime to make them blend in together so well. But I understand that we all don't have the same taste and I respect that

Xistance – Thank you for the review, as others have also commented, and as I have already stated, yes I am very aware of these mistakes and even if this story is over, I care enough about my work and my fans to fix them. I should be re-uploading the entire story chapter by chapter soon to fix most of them. But I must apologize as I am French (Acadian Canadian) and English is my second language so it is not always perfect :/

Boratofkhazakistan – Thank you for the review, and I am honored that you think so highly of my story. I am sorry though I do not know the title of that story you are speaking of, I never heard of it. I hope that you found it by now though :)

FF's Nightmare – No my good sir, you are awesome for reviewing "As are everyone else ;)" :D So Thank you

Nethis – Thank you for the review, Fight scenes as I have stated are not my strong suite, I always try to rush through them as I hate writing them, I know that I could have done a much better job with Ichigo's powers then I did but I hope that the actual story made up for it :) Now I must admit, I don't know what water scene you're talking about, do you mean when Naoto gets drunk and goes for a swim? It's the only funny moment involving water I could think of lol :P

Nethis – Thank you for the review, I am happy that you liked my story and hope that you enjoyed the sequel just as much :D

Guest chapter 15 . Jun 6, 2013 – Even though you posted as a guest I still feel the need to respond and thank you for your review. So whoever you are, Thank you oh and yes, Yuki is from Eureka Seven, another one of my fav Animes :D

Amaturnoveldude – Thank you for your review, it means a lot to see that so many people still read and enjoy my story, even years after its been released and completed

And that is ALL of them :D as I have stated in my review responses, YES I am quite aware of the bad grammar and plan on fixing this chapter by chapter, however I am sure that I will miss some typos so I welcome any feedback, I will post at the top of every chapter "Reloaded" so people know how far I have gotten in re-uploading the chapters :) It is because of you guys that I want to continue fixing up this story even though it has long been completed to make it better as I believe you deserve better from me, so I bow to you all in your continued support

Also I have decided that as long as there are reviews, I will continue to read and respond to them.