Secret Love- Rated M

Abby worked late into the night, looking at her watch. The time was 2:30 in the morning.

"Damn I'm late again!" knowing she was suppose to been at a friends over 4 hours ago. Grabbed her Caf-Pow and gulping down the last bit, she turned around and there he stood.

Her heart pounding in her chest as she jumped. "Gibbs what are you doing here?"

Gibbs "Abs why are you here so late?"

He leaned close and brushed a strand of hair off her face, her heart pounding harder. God he must know I'm flushing. Feeling she'd show her true feelings for Gibbs. She quickly turned around and pretended to play with something on her computer.

Gibbs "Abby I asked you a question, why are you working so late?" his voice soft, as he whispers. She could feel his breath on the back of her neck,

Why was he standing behind her?

Abby took a big breath "Oh a….I am a well you know, a working on a um." stuttering wasn't her specialty.

Muttering under her breath "Stop it Ab's! It's only Gibbs."

If he really knew how she felt.

Rated M

Wet Dreams

Slowly turning around their lips almost met, Abby couldn't help the temptation to kiss Gibbs, she knew better. Looking at the man in front of her, he didn't have soft features. He was a rugged man, husky shoulders, unshaven face.
Looking into his eyes she could tell Gibbs had so many secrets stored inside of him, if only she could unlock his inner self.

Abby hadn't realized she was holding her breath, letting out a big sigh Gibbs smiled. "Hey you okay?" his mouth inched closer.

God am I okay? Hell no! I want to reach my arms around your neck and bring you close to me. Feel your heart pounding next to mine.

Another sigh comes out of Abby's mouth, she looked down for fear of what he'd see in her eyes.

Gibbs always said the eyes tell it all, well if that were the case hers told way to much.

Gibbs touched her shoulder, taking a fallen strap from her overalls, pushed it back up. He lingered his hand on her. He knows, I know he knows. So she thought. Gibbs is playing with me, and he's good at it.

"Abby look at me?" reaching his firm hand under her chin, bringing her face to look at him.

She tried to keep her eyes looking down, he was so close, her mind felt light headed. "Why do you want me to look at you? I um have to…."

Gibbs slowly moved his arms around Abby, and brought her closer to him, she felt her body molding next to his. His firm chest beating next to hers. Slowly their lips met, at first soft kisses. As their passion grew, she'd held it in far to long on how she'd felt for Gibbs. Groping and kissing until neither could stand it. Before they knew it they were on the floor, as he started to undress her. Unbuckling her pants, next her blouse.

He softly cupped her breast, she longed for more. Quickly finishing undressing each other, they lay on the cement floor.

He couldn't help himself, Gibbs reached over and pulled himself on top of Abby longing for her. For all these years he'd held himself back.

"Am I going to fast?" He asked in a husky voice, she couldn't speak. Her body told him everything he wanted to hear. They both needed one another. Gibbs quickly pulled himself inside of Abby, leaning one hand on the ground to hold his weight off her body.

"Do you want me? Say it! Tell me how much you want me, tell me know!"

"I want you, come take me, I am yours." she groped him, as he put himself inside of her. Leaning down Gibbs kissed Abby as she returned his kiss.

Her body came alive, no man had done to her what he was doing right this moment.

"Oh God Gibbs don't stop! Please don't ever stop!"

"Abby wake up!" Jumping up from her desk, Abby looked over, and there was Gibbs in front of her.

"Not again." she whispered

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