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Gibbs stopped, trying hard to find the right words that wouldn't confuse Abby. He never wanted her to ever distrust him.

Slowly he spoke. "Abby I have a few things to tell you, please don't interrupt me or try and stop me." He paused looking at Abby, her eyes grew big as she took in a deep breath. "Ok Gibbs." thinking to herself, this can't be happening. No, no no no no…..should I run? What is he going to say? OH God Gibbs hates me! I know he does!?

He could tell she was frightened "Abby you know how I feel, well I had hoped you've known I am your friend. We will always be good friends and…" he could see it in here eyes, as if he'd slapped her across the face.

Crushed, Abby ran up the stairs and out the door, not knowing where she was heading. All she could think about was how much Gibbs hated her. It wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't known how much she loved him.

Tears flowed down her face, she kept running as she turned the corner, Abby ran out into the street without looking.

The light had turned red, a car slowly collided as it hit Abby. Her body went limp. Slowly she tumbled to the ground. People came running over to the scene. Somebody asked "is she alive?" another "I can feel a pulse, call 911."

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