A/N: Michael obviously has a soft spot for Fiona, I couldn't think of a better title. It's cheesy, I know, but I thought it went with 'Hot Spot.'


When Michael got to the house and saw that it was in flames, he felt his heart stop. "Fi!" He yelled as he ran towards the building. He felt rather than heard the firemen stopping him from running into the house. He reluctantly went back in his car and spent the next few hours driving around the city, trying his best not to loose it.

It started raining just as he approached his loft. How appropriate. He thought. He climbed the steps, getting soaked in the process. The coldness of the rain made him feel a little bit better some how.

He entered his loft and rested his head against the door. Then he heard her voice. At first he thought that he was hearing things, but then he looked over and saw her, and slowly began walking over to where she was sitting.

"Michael, you didn't thinkā€¦" She trailed off as his cold, wet hand touched her face.

Slowly and carefully, their lips met, and Michael felt the weight on his shoulders lifted.