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Chapter 8: Truce

I never thought that a day like this would ever be imaginable. Making a compromise with Jacob, that was something new, and also something that I would NEVER see myself doing. But it was for Bella's well being.

As we walked back, side by side, I listened in on Jacob's thoughts, not like I had a chose.

No I wouldn't do it. It was twisted and wrong. I was going to forget all about what he said…yeah, but I'd talk to her for sure. I'll try to make her listen to me.

I didn't comment at all and that came as a surprise to him. I knew that he wouldn't do what was asked of him, that's just his nature, but if he cared for Bella, in the slightest, he would stay true to our compromise.

He began wondering why I took him so far away from the house. That's an easy question to answer, although I didn't bother to tell him. It was too far for my family to over hear our conversation, thus leaving Rosalie confused. She was the last person I wanted finding out about our little agreement. She has already convoluted Bella's perception enough, if only Bella knew the truth behind Rosalie's actions. ….Using her for a child, this was an all time low for Rosalie.

As we entered the house my family was confused, as planned. Their eyes were filled with suspicion. They were all in a huddle around Bella. Her eyes were fixed on me, her face had turned a grayish pale, the stress was getting to her more and more.

"We're going to let Jacob and Bella speak privately." I said almost robotically.

They couldn't believe what I had said, as could I.

"Over my pile of ashes!" Rosalie hissed at me. She was still hovering over Bella's head, one of her hands rested possessively on Bella's cheek.

I didn't bother looking at Rosalie, I focused all my energy and attention on Bella.

"Bella, Jacob wants to talk to you. Are you afraid to be alone with him?" I asked.

Bella looked at me with confusion. Then she looked up at Rosalie.

"Rose, it's fine. Jake's not going to hurt us. Go with Edward." She said.

"It might be a trick!" Rosalie insisted.

"I don't see how." Bella countered.

Edward, why don't you just leave us alone, Bella's fine. I know you two have something planned.

"Carlisle and I will be in your sight, Rosalie. We're the one's she's afraid of." I said, emotionless.

"No." Bella whispered. Her eyes were glistening, her lashes wet.

"No, Edward. I'm not…"

I shook my head, smiling a little. I shouldn't have said that. I shouldn't say things to upset her. "I didn't mean it that way, Bella. I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

Jacob was right about what he was thinking and it was hard to ignore it. I'd imagine that it was painful to look at me as well. I was the one for Bella's suffering, and Jacob made it clear to remind me all the time. I couldn't take it anymore and left Jacob and Bella to talk amongst themselves.

It was hard to clear my family out of the house, they were suspicious and wanted to know why the sudden truce.

I motioned toward the door so everyone would leave, but Rosalie wouldn't get the hint.

"Everyone," I said "Please."

The fate of our plan and Bella's life now rested on Jacob.