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Ron Weasley sat in the Common Room alone, for once. His friends, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger, had already gone to bed. It was late and so there were very few people still up in Gryffindor Tower. Ron was shocked and disgusted at what he had just learned. He knew very little about Harry's home life, with those Muggles, Dursleys, but he did know his best mate was not expecting anything for Christmas.

NO! Ron thought. I can't allow that! I'll get him something. I'm glad mum always has those sweaters every year, even if mine is maroon, it's better than what Harry gets! Mum would've treated him right…MUM! That's it! I'll write to MUM! So Ron got a quill and parchment out and wrote a letter to his mother.

Dear Mum,

How're you and dad? Ginny? Good. Everythings fine here, Hermione has been helping me get my homework done. Not that it helps much in Potions, Snape is a GIT!

I was talking with Harry tonight and learned some disturbing things. Apparently his realtives never get him presents. Not for Christmas or his Birthday. I was just thinking I'd give him my sweater, if it's maroon again. Not that it'd look good on him. He's been a good mate to have. Have fun with Charlie!!



When Christmas rolled around he was pleased to see his plan had worked, Harry had his own sweater. If only mum had taken the hint about not wanting maroon!