Epilogue II: Autumns Monologue

"The heart that truly love never forgets"

After a while you learn the difference

Sasuke looked down at the girl who dared to touch him with her filthy hands. He wiped his shirt as if there was grim and dirt on it from the waitress. He looked straight into her eyes, grunted in disgust and then moved onto the owner's eyes.


Between holding a hand and falling in love

Her heart stopped.

You begin to learn that kisses don't always mean something

Zabuza bowed slightly to the man and woman. "I'm very sorry," He then dragged Sakura towards the front of the restaurant, a full one hundred percent frown plastered on his face.

Promises can be broken just as quickly as they are made

Sakura didn't struggle as he hauled her away. She stared at the man she loved as he was getting wiped by her step-sister's friend: her enemy.

And goodbyes really are forever-

"That's it, you punk," Zabuza scowled. "This is the last time I'm taking in trouble because of you," He stopped on a street in front of the restaurant and threw her to the ground. "You're done with. I cannot take in anymore of your antics!" With those last words, he spun on his heel and strode to the store. "If you ever lay a foot in here, I will personally take you to the police station!"

Sakura sat there on the ground, ignoring the curious looks the bystanders gave her. She then looked down at the ground and sobbed uncontrollably, her tainted, bloody hands clutching at her chest. Small dots appeared on the ground, making the concrete a slight color darker. Soon it was all dark.

The rain fell down upon the crushed girl

The saddest thing in life is loving someone who used to love you

Sasuke wiped at the dirt on his shirt with the napkin the owner of the restaurant provided. A few seconds ago, Yumi had excused herself rather quickly to use the restroom.

The woman stared at herself in the mirror, her brown eyes taking in her hazard appearance. "I can't believe it," She mumbled. "Haruno Sakura is really alive," Yumi fisted her hands, glaring at the mirror with hard eyes. "I can't let her take away Sasuke-kun. I worked this hard to be with him," With those words, she exited the restroom.

Sasuke was in the middle of removing the blood stains from his shirt. He didn't feel a bit of pity for the woman who cut her palms on glass because of him. He was heartless, ruthless, and merciless.

"Here, let me help you," She grabbed her napkin and tried to wipe off the tarnish shirt.

Sasuke pushed away her hands, curling his lip. "I don't need your help for this," He growled and continued with his shirt. "The only thing I need you to help me is to look for Sakura,"

Yumi threw her hands up in the air. "Here we go again," She faced Sasuke. "I told you many times. She has blue eyes and brown hair, she's tan and she heavily rounded," Yumi extended her arms as if to show Sasuke Sakura's body proportion.

He threw the napkin on the table with anger. "Why can't I remember her? Why can't I remember how she looks like," Sasuke narrowed his eyes at the table. "Why do I only remember her name?"

"Maybe," Yumi started, her hands reaching forward to clasp Sasuke's hands. "Maybe, it's time to let her go,"

Snarling, Sasuke removed his hands from Yumi's grasp. "Maybe it's time to let you go, since you cannot help me any further,"

Her eyes started tearing up. "Sasuke, you can't mean that. I'm always here for you,"

"Like a damn weed," He ignored her sniffles and tears.

"But ever since you've awaken, I've always been there for you! I'll always stay by your side forever and ever," She grabbed his hand with desperation. "We'll survive the future with our hands together," Yumi intertwined their fingers together.

"Release me, you nuisance," Sasuke ripped his hands away from Yumi. "Get away from me,"

She merely sat there, the corner of her lips turning downwards.

"Useless woman," He growled and dipped his napkin in the glass of water to dry to remove the stain on his shirt. The damn thing wouldn't come off and that was pissing him off. Sasuke snarled and dabbed at the blemish.

I'll always be there for you

But as soon as the papery substance touched his shirt, a severe, pounding ache in his skull echoed in every single part of his body. The napkin dropped from Sasuke's hand as he raised a trembling hand to his temple. The intensity of the ache throbbed and molded tenfold.

Forever and ever?

His ears were buzzing as he slowly blinked open his eyes and tried to focus them. Sasuke heard soft voices talking, very faint and distorted, but understood. The sounds were soft and loving, and something within him erupted.

Hand in hand

He winced as the pain pricked him continuously.

"Hey, are you alright?" A soft hand was placed on his shoulder.

He blinked a couple of times, his breath heavy. His hand went to his head and he stared intently to a brown spot on the floor.



[ZOOM X10]

[ZOOM X20]

[ZOOM X100]


His memory was forwarding instantaneously and coming back just as fast. An image of a woman appeared in his mind and he concentrated on her, thinking of possibilities of who she was. Sasuke's eyes concentrated harder on the brown spot. His eyes were blank and dark as images receded through his brain, bringing up reminiscence of the past.

You were my cure

She had just enough meat on her to satisfy a man

There was a bullet hole welled deep in her shoulder, blood running down her naked shoulders

I was your disease

Tendrils of pink caressed her porcelain skin

Her hair was filled and caked with blood

I was killing you

She had a floral essence surrounding her as if it were natural

The stench of blood was evident

You were saving me

Her smile made his heart swell and expand

Her lips were chapped, split and blood dribbled down her chin

Now, I'm all alone

She began to burst into laughter, clutching her sides.

Tears streaming down her cheeks and specks of blood on her face

Withstanding this unbearable pain

Such sad, sad eyes

But the most beautiful thing he ever saw was her eyes: because it was full of love




[Zoom Out x10]




"Hey!" Yumi shook his shoulder hard, making him snap out of his daze. She knelt down next to him, her eyes full of concern. "Are you okay?"

Sasuke looked up at Yumi, his eyes staring deep into her own until she blushed from the attention he was giving her. "Are you okay? Is your head hurting?" Her hand rose up, brushing away the locks of hair that brushed against his forehead. But before her hand touched his hair, his hand smacked hers away.

He glared at her with a heat of a thousand suns. "You knew it was her but you didn't say anything,"

Yumi gasped and backed away from him. "Sakura," She whispered under her breath. Sasuke heard and narrowed his eyes.

The chair he was sitting on was knocked back as he raced outside of The Noodle Shop, chasing after a dream that life has killed….

Almost killed-

She walked down the street, sobbing as the rain pelted down upon her. Sakura walked into an alley and slumped against one of the brick walls. She cried harder, gripping the wig on her head. "Sasuke," She whispered broken heartingly as she removed the wig. Her pink hair was wet, clinging to her face like a second skin.

She wanted to die

All her reason of existence demolished away when Sasuke had pushed her away: Rejection.

She put her forehead to her knees and sobbed. All the pent up sadness, grief and anger was all released at this moment of her life. Ten minutes later, she gathered the left over strength she had and stood. She then walked down the lonely abandoned street, feeling comforted—

For they both had been abandoned.


Clouds heavy with rage


Rain deep with forgiveness

Just before she turned the corner, Sakura's head lifted up when she heard her name screamed in desperation through the rain. Sorrowfully, she turned around, assuming that Haku was running through the streets with her belongings in hand. But her eyes widened and the wig dropped to the wet concrete with splatter. "S…Sasuke…"

It streamed through his veins and screamed out in shattering waves that tore him apart. He came to a stop in front of her, breathing in harshly as he looked at the twenty one year old woman standing in front of him. He snapped. Sasuke reached for her sleeve and pulled her against him roughly. "Sakura," He whispered against her head, holding her tightly as if she was going to fly out his arms any moment now. "Sakura," He repeated once more, his voice cracking.

The proudest spirit can be broken with love

"S-Sasuke," Sakura lips quivered and her arms, shaking violently, managed to wrap around his body. "Sasuke!" She screamed into his chest as her body trembled fiercely. Her hand fisted at the back of his white shirt, holding him tight against her small frame. Her bloodied hands leaving her vitality marked on the fabric. Sakura opened her mouth and howled in grief. "Sasuke!"

"I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry," Sasuke repeated many times, as the images of him pushing her away role played in his mind. "I love you so much, I'm so sorry," He pulled her away from him, landing rough kisses on her mouth.

Sakura returned his hard kisses, all the pent up sorrow, agony, frustration and anger releasing in a full blast. She clawed at his shirt, tip toeing on her feet, her mouth smashing against his as Sasuke held her even tighter. A cry was muffled as Sasuke molded their bodies together. Her hands felt good on his naked skin, soothing away his past and present demons as he leaned into her touch. He would give anything to keep those precious hands on his body.

"Don't you ever leave me!" Sakura pulled away from his embrace, holding his face between her bloodied hands. "If you leave me, I will follow you through the fires and flames of hell!" Her fierce eyes told him that she held a promise to those words.

And he loved her for that.

"I will never leave you, and you will never leave me," He removed her hands from his face and kissed her two bloodied palms. Once he did that, he cupped her face between his hands. "I will follow you through the rocky terrains of the desert just for you,"

Because Heaven is Hell without you

The two lovers stood there in the rain, purifying their tainted souls.

The love between the two was inevitable.

"You don't realize how strong a person really is until you see them at their weakest moment"

"What happened to you," His voice trailed off solemnly. "After that…day…"

They were in a hotel room Sasuke had bought during his trip in China. It wasn't elegant and rich, but it wasn't dirty and ghetto. They laid on the white bed after changing their wet clothes to dry ones. Since Sakura's belongings were still in The Noodle Shop, she was forced to wear Sasuke's clothes. The two lovers faced were under the sheets. Sasuke was lying on his back as Sakura was using his arm as a pillow, her nose grazing his jaw line from time to time. Their interlocked hands rested on his stomach. After discussing about Sasuke's travel, they moved on to Sakura's life.

Sakura's thumb rubbed against his palm as she struggled to put her words together. "I died as nothing—nobody,"

He was silently fuming in anger.

"After…I had entered the hospital, they ran many surgeries on me. I suffered from three broken ribs, a concussion, collapse lung, fractured skull and a damaged shoulder." She started.

"How did you pay for all of that?" Sasuke shifted his head and glanced at the top of her head. She refused to look up at him.

"Remember when Ami and my step-father wanted to disown me?"

He nodded grudgingly. "Yes,"

"Well, they hadn't file the papers immediately," Sakura bit the bottom of her lips as the memories flowed back to her in waves. "And because they didn't file the papers, it meant that I was still legally their daughter, keeping the family name. And even if they didn't want to," She hesitated. "They were forced to pay for everything,. And then…"

He didn't say anything. Sasuke continued to rub her back, comforting her with what he could do.

"And then they ran me out of Japan," She finished.

The circles he was creating on her back stopped dead. "What?" He sat up and looked down at her head. She still didn't look at him. "How can they do that? Why?"

"They paid for my medical expenses, but that doesn't mean that they had all the money to pay for it. Basically, my step-family refused to pay for it," Sakura explained. "They barely had the money to pay for it. So, in return, the hospital contacted the government. One day, the government took all of their belongings. Including the house," Her voice tightens with emotion as she expelled a shaky breath, burrowing her face in his chest. "They even sold Aristotle to some dog fight. They were so furious,"

"What did they do?"

"They went to one of the highest courts, taking my case to supreme levels. Ami and my step-father used many evidence to kick me out of Japan." Sakura narrowed her eyes. "They told the judges that I was infiltrating with a gang in America, planning to murder and kill all the Japanese people in my city,"

Sasuke frowned, his hand landing on her head. "But you're not,"

She nodded against his chest. "That is what the judges thought, too. But…"


"Idate had pictures…of the both of us together," Sakura whispered.

Sasuke felt anger pulsing through him. "The pictures of me and you kissing," He stated.

She nodded. "So, the court couldn't do anything to save me. They saw a pathetic girl, who couldn't do anything else to save herself from going to jail. Luckily, the judges took pity on me. So, instead of locking me within the confinements of jail, they banished me from Japan," She finished.

Sasuke's arms tightened around her small form. "I'm so sorry,"

"Don't be," She laughed bitterly. "If I hadn't been banned from Japan, I would've never worked in The Noodle Shop, Zabuza-san would've never given me a place to stay, inside of The Noodle Shop I would've never met Haku,…and I would've never," Sakura bit down on her lip hard, her voice tightening with emotion. "I would've never reunited with you again,"

At the end of the world where angels weep

There are broken fragments of dreams which you seek

Sasuke took in a shaken breath. "I never thought this day was to come," Her head moved, looking deep into his dark eyes. "When did you leave Japan?"

"Three years ago," She answered, her eyes closing in contentment.

"Did you get to finish school?" His chest rumbled.

There was a moment of hesitation. "No, I'm a high school dropout," She sighed in depression. "The school didn't want me to continue my education, because they thought I would bring harm to the students. The court agreed to it and banished me three days after the verdict. I got a job here because one of the judges, Tsunade, felt sympathy for me. She was generous enough to give me a job and shelter to keep me from the evils of the world. Though it might not be the best, I'm still alive," Sakura laughed sourly.

"I'm so sorry, Sakura." Sasuke looked away from her, his eyes straying into the window, staring out at the miserable weather. "Because of me, I-"

"No," She growled and lifted away from his body. "Don't say that," Her eyes snapped with fire as she glared down at Sasuke fiercely. "Because of you, I'm happy. Because of you, I'm satisfied with my life, though it may be crappy. Because of you, I have fallen in love. Because of you, I have experienced joy and pain. So don't be sorry, because I'm content with everything that has happened."

Sasuke felt one of the corners of his lips curl upwards. He smiled and tucked back a lock of pink hair behind her ear. But he froze at the sight of the scar running along her jaw line. Fury throbbed through his body. "Is this from…."

Sakura pulled away from his hand and looked away, ashamed and embarrassed for the one thing that made her ugly. She felt tears began to brim her eyes and immediately she wanted to run. But when she tried to get off the bed, Sasuke heaved her back into his arms. One of his hands was at the base of her neck, pulling her close to his face.

His kissed along the scar, down to her jaw line. His soft lips traveled to the corner of her lips. "You are a strong woman. And this is proof of it," He landed a kiss on her mouth. "And the hardships we went through for the sake of our love,"

Sakura smiled widely. He drew in a long, ragged breath and waited for what was inevitable. She leaned down to kiss him lightly on the cheek. He couldn't breathe as desire roared through him. The beast inside him roared with possessiveness.

"Have I ever told you how much I love you?" Sasuke smirked.

Sakura giggled. "How about you show me?"

Sasuke let out a playful growl and flipped them over; he was hovering above her, enjoying the shock look on her face. Sakura let out a squeal as Sasuke had pinned her wrists on the bed. He leaned his head down, his lips skimming on her neck, feeling her neck pulsing quickly. "You have no idea how much love I will show you today. You won't even have the strength in your sexy legs of yours to walk,"

But it was her legs that slightly clicked his memories back in The Noodle Shop.

Her viridian eyes widen. "You pervert!"

He only chuckled and silenced her words with his lips. "I'm the pervert that will always be there with you, for you," He recited seriously. Love glowing on his face.

Sakura smiled against his lips. "Forever and ever?" She whispered softly against his lips.

"Hand in hand," He finished, his eyes glowing in sincerity. He closed the distance between them, finally ending the horrid chapters of their life.

And neither the angels in heaven above,

She was leaning into Sasuke's kiss with her hands clenching tightly to the front of his shirt

Nor the demons down under the sea,

He captured her lips with his and kissed the daylights out of her.

Can ever dissever my soul from the soul

One of the corners of Sasuke's lips curved upwards; he was smiling

Of the beautiful Annabel Lee

Haruno Sakura & Uchiha Sasuke

"Forever and ever, hand in hand"


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