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Pairing: SasuNaru

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Summary: Uchiha Sasuke stood in front of the business, 'Husbands for a Week'. He needed a husband for the week and it didn't say he had to be a female to be a customer.

Husbands For A Week

Uchiha Sasuke sipped his coffee quietly as he watched the three women a few tables across from him. His dark eyes did not glance at them because of their appearance, No, his eyes glanced because he found their conversation to be interesting. In all honestly, Sasuke wasn't the one to ease drop. He found ways to get the information he needed but for some reason this information was too good to pass up. He was sure everything he was hearing would be the answer to his problems. Pulling out his wallet, the brunette tossed a couple of bills on the table and wrote down the address one of the females mentioned before pocketing the paper for later. He was going to pay this business a little visit sometime during the week and get what he needs. After all, customer service comes first.


The three women continued to gossip happily over their new findings. It seems a new business opened up called 'Husbands for a Week' and they could choose any bachelor and use them for whatever they want. This was heaven on earth for these women since they all were still riding the 'singles' train.

"Isn't this great…I mean I can finally show my parents that I have a man and they can finally get off my back." The pink-haired woman said.

The blonde and the brunette laughed.

"I k-know what you mean Sakura. My father wants me to have date at this banquet. I d-don't know any guys so t-this comes in handy." The brunette giggled out quietly.

"Yeah, I could make my ex-boyfriend jealous. Did you know that lazy Shikamaru didn't even glance my way last night? I'll show him." The blonde woman snorted out.

The three laughed again, causing attention.

"Oh my…whoever thought of opening a place like this is amazing. Right Ino?" Sakura smiled with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Yeah! Let's visit this place tomorrow and get us some men." Ino said with blue eyes screaming determination.

"I couldn't have said that better myself." Sakura commented and three continued planning for the day ahead.

Life was just beginning to be perfect.


Life was just beginning to be hell.

That was the only thought that passed through Uzumaki Naruto's head as he signed his new contract under 'Husbands For A Week.' He could not believe he allowed his uncle to persuade him to do this. He was basically selling his body for any female out there. What if they were hideous or something? The thought brought tears to his eyes but so did getting kicked out for not paying his rent, so he held them back. He was just going to have to do this job until he found another job or until his contract ended.

When did the contract end anyway?

Blue eyes glanced at the fine print.

Six months! That can't be! He swore that contract said six weeks! He fell to his knees as his uncle pulled the signed contract out of his hands.

"Don't look like that brat. You're helping your uncle make money." Naruto looked up, wiping the stray tear that somehow escaped.

"Shut up, you pervy sage. How do you expect me to act like someone's lover for 7 days if I don't even know them?"

"Naruto, stop acting like a child. You are 22 for god-sakes! You're going to be with females for six whole months, you should be satisfied." His uncle Jiraiya said, leaning back in his chair.

"Satisfied?! What if they are ugly or crazy? Plus, I've been single for a long time. I don't know what to do."

"Simple: Act." Naruto frowned his lips at his uncle's response. He couldn't act unless you count that one line he had to say in his high school play, 'What a bright day, isn't it?' He hated that line; his drama teacher made him say it over and over just because he couldn't get the British accent right. Damn 'wanna-be-directors'!

"I can't act, you perv! I told you that already plus you saw me in my high school play. That was a disaster. I forgot my one line!" Jiraiya began laughing causing blue eyes to narrow in anger. "How is this funny?!"

"Kid, this isn't a school play. You make your own script as you go. How about this… you accept the first job you're offered. No matter what. I don't care if they scarier than Chiyo-san down the street and do the job successfully with no complaints; I mean NONE! I'll reduce your contract for the same amount of pay of six months. But this is only if the client is satisfied too. Deal?"

Naruto scratched his head, considering the offer. The pervy sage had a good deal but he wasn't so sure he wanted it. He would have to do a hell a lot of acting to make the client satisfied and even keep his mouth shut. Nope…this deal wasn't working for him. He rather complain everyday and work for six months than take this.

"Nope…no deal." Naruto crossed his arms, closing the discussion.

"How about I throw in a bonus…" Jiraiya grinned. "If the client is satisfied AND verbally asks for you again, meaning they enjoyed you're company. I'll give you the choice to end your contract and I'll double your pay of six months worth. How about it?"

Naruto smiled and held out his hand. "I think you've got yourself a deal."


"What's with that look little brother?" Itachi asked as he saw Sasuke enter the office. "Don't tell me…you tortured someone to your heart's content?"

Sasuke pushed past him. "Shut-up Itachi."

Itachi raised an eyebrow and followed Sasuke to his office. His brother was strangely in a calm mood which was rare. Sasuke was never in a calm mood. His waves of hate basically radiated off to whoever was within feet of him but today it was nothing. This wasn't good. Sasuke wasn't supposed to be calm when he was not and he was going to change that…starting now.

"You know Sasuke…our family reunion is coming up. What are you going to do? You obviously don't have the partner which you claimed to have settled down with. It's truly going to be disappointment."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? What if I told you my claim is indeed true?"

Itachi narrowed his eyes. "Don't tell me…you sunk so low to choose one of those pathetic females?"

"No" was the simple reply and Sasuke opened his laptop to begin work. Itachi stared at him, calculating what his little brother was planning. He couldn't figure it out; Sasuke wasn't in any kind of relationship. He would have known…unless his brother hired someone. That is the only way Sasuke would have a suitable partner.

With a new plan in mind, Itachi left to his office without another word. Sasuke's plan wasn't going to work because he was going to make sure it went up in flames.

Sasuke watched Itachi leave and allowed his eyes to drift at the 'Husbands For A Week' website. The business hours were 8 am. to 4 pm., Monday through Friday and walk-ins were welcome.

He was definitely going to 'walk-in' and leave with his 'purchase' in tow tomorrow.


Naruto threw himself on his bed, groaning at the thought of his new job. How could he have sunken so low that fast? He had amazing career plans; he wanted to be a teacher for children and teach them about respect and martial arts. But to be a teacher, you needed a college degree and you needed money to get the degree so he was at lost at what to. All the money his parents left him from their death was gone. He used it to pay for his high school education and his necessities and now he was broke. He could remember the days when he was so sure of his dreams and he had the perfect life. His childhood days though were the most precious.

"Mommy! Mommy! I want to be a ninja. They are so cool. They can flip, fight, and move really fast! Can I be a ninja mommy?" The woman with long beautiful red hair looked down at her son and gave a sweet laugh.

"Of course honey. You can be whatever you want." She said. Mikoto laughed as she sipped her tea.

"Aww…he's so adorable. How old is he?" Kushina ruffled Naruto's blond locks and smiled.

"He's five years old." The dark-haired woman nodded in response.

"I have a little son too…he's six. I tried to get him to come over today but he was being a little shy. You know how they can be." The two women laughed at their inside joke.

"Sweetie…" Mikoto leaned around the table to look at the little blond. "My son Sasuke is home. Maybe you two could play together? Would you like that?" Naruto nodded, blue eyes widening in happiness.

"That's such a great idea. You two could play while we mommies talk about some grown-up things." Kushina said brightly, while Mikoto stood up grabbing Naruto's hand.

"I'm going to take him to my house real quick. We have a bunch of toys lying around since we are still unpacking. I know Sasuke would be happy; he could make his first friend. I don't think I told you but he's been home-schooled all his life so he hasn't been able to play with kids his age. He's only been around Itachi, my oldest son so this would be really good for him." Mikoto turned to the little blond boy, who was adorable with his chubby cheeks. "Come with me sweetie, I want you to meet someone."

Naruto allowed the dark-haired woman to lead him to her house; his mother quietly watching from the door. He was excited to make a new friend and play games with him. Maybe they could have sleepovers and play Ninjas. He loved playing as a Ninja. It was so much fun.

"Honey…Sasuke…" Mikoto called from the foyer. "I have someone I want you to meet."

Suddenly, a little boy with spiky midnight blue hair peeked his head around from the kitchen. He seemed to debate whether or not he should come out before slowly walking to the foyer.

"Sasuke…this is Naruto, our neighbors' son. He's almost the same age as you and I thought you two would like to play games together while I talk to the nice lady next door. You could show him all your cool games. How does that sound? Would you like to play?" The dark-haired boy nodded his head and held out his hand.

"I'm Sasuke. What is your name?" Naruto grabbed the pale hand and smiled.

"I'm Naruto and I'm five." Naruto held open his left palm, showing him five fingers. Sasuke smiled and pulled the boy to his room.

"I'm older than you. I'm six." Naruto pouted his lips.

"So…age is just a number." The blond said quietly. Sasuke continued to smile and opened his toy bin from the corner of the room.

"True. So what do you want to play?" Naruto jumped, shooting a fist in the air.

"Ninjas!" The dark haired boy tilted his head.

"How do we play that?"

"I'll show you!" Naruto plopped on his knees and began digging in the toy box for weapons they could use. Dark eyes watched the blond before following the same actions. He liked the blond and now even more, since they were friends.

Naruto flipped to lay on his back. That day was precious to him for it was the first day he made a friend but now the friend seemed to not have a face. It was a memory without faces and he hated that; his memory was fading from him each day but what could you do about it? The word 'nothing' rang in his head as he allowed his blue eyes to close.

He couldn't do nothing.


The next day, Naruto stood in front of the large building, looking at the bold flowing banner, 'Husbands for a Week: Grand opening! Need a Man? Come get one or even two!!!' The blond man placed his hood on his head before quickly walking in the building. He was embarrassed. No, not of the sign or his new 'job' but of his uncle. How could he be related to this horrible sick man? Men were not a piece of meat!

He shook his head and took of his coat before placing it in the closet. He must be late since the other 'husbands' had already hung up their items. He didn't know how people could do this job.

"Ah Naruto, you're here." His uncle said, waving him over to the back. "Come meet your new co-workers." Naruto slowly went to the backroom where he saw…whoa…a lot of men. Was he missing something or what?

"Hey…" Naruto gave a slight wave and cleared his throat. "Nice to meet you all."

All the men mumbled their 'hello's and began introducing themselves. Naruto, being smart decided to take a seat. He wasn't standing for everyone's life story but he wasn't so sure about his uncle.

"What's up? The name's Kiba and I'm here for some hot babes…" The people in the room cheered and Naruto swore he was going to die. It was only a matter of time before he turned into one of them.


Sasuke glanced at his watch before stepping out of his black car. It was a quarter past noon and here he was at this new business with a large banner that could be seen miles away. He knew this 'business' was more akin to the female population but it didn't say anything that males were not welcome. 'So what the heck?' he thought. He needed a person who could be his lover for a week and if he could buy, he was surely going to take it.

So without a second thought, Sasuke walked into the building as the first customer of the day.

The door closed with a 'Ding'.

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