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Pairing: SasuNaru
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Summary: Uchiha Sasuke stood in front of the business, 'Husbands for a Week'. He needed a husband for the week and it didn't say he had to be a female to be a customer.

"I'm sorry." Naruto found himself saying, as he slowly started backing up. Here he was trying to confirm his beliefs but it just ended up in embarrassment and disappointment. Sasuke wasn't his friend from the past. Sasuke didn't remember him; there was no recognition in his eyes. He knew that he shouldn't have been so surprised, but for some reason, it hurt. There was a dull pain lurking in his chest that he found himself subconsciously rubbing the area where his heart was supposed to be.

"Naruto." Sasuke stood up, with a look close to disappointment as well as something else. For some reason, he didn't like that expression on the blond's face and thought he should do something. Naruto asked if they had met before but he had no recollection of the blond. Whenever he tried to remember the past, his headaches started to return, making it almost unbearable to think. It must be the after effects from the accident…

But it was true that he noticed something strange about their relationship. His headaches only happened around the blond. It must have been several years ago since he last had such a severe headache. Then, he was unexplainably drawn to the blond. It wasn't like love at first sight or anything but it was something deeper. Like after this week was over, he couldn't not see the blond again. It was as if he found his missing piece…then, there was what Gaara said during their encounter. He questioned why he didn't remember Naruto and how he actually knew Gaara longer than two years. Did he know Gaara when they were kids? It had to be a mistake…right?

"Naruto," Sasuke repeated, pulling the blond towards him. "Do I remind you of someone?" Blue eyes glanced to the side, avoiding eye contact with him.

"It's nothing, Sasuke. Just forget it." He murmured.

"It's not nothing. I can tell it's bothering you. Tell me, do I remind you of someone?" Sasuke asked again, not loosening his grip on the blond's arm.

"Yes, but it's not important-"

"Who do I remind you of?" The raven persisted, cutting him off. Naruto remained silent, looking off to the side. "Look at me…"

"I don't want to look at you."

"Why not?"

"…" Naruto frowned, while trying to pull away. He felt the hand on his arm tighten.

"You're not getting away from me." Sasuke said quietly, but seriously and this caused the blond to finally look up. He wished he didn't. The intense gaze on him made him all the more fidgety and it didn't help that was he just standing there in his underclothes.

"Why not, Naruto?" He asked again. The intense gaze was causing the blond to lose all resolve. He was losing…

"My best friend…" He heard the blond answer quietly. What? Best friend…was he and Naruto best friends before? Sasuke tried to remember and for a split second…

Naruto gasped, as he looked into the raven's eyes. It was quick but they weren't as blank as before. Did Sasuke actually recall something? Naruto wanted to ask but the look faded away too soon.


"What reminds you of him? Do I look like him?" His husband seemed genuinely curious as well as hopeful.

"Uhh…well, I don't know…I mean, I don't know what he looks like. I can't remember…" Naruto could see the hope slowly diminish from the raven's eyes. "But, when I'm with you…I start to have flashbacks and I remember small things about him…like his favorite colors…" Naruto could feel his face heat up; it was like his was confessing his love or something. Then Sasuke's serious facial expression made it seem that way as well. He really needed to stop blushing…

"Is that so?" A pale brushed against his cheek but that was all. No flirting or inappropriate touching. Naruto tried to recover from his shock (of no surprises) to see Sasuke pulling away from him. It was strange…and for some reason, it bothered him. Naruto thankfully managed to catch up to senses just in time to see his husband's face before he turned around. The blond had never seen this expression before. Sasuke seemed upset. Deeply upset and Naruto didn't like it. But the expression was quick as always. The man always managed to cover it with a mask.

"Sasuke…"Naruto found himself reaching out and grasping the raven's hand. It was as if his body was moving on its own accord. "Sasuke…" The raven didn't turn around, but stood still. "Don't make that…facial expression. I don't like it." The raven's eyes widened as he realized what the blond was talking about. "Don't be upset…" Naruto hugged him from behind. "It's okay if you don't remember…it might not even be you. It's not that important anyway…just don't make that face."

"Naruto…" Sasuke grabbed his hands. "Don't give up on me just yet. " I just have to remember the time before the accident…

Naruto felt himself unconsciously smile. Is Sasuke really my missing person?

"Uchiha-san! Are you al…right?" Yamada-san returned, with a bottle of water in hand but he faded off when he saw the blond hugging the raven from behind. It must have been an intimate moment for the two since the blond turned bright red when he saw Yamada and hid his face in the Uchiha's back.

Yamada could feel a nosebleed coming on. The blond was so cute, just standing there in his boxers. Oh yes, he was very jealous of the rich heir for marrying the blond first.

"Yes, thank you. I'm sorry for the trouble this has caused. Shall we continue? We wanted to look at some of your dark blue and black suits. Isn't that right, Naruto?" He felt the blond nod against his back, still not letting go.

"It looks like someone doesn't want to let go…" Sasuke chuckled. "If I knew being your best friend would have elicited such a response, maybe I should have said something sooner?"

"Stop it Sasuke…" He felt the blond murmur in his back, while pinching him. "Yamada-san is looking at me. I feel so embarrassed… tell him to look away." Sasuke had to bite his lip to not smile. The blond was too cute indeed. No wonder he could never keep his hands to himself, the blond just kept fueling his desire!

"Alright, but you owe me." Naruto heard Sasuke say before turning towards the owner. The blond could only pray that the raven didn't say something embarrassing. He could imagine it now. Sasuke would innocently start out with, 'I'm sorry, could you give us a minute?' then he would finish it with, 'As you can see, my husband is dying to be sexed by me and I, of course, cannot leave him unsatisfied. I hope you understand (smirk).'

Naruto prepared his hands for severe pinching if the raven even thought about spurting such nonsense.

"I'm sorry, could you give us a minute?" Naruto closed his eyes, waiting for that nonsensical line to come. "It seems my husband is not feeling that well. We just need a few minutes." Yamada hesitantly nodded his understanding. Now the blond wasn't feeling well?

"Of course, I will just go bring the suits from the front." With that said, the man left giving the two privacy.

"As much as I hate to say this, he's gone, so you can let go now." He felt tan arms reluctantly let him go. "I never thought I would see that day, where you would be clinging to me and now I had to give it up just like that. You owe me." He said, turning around to the blond. He was shocked to see that Naruto didn't step back. The blond was just as close as before. It seemed he was having an inner conflict with himself.


"Thanks…" The blond said awkwardly, with a blush still dusting his face. "I don't handle embarrassment easily." He continued looking everywhere but the Uchiha's face. He didn't know why, but he felt strange. When he was hugging Sasuke, he started to feel that if he let go, he would lose his best friend again. He didn't want to lose Sasuke…if there was a possibility that it was him. So he had the strong urge to hold on to the raven, even now his hands were itching to touch him. Then the Uchiha's scent, it was so unique but familiar. It made him all warm and fuzzy inside. Ahhh! I'm such a pervert! I smelled him!

"Are you fantasizing about me?" He heard the Uchiha whisper in his ear. Naruto almost jumped a mile high at their proximity. Could Sasuke read him mind? Did he know that he smelled him? The embarrassment was almost too much to contain, thus it was once again prominent on his face.

"It seems I was right…" Sasuke continued, "I guess I should make your dream come true. It's the least I could do, right?" Naruto felt himself being cornered into a wall, as he attempted to resist. Damn, he got caught off guard again!

"N-No, d-don't do anything." Naruto protested, pushing against his chest. "I-I mean it, S-Sasuke."

"Look at you stuttering…so cruel, Naruto." He felt the raven bury his head in the curve of his neck. "When you do stuff like that, I find myself at a limit for self-control." Naruto thought his heart was going to burst out his chest, it was beating so fast, especially with Sasuke's heat and scent drowning his senses. This is bad.

Naruto was so confused. If Sasuke was his best friend, that means they were finally united. That made him really happy inside. But if Sasuke WAS his best friend, that also meant Sasuke was a sex beast out to steal his virginity. He doubted the fact of them being best friends would stop that matter anyhow. He also found himself thinking way ahead. Could he have THAT kind of relationship with his best friend? He wasn't gay but he found himself thinking, he would put up with it just to keep him by his side. Yes, he was really selfish, but he wouldn't lose his best friend the second time around. And now, was he only feeling strange because of the possibility of Sasuke being his best friend? Or was he starting to actually like the dark-haired male for who he was?

Naruto snapped out of his thoughts to find his husband, still buried in his neck. Despite him pressing on the man's chest, he didn't even budge. That pervert was probably smelling him or something but for now, Naruto didn't let it get to him. His eyes were drawn to Sasuke's hair. His hair looked really soft and silky, but despite that it stood up in such a way that you would have thought he used hair gel. His hair also had some silver strands, not like an old person's grey hair but perfectly accentuated in his hair. Naruto found himself touching Sasuke's hair and was indeed surprised by the softness. It felt so nice against his fingers that he remembered that he used to do this with his best friend. His friend always used to have bad dreams and this calmed him down.

A blue eye popped open as a small whimper reached his ears. The other eye opened as he heard it again. Where was it coming from? Naruto slowly sat up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"No…No…Stop…Please…." The little blond, turned to see his friend's face twisted and drenched in sweat. It seemed he was having a nightmare. "Please…" Naruto slowly climbed on top of the other male to wake him up.

"Sa'ke, wake up!" Naruto gently shook his friend. "Sa'ke!" The blond's small hands tried to move the sweaty locks from his face. "Sa'ke, its not real." Finally, two dark eyes opened to look at him. The raven seemed really frightened and when he finally recognized the blond, he threw himself at his friend and started to cry. Naruto, who was on his knees at the time, fell back on the bed as Sasuke's tears and sweat soaked his shirt.

"Sa'ke…it was just a bad dream. Not real, so don't cry. " The blond said softly, stroking his head.

"They took you…the mean Ninjas took you away." Sasuke started to hiccup as he tried to control his tears. "I couldn't save…you."

"But you did save me Sa'ke cause I'm right here." Naruto felt a small hand, clutching the front of his shirt. "You saved me Sa'ke."

"I-I saved you…?" The raven asked, finding it hard to believe.

"Yep! You saved me from the mean Ninjas! You were really cool." Naruto complimented, while pushing back his sweaty locks.

"I'll protect you Naru…they won't get you again." Sasuke promised, digging his face into Naruto's nightshirt.

"Mhmm…Sa'ke will always protect me." The blond hummed, while taking interest into Sasuke's hair. The raven had such pretty, soft hair like his mom. It also had silver strands so it sparkled in the moonlight. Naruto ran his fingers through his friend's hair, enjoying the feeling. It wasn't long before he heard soft snores from the little boy, snuggled on his stomach. It seemed he finally fell asleep.

Not to disturb him, Naruto stopped playing in hair. Though, It wasn't long before he heard the raven murmur against his shirt.

"… feels… nice…Naru…don't stop."

The blond smiled, before gently continuing his play in Sasuke's hair.

Naruto smiled to himself as the memory came to mind and removed his hand from Sasuke's hair. He didn't realize that Sasuke had during that time moved his hands to his hips and was teasing his ear.

Oh God! I need to stop taking vacations in mind before something serious really does happen!

"Sasuke!" Naruto attempted to push him away, but froze when he heard the raven whisper in ear.

"It feels nice, Naruto…don't stop." The gasp that left the blond's mouth was so loud that the Uchiha stepped back in alarm. "What's wrong?" He asked, looking around. Did Yamada come back?

The blond stared at him with large blue eyes. Did he do something wrong? He wasn't' being that inappropriate, right? It was just some harmless touching.

"Okay, I apologize but this is really you're fault. You are just too cute and I definitely tried to resist." He defended. "I really did." The Uchiha waited for the blond to yell at him, but what came next took him by more surprise. The blond smiled, a big smile before laughing.

Was Sasuke missing something or what?

"What's so funny?" The raven asked.

"N-Nothing…"The blond breathed out between laughs. "Nothing, at all. I'm just really happy."

"You're happy?" Sasuke asked curiously. This made him happy as well. He was on his way to conquering one cute blond. "Ah, I see now…you noticed something you didn't notice before. I'm glad you finally figured it out." Naruto looked at him in surprise.

"You realized it too, Sasuke?" He asked, carefully. Did Sasuke remember him now?

"I did. You just realized how futile it was to resist to me and so, you have decided to just give up the fight." His husband explained smugly. He watched as the blond slowly processed his words…let's see…repeating it in his head, repeating it again, interpreting the meaning, confusion, interpreting it again, understanding, angry…uh oh.

"What?! You pervert, why would I think that to be funny?! In fact, I would probably be crying! Not even two full days in and I'm succumbed to your evil ways! Ugh! I shudder thinking about it!" Naruto puffed out heatedly.

Sasuke watched on amusedly as the blond ranted. He could tell the blond didn't mean a single word. I guess he still wants to play hard to get…but I do wonder what he was so happy about?

"If it wasn't that then, why are you so happy?" He waited, as the blond seemed to debate an answer. His blue eyes giving it away that he was really happy and that he forgot all about his past anger.

"I can't tell you." Naruto said finally. "It's a secret. A big secret just for me to know! But…" A tan finger pointed at him. "I think you will discover it soon enough. We have five more days. That should be plenty of time!"

Sasuke frowned, as he couldn't recall anything that would make the blond so happy. Then Naruto mentioned five more days. After five more days, he wouldn't see the blond anymore. He really didn't like that fact. Perhaps, that was what he was so happy about…the week finally being over. Don't pout, Uchiha.

"Uchiha-san, I have gathered the suits. Shall we begin?" Yamada asked, pushing the suit cart towards the back. He stopped to glance at the two.

"Yes, thank you." Naruto responded. He glanced at Sasuke before following the man to the mirrored area.

"So, how about we start with Bradley's Crested Blue Striped Suit?" Yamada suggested. Naruto nodded, not knowing what the hell was a Bradley Crested Blue. Apparently, it was a two-shaded pinstripe suit with fine seaming. He finally managed to get it on with the help with Yamada and turned towards his husband.

"What do you think, Sasuke? I'm not sure how I feel about the blue stripes. Maybe something plain is better?" Sasuke walked closer to get a better view, it didn't look bad, but the stripes were slightly distracting…

"Yeah, I agree. Try on some other ones. " He commented finally, wanting to see the other suits. Naruto tried on several other suits with the help of Yamada and the two found themselves agreeing and disagreeing on the same designs. Alike much? After about an hour or so, they managed to select four decent suits: two black ones and two blue ones.

"I didn't think the black suits would work for me, but they actually looked pretty nice." Naruto commented as the walked to the front of the store. Yamada was going to have the suits tailored today so they could pick it up on their way home. Sasuke just needed to fill out some papers.

"I thought you looked good in everything today." His husband admitted, causing Naruto to roll his eyes.

"Of course you did, it's because your opinion is biased."

"How so?"

"You only see what you want to see. I bet if I was wearing a hideous clown suit, you would like it as well." Naruto challenged.

"See that's where you are wrong, I don't like clowns." Sasuke stated casually.

"Clowns…" Naruto stopped for a second to think. That was right, his best friend hated clowns. Of course, Sasuke would hate them too. "Yeah, that's right. I forgot."

"What?" Dark eyes looked at him strangely. "You forgot?"

"Yeah," The blond stood before him, quickly trying to think of how to save this situation. We couldn't have Sasuke questioning things, now could we? "I forgot that I owed you for the favor earlier." Sasuke tried to recall what the blond was talking about and when the light bulb went off in his head, he was excited to know his trump card was coming into play.

"Ah yes, you owe me pretty big, as a matter of fact. What did you have in mind?" His husband smirked devilishly.

Naruto felt his face flush as he decided what he was going to do. He knew he was never going to live this down, since he chose to do this willingly but he felt the raven deserved a small prize for the day. A prize? Okay, he really needed to stop rationalizing. What the raven really needed was some handcuffs! The man could never keep his hands to himself! So Naruto was just going to blame his decision on today's events. The happiness that he was experiencing had blocked all rational thinking processes.

"Close your eyes and no peeking, I mean it!" The blond rushed out, embarrassed and looking around.

"Close my eyes?" Sasuke repeated, skeptically. What could the blond possibly give him with his eyes closed but nonetheless, he did as he was told. He would be lying if he said he wasn't really curious as to what the blond was up to. Then after a minute or so, Naruto's hands lightly pressed against his chest as if to balance himself and that's when he felt it. It was a small peck on the cheek, but a kiss nonetheless. The Uchiha was so surprised he opened his eyes to see a red-faced blond before him.

"I'll b-be waiting o-outside." He stuttered out, while quickly walking out the front door. Sasuke watched completely speechless and touched his cheek. He got a kiss… from the blond willingly!

"Are you okay Uchiha-san?" Yamada asked, stepping out from the back. He saw the raven just staring in open space, as if in a daze.

"…Yeah…I'm…great…" He answered slowly, looking towards the window. Yamada could see the blond outside, touching his face. Did something happen? He turned back the raven, who was still in his own world. The owner could only sigh in disappointment. He missed another big thing again.

Naruto stood on the curb, feeling his face. It felt so hot, so he was sure his face was still red. He couldn't believe he did that and Sasuke looked so shocked too. He needed to cool down quickly before the raven came outside. Come on Naruto, you can do it! Naruto patted his cheeks, hoping some of the redness would go away but he was sure it was futile.

He was just too darn happy…

…. and he felt warm and fuzzy inside.

It was all because….

Even if you don't remember me Sasuke, I know it's you.

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