Summery: What if Renesemee didn't grow up as fast as she did in Breaking Dawn? What if she still had her powers yet grew up like a normal human? Edward and Bella would be able to cherish all the memories of watching their daughter grow up.

Authors Note: I LOVED Breaking Dawn, so don't take this in offense, but I didn't like how fast Renesemee grew up. So I decided to write a fic where she grows up normally, and Bella and Edward can have their baby moments with her. She still has her power and everything – no worries. And the Voultri won't make an appearance, so I guess her small piece of forever starts here. THIS STORY WILL BE TOLD IN DIFFERENT POINTS OF VIEW. MOSTLY BELLA'S THOUGH.


With no words at all,
so tiny and small.
In love I fall,
So deep.
So deep.

My precious love,
Sent from above.
My baby boo,
God I thank you.
God I thank you.

- My Baby, Britney Spears.


Bella's Point Of View.

I stood at the door and waited patiently, digging my nails into my palms as I waited. I had hunted for the first time and succeeded in impressing Edward with my new vampire skills. I had impressed him that much that he had promised me to let me see our newborn daughter for the first time, whether anyone wanted me to or not. The seconds seemed to drag on as Edward entered the nursery, where everyone was probably waiting, to retrieve our daughter from her large fan base. It annoyed me how time seemed to drag on when all you wanted was for it to quicken up. Though, what seemed like hours later, I slowly began to relax when the door opened.

Jasper was the first to step out of the room. I should have known when I instantly felt relaxed that Jasper would have been working his power on me. He offered me a small smile as he stood by my side, his hand hovering near to mine as if he was ready to restrain me if needed.

I rolled my eyes. I was extremely grateful for the protectiveness everyone showed my daughter, although I didn't like how everyone was protecting her from me. I was her Mother and, even though I was a newborn vampire, I knew deep down that I would never hurt my own daughter – newborn vampire or not.

Esme was second out of the room, followed by Carlisle. Esme wrapped her arm around my shoulder and gave me a small squeeze, the peaceful smile never leaving her face. Carlisle nodded at me and patted me on the shoulder.

'I know you wouldn't harm Renesmee in any way, Bella, but we're just being precautious,' reassured Carlisle.

I smiled at him. I wanted him to know that I understood why everyone was being unusually precautious, even if they were angering me by doing so.

Emmet strutted out of the room and laughed at me. I rolled my eyes and realised he could probably see the irritated look on my face. He hovered slightly in front of me, blocking my view of the door, and folded him arms over his chest whilst he continued smirking at me. My teeth clenched together as I returned my own hard glare. He laughed once again when I slipped up and growled at him.

Alice bounced out of the room next. A huge smile was plastered over her face as she fitted herself between me and Jasper, wrapping her arm around my waist. I immediately relaxed in her arm and sighed impatiently, wondering if Alice would catch my hint.

'It's going to be fine, Bella, I promise,' Alice smiled, patting my hip. 'Trust me; I do not understand why everyone is being so precautious.'

Alice rolled her eyes. I knew that Alice was aware of the events that were soon to unravel within the next few minutes and she knew that everything would turn out perfectly splendid. I wondered if she had told everyone the upcoming events and if anyone had actually listened to her. I doubted that anyone would go against what Alice said.

'Oh, by the way, Jacob is asleep on the sofa downstairs,' said Alice, nodding towards the stairs.

I nodded.

'I just wanted to tell you in case you thought we had eaten him for supper,' she added.

I was about to throw back my own comment when Rosalie and Edward walked out. Rosalie was close besides Edward and her dazzling eyes never left the pink bundle of blankets in Edward's arms. Edward was gazing down into the blanket, where I knew my baby was probably sleeping, with such a loving look in his eyes. I had never seen him so happy. He looked like any other human Father, looking at his baby for the first time with such amazement.

I felt everyone tense around me, except Alice who remained relaxed, as Edward stopped in front of me. Edward seemed relaxed as well and I felt blessed as to how confident he felt with me meeting Renesmee. Rosalie stopped besides him and pushed the blanket back slightly.

'Edward,' said Esme, dropping her hand from my shoulder. 'You can pass Bella her daughter now.'

I felt a rush of gratitude for Esme as she nodded happily at Edward. I was thankful that I had gained her confidence as well now.

'I doubt it, Emmet,' said Edward, flashing a look at his brother.

Everyone else turned towards Emmet, who shrugged his shoulders.

'What?' asked Rosalie, raising her eyebrow.

'Nothing. Emmet was just wondering if Bella could swallow Renesmee like she could swallow a grape,' replied Edward, rolling his eyes at his brothers' stupidity.

I felt slightly alarmed when Edward said this. However I didn't have much time to dwell on this feeling as I could feel Jasper working his power on me.

Edward stepped forward and slowly placed the pink bundle in my arms. I kept my eyes locked on his as he stepped back, smiling happily. I bit down on my lip and looked around at everyone. They seemed more alert now and ready to stop me if I should try to hurt my baby in any way. Alice dropped her arm from my waist and ran her fingers through my messy brown hair.

'I promise you, Bella,' she said.

I looked down and almost cried.

My baby, Renesmee as I had named her, was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I pushed back the pink blanket to observe her beautiful face some more. I could hear her small heart beat thumping away inside my head; it was synchronized with my own. I stroked my little finger over her cheek. It was inhumanly smooth, yet nicely warm. She had Edwards strong jaw line and his straight nose, though my heart-shaped face. Her skin was deathly white like mine and his mixed together, although she carried my slight blush on her cheeks. She had a tuft of bronze shade hair that she had inherited from her Father.

Her small hand twitched and she raised it to put her tiny thumb in her mouth. My hands looked like shovels compared to her tiny ones. In fact, as I looked closer, I realised how small she looked just lay in my arms. It was an elephant holding a mouse.

When I imagined her in my head I had never imagined her being this small. I was an only child so I had never really had a younger brother or sister to watch grow up. And, as I never spoke to any of my other family besides Renee and Charlie, I had never actually seen a newborn baby in my whole life. It was odd looking down at this breathtaking child and realising that she was mine.

'She's so beautiful,' I whispered.

'Just like her mother,' replied Edward.