I wondered how such a small, yet very annoying, creature had been able to force us to do this. Surely Bella would have refused point blank – what with her stubbornness and all. Though, as she always did, Bella surprised me when she agreed with Alice's plan to take Renesmee out. I had expected Bella to refuse, as I was about to, yet she one hundred percent agreed! I think Alice was as surprised as I was. Bella loved Renesmee more than her own life, although she didn't come across as the type who would love to go out and show of their child for the world to see. Especially as Renesmee wasn't like every newborn child in the world. She was able transmit thoughts to anyone with a simple touch. The only reason Alice had brought up the idea of taking Renesmee out to Seattle was because she wanted to buy some clothes for Renesmee that would suit her looks. Even Emmett thought that was a pathetic excuse. Alice would be able to see if the clothes would suit her or not before she even bought them, and it wasn't as though it was wasting money – we had enough of that. However, like always, Bella surprised me by agreeing to the idea, and, like always, I gave Bella what she wanted.

Renesmee was curled up in Bella's arm, sleeping peacefully with her thumb in her mouth. Bella was holding her tiny hand against her cheek, watching the same mist of colours swirl around her head like I could see in Renesmee's. I knew Bella found it fascinating to be able to see what her daughter was thinking, feeling and dreaming about, and I loved seeing the interest flash across her beautiful face. I guess she felt on the same level as me now – like we were even – because we could both see her thoughts and feelings.

'Are you sure?' I asked for the umpteenth time.

I loved Renesmee as much as Bella, however I knew the attention Renesmee would capture. Even now, stood in the hardly crowded car park, I could hear people gushing in their thoughts about the 'perfection' and 'radiant beauty' that Renesmee possessed. My heart swelled with pride as Mothers envied mine and Bella's daughter.

'I'm sure, Edward,' said Bella stubbornly, releasing Renesmee's hand and letting it curl close to her tiny body. 'I think this will be a good experience for Renesmee,' Bella flashed a look over her shoulder. 'And Alice.'

Of course, Alice was almost bouncing on the balls of her feet impatiently as I spoke to Bella. The pram was set up besides her – the pram that had cost almost $4,000 courtesy of Alice – and ready with many blankets to lay Renesmee in. The diaper bag was held in Alice's hand as she didn't want it to take up the space below the pram that was going to be used for all the shopping bags.

'If you and Bella don't hurry up, I am going to take Renesmee and leave you here! And you know how long I can shop for …'

I rolled my eyes. Yes, twenty three hours was the maximum she could spend shopping in a day. The final hour she had to be dragged home by a very unwilling Jasper – who hated having to retrieve her from her passion.

I took the diaper bag out of her hand and threw it over my shoulder. Bella slowly laid Renesmee down in her pram, wrapping her up in the many blankets, before pressing a kiss to her forehead. I noticed Bella's fingers twitch slightly as she pulled away. I knew she much rather preferred it if Renesmee were in her arms.

'Ready?' Alice squealed, clapping her hands together.

Bella flashed me a frightened glance. However, before I could reassure, Alice sped off, almost slightly too quick for a human. Thankfully, only a few people noticed her speed … yet it wasn't how fast she could run that was distracting them.

'Check that gal go! Wow, she must be a firecracker in bed!'

I wrinkled my nose in disgust. It was thoughts like that which scarred me for eternity.

'That one with the pram isn't so bad either. Hmm, maybe she would ditch Bronze-y over there for me.'

I turned slightly to capture a glimpse of the person who was hoping they could get Bella. I noticed a tall man with dark brown eyes and blonde hair leant up against his car, displaying his tanned six pack to the world, whilst eyeing Bella up with fascinated eyes. I smirked happily as I wrapped my arm around Bella's waist, pressing a kiss in her hair. She looked up with a small smile, before pressing a soft kiss to my cheek.

'Damn! Check the ass on her!' thought the same perverted guy.

I forced myself to not go back there and rip his head off. I guessed that it would make it slightly obvious that I wasn't human. Also, I didn't want to be a disgrace to my daughter.

Sighing in relief as his thoughts disappeared in my head; I relaxed slightly and began searching for Alice's thoughts.

'Wow! He is one hot looking guy! Why did I get married?'

'That baby is too gorgeous for her own good.'

'I wonder if I can still get a divorce.'

'Oh! I hope my make-up is perfect!'

'I wonder if she's a model.'

'Oh my god! A sale!'


I followed the direction of Alice's thoughts, and her scent, as Bella and I weaved our way through the crowd. People were constantly craning their necks to get a glimpse inside the pram. Whenever someone's eyes fell on Renesmee, their eyes would go wide and their thoughts would run wild. I knew that if Bella could still blush, her cheeks would be stained with a faint pink glow throughout the whole trip. Many people complimented Renesmee's beauty loudly to their partners or friends.

'Edward! We totally have to get this child-size piano!'

I steered Bella to our right, heading towards a small toy store that was situated between a McDonalds and a book store. The automatic doors slid open, allowing Bella to push the pram through, where we were immediately greeted with many kids, pulling their parents along, screeching and pointing to the toys that littered the shelves.

'Why would she want that pile of rubbish?'

'Wow. Derek is not going to be happy that I spent almost $200 in a toy store.'

'I wonder if these come in blue …'

I headed towards the back of the store, my arm still wrapped firmly around Bella's waist.

Alice was bent over a small piano at the back of the shop. It looked slightly like the one that stood grandly in our sitting room, although less ancient and expensive. In fact, if Emmett even touched the piano that Alice was gushing over …. Well, it wouldn't last long that was for sure.

Bella eyed the piano, before letting her eyes fall upon Renesmee. I knew she was thinking the same as me.

'Alice, Renesmee can't even hold her head up on her own yet … I doubt she will be able to play the piano any time soon,' I chuckled.

Alice pouted.

She would buy anything, even if it wasn't needed or couldn't be used. She had once ordered a new king size bed for her and Jasper's room. When reminded that she didn't sleep, she merely informed us that it went well with the curtains she had bought a few weeks ago. Along with betting on her, you should never question her passion for shopping.

'Edward, you don't understand. Fifty dollars has been knocked off! Think how adorable it would look besides your piano,' replied Alice, already pulling her purse out of her handbag.

'Seriously, Alice, its fine!' said Bella instantly.

I knew Bella felt uncomfortable when we spent a high amount of money. Humans, like Bella had once been, cherished money and found it as a way of life. Although, to our family, a group of vampires, it was merely paper that had no meaning to us. Alice would happily burn the wad of cash in her purse, knowing she had credit cards and bank accounts that held much more money. Hopefully, now Bella was an official member of our family, she would understand that money held no value to us.

'Bella,' moaned Alice, pouting her bottom lip out.

I heard Alice squeal inside her head. I knew that Bella would give in to Alice's moping.

'Yes! Thanks Bella!' grinned Alice.

She reached out and grabbed the huge box off the shelf. There was a picture of the exact same piano that was situated in front of us on the cover, although the picture on the box added a few children playing on it.

'But I didn't agree,' Bella frowned.

'You will do though,' laughed Alice.

I could hear Bella's teeth grinding together. 'Damn physic pixie,' she mumbled.

Alice, who was heading to the front of the store to get a trolley, turned around and stuck her tongue out at her.

An hour later, still in the same toy store, Alice decided that we were now able to pay for our purchases and leave. Renesmee had woken up half way through the trip, crying hysterically until Bella rocked her in her arms. After that, Bella didn't find it necessary to return Renesmee to her pram and continued to hold her close to her chest. Alice had bought almost half of the store, explaining to Bella that Renesmee would be able to use the toys they bought today for many years to come. Whilst I, being overwhelmed with men's inappropriate thoughts about my wife, happily followed behind and tried to keep Bella calm when she looked ready to blow.

Alice and I queued up with our trolley full of toys and other accessories. Alice had firm grip on the trolley, her mind wandering to Jasper's future – where she saw him hunting with Emmett and Carlisle – whilst I held Renesmee against my chest. Her tiny thumb was in her mouth, her big brown eyes gazing up at me. I still was grateful that Renesmee had inherited Bella's beautiful eyes.

I suddenly felt a small tap on my shoulder.

I turned around to see Bella holding up two huge stuffed animals.

A lion and a lamb.

She smiled widely at me as she placed them in the trolley. Alice looked at them with a confused expression etched upon her face. Only Bella and I understood the significance of the two animal teddies.

Bella leant up on her tip toes and pressed a soft kiss to my lips, before lowering her lips to Renesmee's forehead.

'I love you,' Bella said, directing her words to both Renesmee and I.

Before I could return her statement, Alice butted in.

'Aww! I love you too Bella!'

I rolled my eyes.

Alice sure knew how to ruin a private moment.

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