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Even though it was only 3:00, I was making dinner. I planned on going to Edward's later, and I was going to make lasagna for Charlie, and then refrigerate it so he wouldn't go hungry tonight. Edward was coming over soon. He had to go home after school to do something for Esme, and then he was stopping by to pick me up.

I went to the cabinet and got out a glass jar of spaghetti sauce. I was about to open it when I felt two hands on my back. Startled, I screamed and dropped the blood-red sauce.

"It's just me!" said Edward when I turned around. "Are you okay?"

I took a few moments to inspect my body. "Yep. No injuries," I replied. "But look at you!"

I couldn't help but laugh. Edward was covered in spaghetti sauce!

"I'm so sorry! That's going to leave a stain!" I said in between giggles.

"It's okay," he said with a crooked grin. "I'll just go home and change!"

"Don't!" I said instinctively. "I can wash your clothes here."

"That's okay. Besides, I have nothing to change in to,"

"So?" I replied deviously. "Please?"

He removed his clothes and handed them to me. "As you wish."

I took his shirt and jeans upstairs and threw them into our washing machine. I added the detergent and a cup of Grandma Swan's secret stain fighting formula. When I went back downstairs, Edward was sitting on the couch with a blanket thrown over his waist.

I sat in his lap. "Your abs are so yummy!"

We turned on The Notebook, my favorite movie ever. As we watched it, I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

I had an amazing dream. I was with Edward on our honeymoon. Everyone fell into place, it was perfect.


Bella had fallen into a peaceful slumber. Every once in a while she would mumble my name. Every time the word escaped her perfect lips, I thanked whatever higher power there was that she had chosen me.

After a while, she started to get more restless in her sleep. She was saying my name more often, and her heartbeat was speeding up. I placed my hand where her heart was to feel it, to make sure she was okay. I was so concerned about Bella I didn't even notice it when her father walked in.

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