Vanessa Loring sighed as she looked at the clock 'She's going to be late again' she thought "Thena, get down here!" She called; she'd been calling to the teen for at least thirty minutes.

"Jeez ma I'm coming! Shut your freaking gob 'kay?!" Thena said running into the kitchen in her school uniform, the white button down shirt was only half buttoned showing a Nightwish T-shirt, she was wearing a pair of jeans under her plaid skirt, an old bike chain was fastened around her neck as a makeshift choker and another chain held several guitar picks in various colors. Her brown hair was clearly hastily chopped off, probably while she was in the shower.

"I don't think that fits the uniform code." Vanessa said staring at her daughter. "Athena?" she asked as she handed the teen some money for lunch. 'I never thought how much she'd look like Juno.' She thought shaking her head slightly

"So, rules are meant to be broken." Athena said shaking her head.

"True" Vanessa said nodding slightly as she tossed Athena her keys "You don't want to forget these" she smiled

"Thanks mom" Athena said grinning at her mom

"And don't forget you have Jazz Band this afternoon, I put your bass in your car" Vanessa said

"Thanks" Athena said grabbing a packet of pop tarts before running to the door grabbing her backpack on her way out.