Steven and Dodo, prompt 'fashion'. There's nothing like home, even if home is tacky.

O That Look

. . .

"What're you looking for, anyway?" Steven asked reasonably. "There's no one here but me and the Doctor. We don't care what you look like."


"I didn't mean…"

"Don't you ever get tired of other times?" Dodo waded into the wardrobe, pushing aside exotic furs and starched petticoats, kicking aside disordered heaps of laced-up leather, rubbery vests and embroidered overtunics.

"Well… not really."

"Ah!" She grabbed a garish outfit emblazoned with a giant O. "Now this looks like home."

Steven shook his head as she added the hat. "If that's what your home looks like, I'm surprised you miss it."