A/N: Welcome to the new JL fic! This is a sort-of take-from Kipling Nori's fic Through the Looking Glass, which is very good, I highly recommend it. And before you ask, I have asked permission, and it has been graciously granted, so thank you Kipling Nori, and the dedication of this story is yours. Hope I don't disappoint you!

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The two superheroes ducked as another chunk of metal fell from the ceiling of the Watchtower, the structure busy shaking itself apart around them. The satellite was losing orbit, and fast. Of course, that was part of the plan. The two remaining people on board were arguing with each other, both with equal determination. "For the last time, get through the damn portal," the dark-clocked figure hissed. "You can't-"

"I let you try and kill yourself with this thing once, I'm not doing it again! Please, Bat-" The Amazon cut off as another part of the satellite came crashing down.

The main financier of said satellite wondered how this could possibly be happening again. What's a few more billions down the drain, after all? came the sour thought. "Fine," Gotham's protector finally conceded, "but if we get back and this hasn't worked, I'm blaming you." Moving quickly, black-gloved fingers danced across the keyboard, ejecting a disc from the computer bank. It was slid smoothly into an empty pouch in the utility belt, then the billionaire turned back to the royal. "Well? Portal, now!"

The only response the Caped Crusader got was to have one hand seized and then to be physically pulled to the swirling schism in the centre of the room. What could have been hours, but was most likely milliseconds later, the two were ejected onto a cold metal floor. The Watchtower, another world away. Black boots filled the Dark Knight's vision, followed by a rough, low growl.

"Who are you?"

Two pairs of white lenses met and widened before the answer came. This was unexpected. Batwoman frowned.

"I'm you."


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