It was early evening and Debra Barone was busy preparing a special Valentine's Day dinner for her and her husband Ray. The kids were in Connecticut with her parents spending the weekend. She had just come back from the store and was getting ready to prepare Ray's favorite dish, steak pizzaiola. As she was unpacking the groceries for the dinner, Ray's mom Marie entered. "Hi dear."

"Hello Marie." replied Debra unphased by the fact Marie just walked right in. It was a normal thing.
No one knocked anymore.

"Whatcha doing?" asked Marie looking at the groceries.

"I'm going to make Ray a special dinner tonight. Steak pizzaiola." smiled Debra placing the steaks on the counter.

"Oh I see...well...I hope it goes well"

Debra looked at her mother in law with a quizcal look. Folding the paper bag she took a breath. "What do you mean you hope it goes well?" She asked putting the paper bag down on the table.

"Nothing dear. It's just that I know how much Ray loves steak pizzaiola"


"Well it's just that he always loved the way I cook it and I'm not sure that yours"

"What are you saying Marie? I can't cook as good as you?"

"I'm not saying that.."

"Yes you are. That's exactly what you are saying."

"Maybe it would be best if I made the dinner for you. Let's face it're the not the best there is in the kitchen. And if you don't want this night to be ruined with your attempt at cooking. I just think you should let me handle it"

Debra sat down on the chair not sure what to say.

"And while I'm cooking maybe you could tidy up a bit."

"I just cleaned an hour ago..."

"Really?" said Marie. "You wouldn't know..."

The back door suddenly slammed shut and Marie turned startled to see Ray standing there who was fuming.
"Oh Raymond dear...I didn't see you there. How long have you been standing there"

"Long enough." snapped Ray. "What are you doing"

"What do you mean?" asked Marie innocently.

"Who do you think you are? Why do you do this"

"Do what"

"Insult my wife!" exclaimed Ray angerly. "You insult the way she cooks, her cleaning how she raises the kids...Stop it"

"I'm just trying to help."

"No. No you are not trying to help!" roared Ray. "You are trying to make her feel bad. Make her feel like she's not good enough!. She IS good enough. In fact she's better than YOU. She's better than ALL of us. If it wasn't for her...this would be all one giant...crater. SHE'S the one who keeps this house together. It's HER hard work. And don't you insult her cooking again! She's a damn good cook. I'm sick of you coming over here and critizing her for everything she does. Every single day. Its the same thing. Like the time you decided to "clean out" our freezer. Threw away the food Debra bought. So what if she makes frozen fish sticks! They're GOOD. She doesn't have time to make everything homemade all the time. She has three kids to take care of while I'm at work, on the road sometimes for a week. And speaking of the kids...if she wants to put the TV on for them to take 5 minutes for herself who are YOU to act like that's wrong! How she raises our kids is none of your damn business! Debra is the woman I love! I won't allow you to treat her like this anymore. Enough already"

"Raymond how dare you!"

"How dare I? How dare I? Get out of my house!"

"Raymond!" said a shocked Marie.

"If you can't respect Debra I don't want you here anymore. Either you start respecting her or you are not welcome here."

"Well then..." Marie stuck her chin up and walked out in a huff.

Debra sat there in the chair amazed. "Ray...I...never...that...I can't believe"

"I'm sick of it." Ray said quietly. "I used to just let it go...tell myself that was just her way...I can't let it go anymore. She needs to learn to respect you."

Ray went over to the back door and locked it. He then snapped the curtains shut and then closed the window curtains. He quickly walked to the front door and looked it as well. The living room curtains were then closed shut. Ray headed back to the kitchen and turned the phone off. He wanted no interuptions. He scopped Debra up in his arms and carried her up the stairs to their bedroom.

Frank & Marie's

Marie sat in her kitchen at the table sulking. She couldn't believe what Ray said to her. Not welcome in his house. Who was he to say she didn't respect Debra?

Frank walked in the kitchen. "You still mad?" He asked opening the fridge to get a soda.

"I've never been treated like that before." remarked Marie.

"Oh please." said Frank rolling his eyes. "What did you expect? Ray's right. You don't respect Debra.
You never have"

"That's not true!" exclaimed Marie.

"The hell isn't." retorted Frank. "You are over there every single day. Telling her she's doing everything wrong"

Marie remained silent.

"You know." said Frank. "Maybe it's not that Debra's doing things "wrong", it's that she's not doing things YOUR way"

"Excuse me?" Marie said turning her head.

"You heard me. You think that your way is the only way. God forbid anyone should do anything different"

"How can you say that!"

"How can I say that? Remember the letter she wrote to you? She was dead on! She doesn't buy the same damn liquid fabric softener as act like she's wrong. She puts the TV on for the kids while she's busy preparing's wrong in your book. And that's not all"

"Oh really?"

"Yes. How about when she was dating Ray? You had to butt in and try to tell her when she should sleep with Ray? Like you had any say in the matter. And you got mad when you found out she didn't want to take your advice."

Marie didn't say a word. Deep down she knew there was some truth to what Frank said.

"And when she wanted to hire that babysister to help her with the kids? You got all insulted. Acted like she had to apologize to you. She didn't have to apologize for anything. You think it's all about you. It's not. You need to let people live their damn life." With that Frank turned and left the kitchen. Marie sat thinking about what he said.

Ray & Debra's

Debra smiled as Ray placed her down on the bed. Leaning over her he removed her chocolate brown sweater.
He reached around and unhooked her white lace bra revealing her spectacular breasts. He placed lips on hers and began kissing her softly. His hand moved up her thigh and underneath her brown plaid skirt.

"Oh God..."She moaned softly feeling his fingers working on her and his lips moved to her soft neck.

He unzipped the back of her skirt and pulled it off along with her tan nylons. His eyes took in her body. She was so damn beautiful and perfect. Round firm breasts with nipples like berries. Soft smooth skin...His erection grew even more. He removed his jeans and his blue denim shirt revealing his tone body that Debra couldn't get enough of. She had always thought he was sexy. Even when he would drive her crazy at times. She loved him deeply. She eyed his extremely hard shaft with desire.

"You want that don't you?" He asked sensually.

"God yes." She replied huskily.

He slipped into bed with her and he pulled her towards his aching throbbing shaft. He needed her. Wanted her. He captured her mouth in a deep passionate kiss. Her loved her sweet lips of wine. They tasted so damn good. His hand ran through her silky red hair. Kisses then rained down on her neck as his hand again worked it's way up her leg and found her hot wetness.

"Oh God...Oh yessss..." cried Debra loving what he was doing.

"That's right." He whispered in her ear. "Come for me Debra...I want you to come for me."

"Aaahhh...Oh...Oh God..." She writhed closing her eyes loving how his fingers worked their magic. His lips found her hard nipples and he took them into his mouth causing her immense pleasure.

Her breathing became more rapid and turned into short pants. He spent a good 20 minutes on her one breast and caused her several orgasms. After they subsided he moved to her other breast and did the exact same thing all over again.

Ray waited until the last one subsided and slowly removed his fingers only to replace them with his mouth.
Debra's body was on fire with the passion she was feeling. "Yes! Oh God Yes!" She exclaimed as his tongue began stroking her hard. Her body started to shake with her orgasm which was coming on hard. "Oh God Ray!" She cried out in a fit of passion. "Raymond!" Her hands clutched the sheets of the bed as her orgasm overcame her. "Oh God..." She said as it passed her.

He lifted his head from her legs and looked at her with passion in his eyes. "Enjoy that baby?" He asked seductively.

"Yess..." replied Debra in a daze. "God yes."

"Good.." He grinned as he once again moved his mouth on her and Debra thought her body was going to explode. Her hands grasped the pillow her head was resting upon. She began to climax yet again but it wasn't stopping him at all.
He kept going until her body was worked up into yet another powerful orgasm which again overcame her. Her body went limp and as he again lifted his head from the paradise between her legs. His eyes once again went to her hard erect nipples. He wanted them again. He leaned over her and took her nipples in his mouth again as he slide his rock hard manhood inside her hot willing body.

"Yes...Oh God..." She groaned. "Oh Ray...Raymond.." She was loving everything she was feeling. Soon she felt him breathing in her ear and it was driving her mad. "Yes...Aaahhh...Oh yes right there..right there!"

"You want it there baby?"


"You like it there?"

"Yes Oh God yes!"
"You take it there then.."He replied as he pumped harder into her. The headboard was slamming against the wall. The bed was shaking and the mattress squeaked beneath them. They came together and their bodies went lax on the bed.

Debra smiled and snuggled close to her husband. "I love you Ray"

"I love you too Debra." He said placing a kiss on her forehead. He meant what he said before. No one was ever going to treat Debra badly again. He wouldn't allow it.

"You know." smiled Debra. "I was supposed to make you dinner"

"Forget dinner." said Ray climbing back on top of her. "I want dessert..."

Debra giggled as their lovemaking started all over again.

Frank & Marie's

Marie sat in the living room flipping through a photo album. Frank had gone off to the lodge.
She looked pictures from after Ally was born. It was a Fourth Of July picnic. Debra had decided to try her hand at potato salad. It had been a big hit with everyone. Marie had also prepared some potato salad but it was hardly touched. Everyone seemed to like Debra's better. Marie knew it was a petty thing but it bugged her. SHE was the cook in the family. Not Debra. In a small way Marie was a tad bit jealous of Debra. Maybe it was because that she was now taking care of Raymond. She was now the one who loved and cared for him. It's not that she didn't like the fact that Debra married Ray. She was very happy. She just had a hard time letting go. That's why she convinced Frank to show them the house that was across the street. She wanted to be near her son. But he didn't need her anymore.
He had Debra. He had the twins and Ally. Even Robert didn't need her anymore. He was married to Amy. They bought a new house and were expecting their first child.

Marie sighed and put the photo album down. She knew that both Frank and Ray were did need to treat Debra with more respect than she had. What kind of person throws away another person's food out of the freezer? Who pokes their nose in the fridge and makes comments about smelling something "questionable"? Why get upset about what kind of fabric softener a person uses? There was also that time that Debra had wanted to make Thanksgiving dinner. Instead of just relaxing and enjoying a day off from cooking...she brings her own turkey to dinner? Who does that?
Debra made an excellent meal. Her fish was a smash. Why did she have to get upset about Debra's cooking? She knew why. She was afraid of the competition. Didn't want her family to enjoy another person's cooking. She had to be the cook of the family. The one who's food was praised by everyone. Couldn't share the spotlight with anyone. Now Ray was angry with her. What was she going to do?