Ray unlocked the door to their house and walked inside with Debra following him. He set his keys down on the table and hung up his jacket. "Some night." He remarked. "Robert is a father. To be honest I never thought I'd see the day."

"I know, especially with as many times as he and Amy broke up...but it worked out for them. They look so happy with their new daughter."

"Yup." said Ray as he went into the kitchen.

Debra followed him and watched as he bent over in the fridge to get a ginger ale. "Ray." She started. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure." He said twisting off the top of the ginger ale bottle.

"How would you feel about having another baby?"

Ray looked at his wife in surprise. "Another baby? I thought you...where is this coming from?"

"I just want to know. How would you feel about it?"

Ray sighed. "Well to be honest...I kinda always wanted to have one more kid. I mean I know we have three. Ally and the twins...but I just..I always one just one more."

Debra nodded. "You know I never told you this but remember that time your parents had that yard sale...and you said you wanted another baby and I said that I was done having kids?"


"Well after we had talked in your mother's kitchen..I got to thinking..maybe it wasn't such a bad idea..."

"Really? So what are you saying? You want to have another baby?"

"No. I'm saying I AM having another baby. I'm pregnant Ray."

Ray's jaw almost hit the floor. He was speechless. He stood there frozen in place absorbing what Debra just said to him. Finally he found his voice. "You're...we...another...I can't...Oh my god!" He put his arms around Debra and squeezed her tight. "This is so great! Wow. I can't believe...When did you..."

"I took a pregnancy test the other day and I went to the doctor this morning. He confirmed it."

"This is great!" said a jubilant Ray. "Another son!"

"Hold on there." smiled Debra. "It could be a girl. You have two sons already."

"I know but one more and I have a basketball team." quipped Ray.

Debra laughed and shook her head. "Like I told you when we had the twins. You should be happy no matter what is it."

"What did the doctor say? Is everything..."

"He said everything should go smoothly. Even though I'm older there shouldn't be any problems."

"I love this. And I love you." Ray said kissing his wife. He took her hand and lead her upstairs to their bedroom. Once inside he scooped her up in his arms and placed her down on the bed. "I love you Debra. I'm always going to love you. And again you are making me the happiest man on Earth. You gave me three great kids and now...now you are giving me one more. I love you."

"I love you too Ray."

The shirt Debra had been wearing was torn off her body and thrown down to the floor. Her jeans followed suit. Her underwear was yanked off and made it's way next to the discarded clothes. Ray's clothes soon disappeared to the floor as well as he made hard passionate love to her. He thrusted in and out of her hot willing body and Debra was on fire.

"Oh God...Yes...God yes Raymond! Ray!." She cried over and over again.

Ray never felt so much love for anyone in his life as he did at that moment with her. "Debra...God...I love you..." He said as he kissed her neck. His mouth trailed down to her breast and located her hard nipple which he began sucking on.

"Ray...oh yess..." Debra clutched the pillow her head was resting upon. She felt an orgasm starting. "Oh yess...yes Ray..."

"Debra...Debra. Oh God yes..." He wanted her so much. Needed her. Every single part.

"Oh God Ray..Ray..." Debra cried "Oh yes. God yes!" A powerful orgasm overcame her and she fell lax on the bed.
She smiled laying back after the lovemaking session. God he was good. Yes it was true he was a little lax helping her around the house at times but he did try to make an effort more. She thought it was cute whenever she got mad at him for some little thing and he would be worried she was going to leave him. He loves me. She thought to herself. And there was the way he always said she was hot. Even at her age, he still thought she was hot. It made her feel good. "I love you Ray." She said turning her head towards him.

"I love you too Debra." He kissed her and then got up from the bed.

Debra grinned looking at his body. "Hey..get back here." She said.

Ray put on his robe. "I'll be back in a minute." He said walking out of the room.

Debra got up and hurried over to her dresser. She dug in a drawer and found that sexy negligee that Ray always loved. She quickly put it on. She gave her hair a quick brushing and walked back over to the bed waiting for Ray. He walked back in with a small bag in his hand which he almost dropped when he looked at his wife.

"I missed you." Debra said with desire in her voice.

Ray stood there and swallowed. God she was hot. "I uh...I have something for you." He said.

"I know." replied Debra. "And I want it. Now."

"I meant uh..I meant this..." said Ray completely turned on. "But it can wait..." He said setting the bag down and climbing back into bed.

"Ray.." laughed Debra. "Come on...show me what you got..."

"I'm trying to." said Ray kissing her.

"Not that." She said pushing him away. "I meant the bag..."

"Oh..." He got back up and picked up the bag. Ray sat back down on the bed and handed it to her. Debra picked out a small box that was inside. "What's this?" She tore the wrapping off and saw it was a gray box. She opened it and gasped. "Ray...I..." It was the most beautiful diamond ring she ever saw. Stunning. Gorgeous. "Ray...I can't..you bought this for me?"

"Well yeah." smiled Ray. "You deserve it. I always felt bad about that engagment ring I bought you from Leon...I tried to make it better but that didn't work out...I wanted to get you something special."

"Ray it's beautiful. Thank you." She leaned over and kissed her husband.

Ray took the ring and placed it on her finger. "Happy Valentine's Day."

He took Debra into his arms and they again got lost in eachother.

The End!