Mary and Sara left the clinic together and headed for their cars. "So, tonight's the big night?" Mary asked knowing full well that it was. Sara had been walking on air all day.

"Yes." Said Sara with a huge smile on her face.

Mary looked over at her friend. She was beaming and it was contagious and Mary smiled back. They had worked together now for over a year now. When Sara first came to work at the hospital Mary had been assigned to give her the grand tour and they had hit it off right away. After a few months, Mary had noticed that Sara was always volunteering to work the night shift. In fact, she calculated that her friend had not had a Friday night off since she had started. That was when Mary had jokingly asked Sara if she couldn't find anything better to do with her Friday nights…like go on a date. It was then that Mary had learned about Michael. To say she was a little shocked would have been an understatement. She couldn't imagine why a smart and beautiful doctor would be spending so much time with a convict.

It became obvious to her pretty quickly that this Michael meant a great deal to Sara. Mary began to notice that on days when Sara wasn't able to go to the prison, her mood would change. She would become distant. So after the initial shock had worn off, Mary had asked Sara to join her for coffee and asked her about him.

Michael had turned out to be Michael Scofield, the Fox River escape. Mary remembered all the news reports she had heard a year before when the nationwide manhunt had been going on. It was a huge deal at the time. As Sara continued to explain, the pieces had all begun to fall in place. Sara had been the prison doctor that had been implicated in helping the prisoners, including Michael Scofield, escape.

The urge to ask Sara if she had indeed helped Michael was almost too much to bear. It was obvious she had strong feelings for him now. But Mary had held her tongue. She liked Sara and her friend seemed to have enough to deal with at the moment. Instead she had just listened. Sara told her how she and Michael's brother Lincoln were hoping Michael would be released in a years time and how much the short visits she was allowed with him brighten her day.

A few weeks later someone from work had been passing by the prison and had seen her leaving. A few days later the whole floor knew that Sara's boyfriend was a prisoner. Some of the staff had not made it easy for her. Comments were made and Mary could tell sometimes it was all Sara could do to hold it together. It was then that Mary had truly learned what kind of relationship Sara and Michael had.

Sara was pulling a double shift and so was Mary. At midnight they met as they always did when they worked together for coffee in the break room. Mary was telling Sara about all the errands she had to run in her four hours off this afternoon. When she asked Sara what she would be doing with her four hours of freedom she said she was going to the prison to see Michael.

About six in the morning, a patient was brought in to the ER from the local prison. Word of the prisoner's presence had quickly spread through the hospital staff and one of the nurses, Jean, had made a few less than tactful remarks to Sara. Mary hadn't heard exactly what was said but she had seen Sara's face fall. She had quickly walked up to her friend and had kindly told Jean to find some work to do. Mary had tried to offer Sara some comfort but she wouldn't take it. When the morning duty ended, Mary didn't know how her friend was going to be able to come back and work through yet another shift. Mary watched as Sara had walked to her car in a trance.

When Sara walked though the door four hours later Mary had to do a double take. She no longer had that detached look. Her features were relaxed and she even had a slight sparkle in her eye. The transformation was nothing short of amazing. Mary didn't care what Michael Scofield had or hadn't done. He made her friend happy and that was all that mattered.

Michael had been out of prison for three months and ever since, Sara changed for the better. In general, she was much happier. From what Mary gathered from the bits of information Sara shared with her was that the two of them saw each other most everyday. What Mary couldn't understand was why this "date", as Sara kept calling it, tonight was so special. She had been asking herself and Sara that question since Sara had come in Monday morning with a smile the size of Texas on her face.

"Sara, what is so special about tonight. Haven't you been "dating" him for the past two years?" Mary asked even though she knew she was going to get the same answer she had gotten all week.

Sara just smiled, gave her friend and hug and got into her car. Mary was left standing in the parking lot shaking her head at her friend. She got into her car smiling and glad that her friend was finally happy.