Title: One of Mine
: G
Summary: "You in the habit of letting Ziva manhandle you, Abby?"

Author's Note: This was written for NFA's January Gabby Challenge - the prompt was 'Abbs is Gibbs' girl', and we had a variety of scenes to choose from. I chose Abby having her stance corrected by Ziva in Iced - they look so guilty when Gibbs walks in! Forgive the lack of narrative and one hundred percent dialogue content - I was working to a deadline and I didn't have much time! And if you like the style, go read Formidable Opponent's Seven Cent Nickels - it's the style she's using. :)



"I got nothin', Gibbs. Mainly cause you didn't bring me anything… wait, why are you here?"



"You in the habit of letting Ziva manhandle you, Abby?"



"She was teaching me how to correct my shooting stance."

"Sure the ballistics equipment's gonna be real appreciative of that, Abby."

"She was the one who offered. It's not like I propositioned her and said 'hey, Ziva, wanna-'"

"'Run your hands all over my naked legs and press your body up against me?' No, you didn't, but you sure didn't protest when she did it."

"I'm not on your team – rule twelve doesn't apply to me. Since when did you have the right to dictate what I do, Gibbs?"

"Director might not class it that way, but you're one of mine, Abbs."

"So if Ziva wanted to go out for a drink one night and things got a little more than friendly, you'd tell us we were crossing the line?"

"You really have to ask that question?"

"I don't know, Gibbs! You're like the hardest guy in the world to read. I mean, sometimes you just come down here, grab your result and go, but other times… Oh, I'm not even gonna-"

"Yeah, you are."

"Then… can you let go of my arm so I can think straight?"

"Why are you having trouble thinking straight?"

"Why are you acting like a jealous lover because Ziva got a little physical?"



"That answer your question?"

"It's a start. I'm gonna need a little more than one kiss to fully understand it, though…"

"Yeah? Hope you haven't got plans tonight."

"I can cancel."

"That's my girl."