Unfortunately I am putting Second Chances on permanent hiatus. I am so sorry to all of the followers. The past two years have taken me in a completely different direction and I am no longer in love, or in like with the characters of Twilight like I should be to do this story even an ounce of justice. Many times I have sat and tried to type just a paragraph and found myself wanting to tear my hair out.

I am not saying that I will never finish the story, but for now I feel it is better for my writing to move on to other things and to just continue to write. I will gladly put up my unedited material that I have so far should enough people want me to. I'm also willing to email those that want to know the rest of the story line.

Thank you everyone for sticking with the story this long and I am so sorry to disappoint even one of you, let alone how many people are following this story. I know I have let you down, but remember I am not saying goodbye forever to this story. I want to be able to write happily where my muse is carrying me and right now she's running from Twilight like its a zombie hoard.

Aerialla (Heather D.)