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Amber Pegasus: Warrior's Destiny

By Amber Pegasus


They say destiny comes in all shapes sizes, and inspiring heroes. But there's one that's inspiring and that is Amber Pegasus.

In the night of Carapan, a land that's home to Aura Ninjas and Healers. A house still lit up as young woman who's in her early thirties. She has blond hair, blue eyes, crescent moon birthmark on her forehead, and peach skin. She wears a white dress. Her name is Mariah.

She began to breath heavily because her baby is about to be born. Holding her hand is her husband Orion. A tall man with black hair tied to a topknot, golden eyes, pale skin and a star birthmark on his forehead. He wears a red robe with golden edges and red shoes. He sits by her bed side and won't leave until the baby is born.

Helping out are Mariah's parents: Ruby and Troy Treyhert.

Ruby is a tall woman, who is in her sixties with blue eyes, grey hair that is bunned up, pale skin and a crescent moon birthmark on her forehead. She wears a green dress and blue shoes. Her husband Troy is a tall man, who was in his sixties with red eyes, grey hair, peach skin, crescent moon birthmark on his forehead. He wears a blue robe with a golden cape and white shoes. Both healers are standing at the end of the bed. The Aura Ninja's have the star birthmarks on their foreheads while, the Healers have the crescent moon on there foreheads.

"This is the moment Orion, my love," said Mariah, smiling while breathing heavily "the time has come."

"Yes, I know," Orion smiled and said, "after, long months of waiting and praying have finally, paid off."

Mariah, smiled, nodded, and continued breathing.

"Mariah," her mother cooed, "it's time."

Mariah knows what to do. She bent her knees and lifts them in the air.

"Mariah," her father ordered, "get ready to push when, you are ready let me know. Are you ready?"

Mariah is unable to answer her father's question because she's to busy to breath so she nodded her head for 'yes.'

"Alright," said Troy, then he looked at Orion's eyes and ordered, "Orion, hold on to her hand as tightly as you can. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," answer Orion as he kept holding on to Mariah's hand as tightly as she can.

"Alright Mariah," Troy demand, "one . . . two . . . three . . . push!"

Mariah began to push as hard as she can and screamed at the same time.

Far away, from them is a tall man who was in his early sixties, grey hair, brown eyes, peach skin, and a star birthmark on his forehead. He wears white elaborate robe, red shoes, and a golden headband with a yin-yang symbol on it. His name is Blaze Pegasus the leader of the Aura Ninja clan.

He was in his throne room waiting and praying that Mariah and Orion's child won't be like Orion. When he was a baby his Aura was twenty and one of the healers said that Blaze's son will die, but Blaze's wife gave her Aura to Orion and now Blaze's son lives.

By then a white ferret with black spots named Luxor looked concern and asked, "Excuse me my lord. It's late should you be in bed?"

"I wish I could Luxor," sighed Blaze as he petted his ferret and said, "but my son and his wife are having a baby that's about to be born."

Ruby entered the throne room, smiled, and said, "Blaze, you must come and see this. The baby is born."

"So tell me Ruby," said Blaze, with curiosity, "is it a boy or a girl?"

"It's a girl," answered Ruby.

Blaze's smiled beamed up with joy.

"Congratulations sire," said Luxor happily, "you're now a grandfather."

"Thank you Luxor my friend." said Blaze, who still feels glad.

"My lord if it's alright with you. You won't mind if I set this one out?" Luxor asked.

"Good idea," said Blaze with concern, "I don't think my granddaughter is ready for talking animals yet."

"In that case," said Luxor, "I'll be waiting in your bedroom."

Blaze nodded and enters the room. He saw his son holding his new born daughter.

"She looks healthy Orion," said Mariah as she has her eyes focusing on her daughter.

"She breaths normal," said Orion, as his eyes began to felt genital.

"Hello Orion," said Blaze with a smile, "I believe this is my granddaughter."

"Would you like to hold her father?"

Blaze nodded happily.

Orion handed his daughter to Blaze. The baby has peach skin, blue eyes, short brown hair, and a star and crescent moon birthmark on her forehead. She was wrapped in a white cloth.

Blaze smiled and asked, "Have you thought of a name for her?"

"Well we haven't thought of a name for her yet," answered Mariah.

"To be honest," said Orion who smiled sheepishly, "When she woke up she loved the color amber."

"Orion you just found a perfect name for her," said Mariah who smiled happily.

"Oh, alright, Amber it is," said Orion.

"We'll need to see how much Aura she has," said Blaze as he took his granddaughter to an Aura scale.

By then the scale reads: One hundred and twenty.

Blaze turned around and saw his son Orion with concern, "Father?"

"Don't worry my son. She has the power of one hundred and twenty," said Blaze with a smile.

Orion walked over to his daughter, looked at her, smiled and said to his daughter, "Amber you will be a help to the ones you love."

To be continued. . .

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