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Chapter 7

Back at Darka, the Dark Lord was furious with Jereth's news.

"You failed me my lieutenant."

"My apologies my lord," said Jereth as he groveled, "there was a girl leading the fight."

"What a girl?"

"Yes, an Aura Ninja. I believe her name is Amber."

Dark Lord Darka's eyes widened, his face became pale, until he regains and said, "Thank you Lieutenant you've been a great help."

"I'll get them my lord," said Jereth as he get ready for finding them.

"That won't be neccesarry," said the Dark Lord as he snapped his finger.

Then the shadow ninjas grabbed Jereth by the arm.

"But my lord."

"Let's just say your service are no longer require," he said as he turned toward to his shadow ninjas, "Shadow Ninjas see to it that Jereth is banished."

Jereth's eyes widened as the ninjas took him away.

Then Darka walked down the hallway and thought to himself, 'So Amber is seeking help from the Order of the Purity. Perhaps her father that escape a few years ago is calling the members of the Order of the Purity.

He dug out of his shirt and pulled out a Dark Crystal teardrop and said, "I think it's time I summon the Order of Darkness."

Then he place the Crystal in the middle slot until, the Black Crystal glows for the summon of the Order of Darkness.

Somewhere in space. . .

Vlad Plasmius is still wondering is Space until he notice a black teardrop like crystal from his pocket for good luck glows. He made a dimension from a device he built that was a wrist band like. He grins as he entered it.

Somewhere in Chase Young's palace. . .

Chase Young is doing tai chi until, a black crystal teardrop necklace glowed from his neck. He decide to take the journey, while Wuya, Jack Spicer, and Hannaibal Roy Bean tagged along.

Some where near the rice country Orochimaru and Kabuto notice the black crystal teardrops on there necks and decide to take there journey to Darka.

Somewhere in the dimension Master Cyclonis is wondering in the far side of Atmos. She saw a black crystal teardrop necklace on her neck and forms a portal while the Storm Hawks continue searching for her on every single dimension.

At the Fire Nation Prison, a firebending less Phoenix King named Ozia sits in his prison cell. Until something glows under his pillow. It was a his Dark Crystal teardrop necklace. He laugh out loudly until, one of the prison groaned and said, "Oh no he's out of it again."

"Don't worry," said the other one, "we're still guarding him and the best part is he's not going anywhere."

At Lord Darka's room the Order of Darkness have arrived.

"Ah, welcome my fellow alliance of Darkness," he said with a smile.

"You must be Lord Darka," grinned Vlad Plasmius.

"I believe your Vlad Plasmius," replied Darka as Vlad bowed before him.

The Dark Lord continued with the greeting when he stopped in front of Master Cyclonis.

" Master Cyclonis," he said, "it's an honor to meet you."

"Like wise I'm sure," she said with a smile.

"Well you really are the legendary Dark Lord Darka," said Orochimaru with a grin, "I like to meet my assistant Kabuto."

"It's a honor to meet you face to face," said Kabuto with a smile.

Chase Young finally came up to Lord Darka and said, "I'd heard rumours that you have Dark Aura I wander if it's true?"

"Let's just say," he said as he hold up his dark aura ball, "it is true."

"My boy," said Hannaibal Roy Bean, "you truly are the tops of the tops."

"My I never seen such power you have," said Wuya with a smile.

"I have to admit," said Jack Spicer with excitement, "Meeting a powerful Dark Lord is a great experience."

"Now the only one person I haven't meet is Fire Lord Ozia," said Lord Darka who displeased.

"Uh, actually," said Jack, "it's Phoenix King Ozia, but he firebendless after the Avatar used an energy bending."

Master Cyclonis looked puzzled and said, "How did you know?"

"I'm an evil boy geniuses girl remember it," Jack bragged.

"Don't girl me," she growled as she raised her staff.

"Enough," said Darka as he raised his hand, "since Ozia isn't here I'll let you and Chase Young get him for me."

"Where can we find him if I don't mean to pry," said Chase Yong curiously.

"You'll find him at the Fire Nation Prison," he answered.

"Excellent," said Cyclonis with a smile, "We'll began our mission right now."

By then she and Chase left on a mission. Darka turned toward Vlad Plasmius, Orochimaru, and Kabuto. The Dark Lord speak, "I have something for you three."

"Hold it," said Jack Spicer, "how come they've got cool mission and I don't."

"Because," he said, "I've prepaid a lab for you."

"Huh, really?!"

He nodded as a servant entered.

"My servant will escort you."

By then Jack Spicer left as he followed him. Darka turned toward the others and asked, "Any complaints?"

Hannaibal and Wuya shook their heads as they left the room.

"Now where was I," Darka asked.

"You said, 'There's a mission for us?'" reminded Orochimaru.

"Oh, yes, I do," he said, "I have a couple of scrolls for you. One is a time scroll where the body I've picked for our ultimate warrior and the second is the description of the warrior I've told you study well. Before, you leave Dolltra has something for you."

"Who's Dolltra?" Kabuto puzzled.

"That would be me," she answered. A tall girl who's age is fourteen, she has pale skin, short brown hair, red eyes. She wore a white dress with black shoes.

"Now if you three will come with me I'll give you what you need for your mission."

"We'll make sure we won't fail you," said Vlad Plasmius as he and the others left.

Lord Darka looked outside and said to himself, "Amber soon you'll regret getting help from the Order of the Purity and then you'll be mine forever."

To be continued. . .

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Reference: Orochimaru and Kabuto are from Naruto. Master Cyclonis and the Storm Hawks are from Storm Hawks. Vlad Plasmius is from Danny Phantom. Finlay, Jack Spicer, Chase Young, Wuya, Hanable Roy Bean are from Xiaolin Showdown.