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Summary: Something had to be wrong when you start having dreams of killing your teammates—your best friends. Haruno Sakura started to believe she was going crazy when she dreamt of herself brutally killing Sasuke, and then Naruto, and Kakashi. Her craziness grew when her dreams started to venture into her waking life, where she nearly killed them. And the only way to end her killer nightmares was to end her life.

Pairing: Implied pairing of Sasuke x Sakura, Naruto x Hinata

Rating: T for language, kissing, and ripping out people's guts...(just kidding!) T because I like to stay safe.

This is will be the ongoing story for the oneshot (trailer version) of Sleepless Nights.

The first time it attacked was two weeks after the A-rank mission was completed.

None of them knew who or what was attacking them through their subconscious.

After disturbing dreams of murdering their teammates, the three ninjas were able to fend off the nightmares.

But there was a fourth ninja, the medic. The weakest in the team.

Haruno Sakura was about to find out just how dangerous it was to fall asleep.

The Killer Nightmares have begun.

Killer Nightmares

By DreamDevourer

Chapter One
The first attempt was a failure

Hatake Kakashi removed his headband and placed it neatly beside the Team 7 photograph on the nightstand. His green vest was next to be removed. Folding it in half, he placed it at the foot of the bed. His sandals sat by the nightstand. Not bothering to remove the rest of his ninja uniform, he laid on his bed with his notorious reading book in hand.

The moment he had stepped into his apartment he felt uneasy. He had inspected every inch of his apartment and found nothing out of the ordinary. All of his possessions were as they were left earlier this morning. He had then checked if any genjutsus were present, but found none.

His instincts told him that something was wrong, but he couldn't find anything out of place. So what was bothering him? Maybe he was just tired.

Closing his book, Kakashi took one last cautious glance of his bedroom and then turned the lamp off.

Usually, it would take him hours to fall asleep—hence him always waking up late—but not tonight. The moment his head hit the pillow he fell into a deep sleep.

It didn't feel like he was sleeping but as if he were sleepwalking, only he was aware of what he was doing. Sleepwalkers were never aware of what they were doing, where they were going, nor what they were saying. He, on the other hand, knew exactly where he was going.

He walked on the streets of Konoha that led to the Team 7 training grounds.

It seemed like it was morning, not yet noon. Kakashi strolled through the woods until he came into view of the open field. His students—he still considered the eighteen-year olds students because the term students seemed more familiar than the word colleague—were already in training combat. The three of them fought against each other as they normally did every morning before they went off to complete their respective duties. But something was off.

Why was he feeling uneasy just by watching them? Why was he feeling as if they were strangers? Enemies? How could he even think that his students were his enemy?


"All three are traitors."

"Attack them!"

"Kill them…"

"Kill them before they kill you."

"Kill them all!"

Three different male voices spoke one after another. Each angrier than the one before him. Kakashi immediately got into a fighting stance as he glanced around, trying to locate where those voices came from. He saw no one but his three students—all three walking side-by-side towards him.

To the left was his prodigy, the last of the Uchihas, Uchiha Sasuke. His genetically inherited eyes flared crimson. He walked with such pride—an Uchiha's pride.

"You shouldn't trust a damned Uchiha…"

"Never trust one who has been cursed since birth. One who has betrayed his own village. One who has killed his own brother. Never trust someone you cannot control."

"Traitors can't be trusted! Traitors need to be killed! Kill him now before he betrays his village again! Kill him before it's too late!"

Kakashi held his head with both his hands. If he couldn't see them then they were in his head. They were trying to turn him against his team…

His thoughts were disrupted when he saw the Sharingan user call out the technique he taught him when he was thirteen years old. Kakashi wasn't phased by the noise since he was used to the shrieking sound of the Chidori, but that sound should have affected the other two. And yet they weren't. They simply continued to walk towards him as if they were puppets and the puppeteer was in his head.

Walking in the middle was Haruno Sakura, the young girl he hadn't had the opportunity to fully train. How had she grown so fast? She walked with her chin held high, confident of herself. When had she become so stoic? Her hands glowed with chakra and from his experience of seeing her in missions, he knew that getting touched by those glowing hands could very well be the death of him.

"Just look at her, she can so easily deceive a person…"

"She could be a double-ninja for all you know. She could be working for another village—an enemy of Konoha. She could be planning to secretly assassinate the Hokage."

"You know from first hand experience how easily ninjas like her could deceive people around her! Deep inside you know that she is not so innocent, not so trustful! She could kill you in your sleep if she wanted to! Kill her before she has the chance!"

Why wouldn't these voices stop? Who were they? What did they want with him? He gripped his head, trying to push the thoughts away, trying to keep his sanity.

His uncovered eye squinted as it followed the movements of his third student. The one student he knew, from the very beginning, would excel so highly that he would exceed the powers of Jiraiya, the deceased Legendary Sanin. The student he had his highest hopes for walked towards him with his notable Rasengan swirling in his right hand.

"He's a demon not a ninja…"

"How could you train a demon vessel to become so powerful? How could you hope for a demon vessel to become the Hokage? You should have let him die at the hands of Akatsuki."

"He's a demon! Do you think he will be in control of that thing once he's the Hokage!? Do you think that thing inside him will not take advantage of such power that will so freely be handed to him!? He is unstable! Just like the Uchiha, his anger will destroy your village! Kill him before it's too late! Kill him before the demon is released!"

Kakashi was on his knees, his head still gripped in his hands. It felt like it was about to explode. To have such disturbing notions implanted in his mind was unbearable! Who were they to think that he would harm his students—his family!

He watched wearily as the three young adults finally advanced towards him.



"Kill them before they kill you!"

Kakashi felt his body move against his will and two katanas appeared in his hands out of thin air. He dodged the three attacks with an easy backwards flip. All three hit the ground with their fists. The techniques should have been gone now, but no, they were still on their hands. It only proved that this had to be a dream.

"KILL THEM!" All three voices screamed and Kakashi yelled out in anguish as he stabbed himself in the chest with the two katanas.

Blackness clouded his mind.

"Then watch as they destroy your village…"

"Watch as they brutally kill innocent people."

"Watch as they wipe out everything you've fought so hard to protect!"

Kakashi groaned as his eye opened. He scanned his surroundings and found himself on top of the…sixth Hokage's head? Sixth? He looked down at the head that he was standing—Uzumaki Naruto's head.

"You let him become Hokage…"

"Now look at how well he defended his village."

"Look at how your students defended your village!"

Houses were on fire and people were screaming for help. His uncovered eye widened with shock as he saw the source of the fire. The nine-tailed demon could be spotted from a mile away. "Naruto…you couldn't have…you would never," he muttered lowly, hands balled into tight fists. It was a dream.

"But look at who started this…"

"Look at who is controlling that demon."

"Just look at how useful the Uchiha's eyes really are!"

His head turned to the left and his heart nearly stopped beating. Sasuke stood but a yard away from him, his hand stretched outward. His eyes were focused solely on the demon as he muttered incoherent words.

"Sasuke…no, this is a trick…" He gripped his head again, trying so hard to find some reason behind all of this. Why were they trying to turn him against his own team? And not just turn him against them, but kill them!

"But look who is behind all of this…"

"Look at how she uses them."

"Just look at how deceiving she really is!"

She appeared out of nowhere. Kakashi stumbled back a few steps as he watched Sakura wrap her arms Sasuke's waist from behind, and then her head slightly turned to look at him.

Her lips brushed the young man's neck. "Kill them all Sasuke-kun," she said with a devious look while keeping her eyes on Kakashi.

"It was your fault for not killing them when you had the chance…"

"But it's not too late, you can still fix this."

"It is your duty to stop them! Your duty to save your village from their hands! You trained them and willed them to become strong, making it your responsibility to kill them! Kill them now before they wake up! Kill them now as they sleep!"

He was in a room—no it was three rooms joined together. All three rooms had different styles, each style represented his students. One was plain; it held a dresser, a nightstand and a bed where a figure fidgeted in his sleep. The other was a mess; ramen cartons of all sorts sprawled on the floor. Orange colored clothing were discarded by the bed where a figure covered by blankets snored. The last one was neatly ordered. The dresser was labeled: socks and underwear, shirts, pants, and bandages. Unlike the other two, this room had walls that were painted sky blue. And unlike the others, this figure slept quietly and peacefully.

"She deceives…"

"He controls."

"He destroys!"

He grabbed his head and just as he had done earlier, he yelled in anguish. His head throbbed. His hands trembled once a poisoned tipped shuriken appeared in his right hand. He slowly moved to the young man that seemed to be having a nightmare. As he stopped at the beside, he raised his hand over the body. Just as he was about to strike, his eyes caught a glimpse of a picture laying on the nightstand, near it was also the Konoha headband with the slash mark on it. His glance moved to the snoring figure, and on his nightstand was a picture in a black frame and the Konoha headband in front of it. He averted his gaze to the last nightstand where a picture was in a pink framed that was labeled: family. The Konoha headband was neatly folded beside the frame.

He stepped away from the bed and stood in the middle of the room, gazing dazedly at his sleeping students. They all had the Team 7 picture. They all head their headbands. They all worked together. They all worked to protect Konoha. They were and will be always together. They would never hurt each other, or anyone else for that matter. They were family. His family.

The shuriken dropped to the floor and with lightening speed, he pulled away his own trademarked headband, to reveal his bloodshot eye. "WAKE UP!" he shouted as his Mangekyo activated.

The room around him spun and he fell into blackness again.

He was on his bed, the bed sheets clutched into his hands. His shirt was drenched with sweat. His normally spiked hair was plastered to his head. He sighed as his trembling hands ran through his wet hair. He pulled down the material that covered his mouth downward under his chin, and without sparing a second, he began searching through his apartment.

He tore down everything, from the walls to the wooden floors, trying to find something that he had missed. There was no way his subconscious had dreamed such things so freely. Someone had been toying with him.

But he found nothing in the apartment.

"I told you we shouldn't have tried him," said a young man with brown sandy colored hair and dark brown eyes. At twenty-two, he was the youngest of the three.

The two men he was referring to released his hands and moved away from the circle.

"I didn't expect for his mind to be capable of fending us off so easily," the man, in his early thirties, said calmly. He was frustrated that the attempt failed, but he wasn't one to get worked up over something. Out of the three, he was the calmest, the easiest to back out and not go in too deep. But his twin brother was the opposite. The only thing they had in common were their appearances and their loyalty to their master.

"I thought you said he would never be aware that we were in his head, Jirou!" the dark haired, blue eyed man remarked.

The two twins stood facing each other. They were of equal height with the same physical build. They had the same strong cheekbone structure and the same icy blue eyes. Their only difference was their personalities. Jirou was calm and let others take charge, while Kazuo was easily angered, and always in control of every mission, he was the first born after all.

"I made sure our voices were disguised as Hatake Kakashi's own voice—his own thoughts, but somehow he was able to hear us and differentiate his thoughts against ours," Jirou replied as if it were no big deal. It was second nature to him to act so unemotionally even though he was really upset. "We did everything accordingly."

"If we did everything accordingly, then why was he able to get rid of us!?" Kazuo demanded to know as he waved his hand with rage. "Why did he attack himself instead of his students!?"

When Jirou shrugged, Kazuo wanted to strangle him.

"I might have an answer," the young man called out from his spot.

The tension between the two brothers slowly disappeared as they turned to look at the third member, Ryuu. He still sat crossed leg on the ground, and he waited a good minute before continuing.

"Well, it's only a small theory," he added with an innocent smile.

The twin brothers were getting impatient with the young boy. Unlike the brothers, Ryuu was unpredictable in his actions. He could be calm one moment, angered the next. He could be an ally one second and then an enemy the next. The brothers didn't like to work with someone they didn't know, nor couldn't control. But they had no choice. Without Ryuu's special abilities, their minds wouldn't have been able to travel into the past.

"You see, Hatake Kakashi has a special bond with his students. He's known them for years. He has trained them not just physically, but also mentally. He taught them that they couldn't survive without friends or family. Therefore, he'd never hurt his own friends. He'd rather kill himself than his friends," Ryuu paused for a brief second to let the twins register what he said so far. "Which is why we failed—we were approaching Hatake Kakashi the wrong way. We were telling him to kill his only family, which he would never." Ryuu smiled smugly once he finished.

"Then how do you suppose we go about making Hatake Kakashi kill them!?" Kazuo snarled. He didn't miss that accusation in the young man's tone. By we, he had meant you and your brother. He was blaming them for the failure.

"We don't," Ryuu replied, smile widening.

"We don't?" Jirou questioned with confusion. Unlike his brother, he didn't blame Ryuu for thinking it was their fault. Ryuu had simply guided them into the past mind of Hatake Kakashi. It was Jirou and his brother that had done most of the talking.

"No we don't. You see, he already is aware that someone was in his mind. If we try to enter his mind while he sleeps again, he will know that he is the one being attacked. And then he will go and investigate, and who knows, maybe he'll find out the source of his nightmares. Then we'd be toast and Danzou-sama won't ever be in power. Not in this generation, or the next, or the one following after that. He'll continue to be stuck in that ice cube until—"

"Stop babbling and just tell us—"

"I propose," Ryuu cut in sharply and Kazuo huffed, angered he was interrupted. "We move onto a different subject—someone weaker and easier to manipulate. Someone who is naïve enough to believe their dreams."

"Hmmm…Yes, I see what you mean," Jirou agreed with an approving nod.

"The demon vessel then! That Hokage of ours was such an idiot when he was a kid, and he believes anything someone tells him!" Kazuo walked back to Ryuu and took a seat in front of him.

"Well, his famous phrase is 'Believe it,'" Jirou offered, also sitting down. "Maybe he'll fall for it easier, after all, if a demon could manipulate him, how hard could it be for us?"

"No, actually I wasn't thinking about Uzumaki Naruto," Ryuu said with knitted eyebrows. "I was thinking more in the lines of the medic—Haruno Sakura."

The twins laughed, amused by the notion. "That little thing can't last one minute fighting with the other three!" Kazuo balled, still laughing.

"Back then she couldn't, now she's just as strong," Jiruo corrected his brother's remark. His laughter had died out the second it started. "But you are correct, she wouldn't be able to fight any of them at an equal level."

"The demon vessel it is then!" Kazuo said in a tone that stated the topic was no longer up for discussion.

With an annoyed look, Ryuu took hold of their hands. He was certain Uzumaki Naruto would fend them off just as his teacher, but once the twins make up their minds, there was no going back. He closed his eyes and started to mumble incoherent words.

Hatake Kakashi sat on a nearby branch and pretended to be engrossed in his book, but was secretly watching his students train.

"Naruto-kun! Stop holding back!" Sakura demanded, frustrated by her two teammates. Neither of them would fight her with their full strength.

"Ah, but Sakura-chan, I don't want to hurt you because if I do, then you're going to hurt me back!" Naruto argued, dodging her punches. "And then Hinata-chan will get worried because I'll be all bruised!"

"Baka! We ARE training! I always heal you afterwards!" Naruto gave her a sheepish grin and ran out of her way. She turned her attention to the coal-eyed man who stood a couple yards away. "And what's your excuse, Sasuke-kun!?" she growled, running after him.

"I'm already fighting you at your level."

She clenched her teeth and turned to where Kakashi was sitting. "Kakashi-sensei! I'm done with these fools!" she huffed, stomping her right foot. "I want to fight with you instead, seeing that you are the only one who treats me like a ninja and not a little girl," she said through clenched teeth. Throwing the two young boys a dirty look over her shoulder, she walked to Kakashi.

The boys grinned and started attacking each other.

Kakashi smirked underneath his mask. They were never going to change. The two boys will always pick on her, she will always crush on one of them, they will always train together, she will always demand for equality, they will always beat each other to a bloody pulp, and she will always demand that he train her more.

They were still just kids—no way near to being traitors! Such an idea he couldn't believe he dreamt of last night. Yes, they were just kids, friends, ninjas, family...

It had been a dream and nothing more. Going after so many dangerous people and killing two-thirds of them, your subconscious was bound to make up such things. And since it was only once, then it was nothing.

His smirk turned into a pleasant smile. He pocketed his book and jumped onto the ground. "Gotta catch me first!" he called out to her as he started to sprint away.

"Kaskashi-sensei! You're just as bad as them!" she yelled after him.

Yeah, everything was fine now. Everything was back to normal. He felt a wave of relief come over him as he ran across the field.

No harm will ever come to his students, not while he was still breathing.

The moment Uzumaki Naruto's head hit the pillow, he was asleep.

He found himself hovering over a bleeding Uchiha Sasuke with a hole in his abdomen. "Sasuke-teme...what happened?"

"Come on teme, wake up! It's not funny. I bet Sakura is behind all of this...she's still mad about the training earlier, isn't she?" he chuckled nervously. He bent downward and extended his hand to shake him.

His cerulean eyes widened with shock as he saw his Rasengan activated in his right hand. "NO!" he yelled in anguish and his legs dropped him. "I couldn't have..." He knelt beside his best friend and tears sprung out of his eyes once he noticed the others.

His other two victims were lying two yards apart, each with a hole the size of his fist in their stomach.

And then Kyuubi was awakened.

"There is room for only two minds in this body. Uzumaki's and mine. Leave now!"



To be continued...

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