"What!" I yelled at my father, the king of Sweden which would make me the Princess, the Jewel of Sweden.

I have and older sister but she ran away apparently madly in love with a guy our parent's wouldn't approve of six months ago.

Only I know where she went we know all of each others secrets.

"You will Isabella. You must marry him." father barked at me.

The door opened and in walked the Prince Edward and the Prince Jasper and a little Black haired Pixie like girl.

"King Charlie my father sends his greetings." Prince Edward said.

Just then my mother walked in with my 'sister' Siscilia on her hip she squealed and held her arms out to me I took her and smiled.

"Hey Baby Girl." I cooed

"Hi. I'm Alice Jasper's wife." she said.

"Hi. This is Siscilia my sister." I said handing her to Alice when the ceremony began and I moved to stand next to Edward and my Father.

We were riding our horses on the way to his castle when Edward spoke to me for the first time.

"your sister how old is she?"

"She's 8 months." I answered sadly.

" I miss my sister-in-law and her weird ways how she always mopes around on two days of the year September 13 and June 10 and no one can cheer her up." he said

I Gripped the saddle horn and he described my sister perfectly.

"How long till we get there." I asked.

"a week." he answered.