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Alice and I were walking on the beach with the rest of my family, this was a rare time for us seeing as how we were vampires. It was going to rain I guessed as I looked up at the sky. Alice grinned.

"Hurricane!" She shouted excitedly. What was with that vampire pixie and hurricane. A large wave sprung up from the sea. I saw a hand as it quickly disappeared. I stared out into the wave wondering if somethingw as out there. The wave headed straight for us and then calmed I walked to the waters edge and at my feet lay a was in a basket....how odd. It was made of marble and gold. It had a little hood on top. The baby looked up at me. It had the most beautiful brown eyes and brown hair that was long for her age. It went to her shoulders. She had pink cheeks and I stiffened at the scent. She was beautiful, and I wasn't sure I could handel it.I called for Alice who had wandered off somewhere. The baby giggled. I bent down to pick her up. She clapped her hands and fiddeled with the blanket. We locked eyes and then she reached up to touch my hair and yanked it. She squeeled with delight. She raised one eye brow and gave me a look that said ' Why aren't you laughing? Its okay you can laugh its funny.' in a threating way. She put both hands on my nose and tried to stick a finger up my nostril. I grabbed her hand and gently pulled it away.

"What's this?" She asked. "Where did she come from? How come I couldn't see it? Aww Edward she's adorable. Can we keep her please?" I looked at Alice in shock.

"You're kidding me. Of course not Alice do you imagine what we would do to her life? I'm having a hard enough time trying to kill her right now!" I shouted.

"What's going on Eddie!?" Emmett my goofy older brother shouted as he ran toward us. Rosalie was righ tbehind him.

"Aww she's so cute!" Rosalie purred. "Let me hold her. Can we keep her?" She asked as she extended her arms. She was just as bad as Alice. Carlisle and Esme walked up to us with Jasper right behind. Jasper stiffened.

"Can we keep her? PLEASE!?" Alice and Rosalie begged.

"Girls do you know what you're asking us to do?" Carlisle pleaded.

"Well we can't just leave her here." Esme said. Oh great. Esme agrees with them. I might as well go home right now and set up her room.

"Oh all right!" Carlisle said with a smile on his face.

"Hi baby." I said poking her nose. She grabbed the finger and stuck it in her mouth. I handed her to Rosalie and she started crying and reaching back for me. Rosalie handed her back to me and the baby stopped crying.

"Lets name her melody!" Came Alice's voice. She was jumping up and down excitedly.

"What's this?" Emmett said as he picked up the basket. "Some body under the ocean must have been rich this thing is made of pure marble and gold." he reached inside and pulled out a white bag. It matched the baby's dress. On the bag it said Bella.

"Bella?" I asked. The baby looked up at me and smiled. So that was her name. Hmm...that had nice ring to it. Bella Cullen.