"Crap!" Edward shouted.

"What?" I said as I played with the water in the tub, groaning and moaning every few seconds.

"The Denali coven is coming today." He growled.

"What?!" I shouted. "Is that bleach blond tramp coming to?" I asked.

"Bella.."Mom chastised.

"Sorry mommy. You guys know I'm going to have to quit swim team right, and winter guard, and cheer and....Edward I have a date Friday...I can't go looking like this." Edward rolled his eyes. He didn't apporve of Chad, my current crush. Edward said he was too dense.

"How about we try drying you off." Mom said. "Since you were wet when you changed." I nodded Edward lifted me out of the tub and sat me on the towel that mom had laid out. mom started drying my tail and it disappeared.

"Cool." I whispered. I wrapped the towel around myself. I got up and tripped, and had it not been for Edward I would have fallen into the tub.

"That's it. I'm carrying you to your room." Edward sat me down on my bed when we got there. He planted a kiss on my forehead and I gave him one on my cheek.

"Edward...how come Tanya the bleach blond tramp doesn't like me."

"She's jealous." Edward said quickly.

"Why I'm nothing special?" I asked. He looked almost furious.

"Isabella Marie Cullen. I'm never to hear those words come out of your mouth again. Your beautiful, your smart, you make being a clutz look cute, I mean Bella the list could go on and on. Don't you ever think less of yourself. Do you understand?" I asked me. I nodded.

"Now get dressed. Maybe we can mess with them a little bit." He smiled at me as I laughed and he left. I dressed in some really short jean shorts and a black tank top with My name air brushed on it. I pulled my hair up into a pony tail...Alice would be pleased. I pulled hoodie over it that had a pic of my family and I on the back. I walked down the stairs.

"Hey mi familia." I said brightly.

"Hey Bella." They all said back. I sat next to Edward on the couch who pulled me into his lap. I pulled out my cell phone and stated texting my Bff Angela. Then the door opened.

"Tanya, Kate, I rina, Alizar, Carmen!" My father exclaimed.

"Hello everyone." The replied. Kate, Irina, and Carmen. Came over to me and engulfed me in a huge hug.

"Hello little Bella...how I've missed you so.!" the told me. I smiled and said.

"I missed you guys too." See Tanya was the only one who I had a problem with. Alizar picked me up and held me to his chest.

"Hey little Bella."

"Hey cousin Alizar." I smiled.

"Hey brat."Tanya smiled.

"Tramp." I growled back.


"Slut." I got in my face and in less than a second. Rosalie jumped on her.

"Listen you whorre if you ever talk to my sister like that again I'll rip you a part and personally burn the pieces. Tanya nodded.

"But let me say this." Tanya added. " little Isabella, I hope you know that the only reason your here is because you were adopted. Edward didn't even want you here in the beginning. No body wanted you here. You just fell into their laps and so they felt obligated, just like they feel now-"

"That's a lie Tanya." Edward growled.

"Oh really?"

"She already knows she's adopted you skank. We love her just like our own little sister." Emmett barked.

"Whatever she'll always be a pathetic human." Tanya shrugged. Rosalie lost it,and so did I. I ran up stairs to my room shut it and locked it. Tanya was right....so because I loved them. I'd relieve them of their duty to take care of me.

"Isabella Marie Cullen!" Alice shouted/ "you better not."

"Crap." I moaned. How do you escape a house full of vampires. Of course...I'd make a split decision.


The next day, Edward took me to Winterguard practice.

"Bella honey please say something!" He said exasperated. I hadn't said anything to any body since Tanya left, not even Edward. He pulled up in front of the gym, and I got out and slammed the door...oops now I've done it. Edward got out and shut the door behind him.

"Isabella Marie Cullen, look at me." I didn't I looked around everywhere else.

"Look at me." I said again. This time I did.

"I love you Bella, nothing tanya said could ever change that. She's just jealous, because we all love you so much.." I wanted to believe him, I really did...but I couldn't, I wanted to Say Kiss my A....but I decided against it. So I looked down and snatched away. But he followed me inside. Dang it he's going to ruin my plans. Edward sat in the bleachers staring intently at me. We began our stretches and Lauren, Mallory Eiew stared at him and started giggling uncontrollabley since I was Captain I though this would be a fine time to use my power.

"Mallory stretch stop flirting with my brother." I shouted. she glared at me and I glared back. AFter stretches we did across the floors, and after that we took a break and I decided to put my plan into action. I went to the bathroom and climbed out of the window with my back pack and ran. I didn't know where I was going, but I ran. Somehow I ended up on the beach. With my back pack on my back. I stuck my feet in the water and ran until I couldn't run anymore, because of my tail, I swam in the water. It just felt right, so wonderful. I felt a hand grab me by my shoulder...I looked and saw Emmett. Crap I'm in trouble...but I wasn't giving up with out a fight. I swam as fast as I could away from him deeper into the ocean. I turned and saw he was far behind. I dove one last time, trying to go as deep as I 's when I saw it, a magnificent palace.

"Isabella! You've returned!" I heard a voice yell.

I turned to see a woman of about twenty.

"Isabella I'm your mother..your birth mother. WTF



Crap I lost my baby sister...I'm so gonna get burned to ashes for this.


"Hey where's Bella?" Angela asked.

"She went to the bathroom last time I saw her." Jessica Stanley said. Then it hit ! Bella ran...I left the romo as fast as I could at human speed and followed her scent to the beach. Emmett emerged from the water.

"Where is she?" I asked desperately.

"She ran away from me, or should I say swam...man she's fast."

"Well we have to find her! I'm going to burn Tanya to ashes!"