0A/N: I got this idea for a story from the song 'The Little Girl' By John Michael Montgomery. It's basically the same story as the song but I add some stuff like Vampire Edward and Human Bella. I know I shouldn't even be thinking of other ideas for a story because I still haven't finished any of my other ones but I couldn't help it.

Her parents never took the young girl to church
Never spoke of his name
Never read her his word
Two non-believers walking lost in this world
Took their baby with them

What a sad little girl

My name is Bella. And today I'm turning seven. But unlike the little girls I see on TV I'm at home sitting on the couch watching TV like any other day. My moms upstairs doing something and my dad left last night; hasn't come back. My mom doesn't even remember today's my birthday; but then she doesn't even remember what day it is most of the time.

I walked into the kitchen, placed a chair near the cabinets and grabbed a bowl, I took out what was left of the cereal–which wasn't a lot–and poured in the milk. I placed it on the table and started eating it even though the milk was sour. We don't have money so I have to stick to what I have. My dad and mom both don't work. And I don't go to school even though I'm supposed to by now.

No one knows that because we live in the deserted part of Phoenix. My house had a large, messy, backyard and beyond that there were the woods. I would go there sometimes to be alone from my parents. You can say my parents don't exactly get along.

I'm not like ordinary little girls. I'm never happy, I don't play, and I pretty much fend for myself. I learned what I was supposed to learn in school mostly from television or from some books that I found in the basement. I pretty much learned everything by myself.

My parents hardly ever notice me. But by now I'm already used to it. I've also learned all of the curse words but I know I should never ever use them. I think I might be the cause to all the problems in this family. I don't think my parents were like this until I was born.

I don't think they were ready for that kind of responsibility. There pretty young. I probably never should have been born. Sometimes I wish I wasn't born. The things that happen in this house are traumatizing. I cry…a lot. But if you knew what I was going through day in and day out; you'd understand.

Her daddy drank all day and mommy did drugs
Never wanted to play
Or give kisses and hugs

My daddy finally came home. It was the middle of the afternoon. I walked up to him with a smile on my face hoping to get a kiss or a hug and a happy birthday but as I reached him he lightly pushed me aside. I could smell the alcohol reeking off of him. He collapsed on the couch and soon fell asleep.

I stayed there in front of him, frowning. I could feel the tears coming but I quickly thought of mommy and stopped the tears from coming. I walked away from daddy sadly and started walking upstairs. I opened the door to mommy's room to find her sticking a needle in her arm.

She looked up and smiled at me weakly. She thinks I don't know what she's doing but she's wrong. I know she's using drugs. I've seen things about it on TV. She quickly looked back down and proceeded injecting herself. Slowly I closed the door and walked to my room across the hall. I sat on the floor and played with my old broken dollies that my mommy gave me from the swap meet.

I made the big doll hug the little girl doll, "Happy birthday, sweetie." I whispered playing the mommy's voice.

"Thank you mommy, I love you." I used my normal voice for this one.

"I love you with my entire heart sweetie," I whispered trying to imitate my mommy's voice.

As I played with my dolls I knew this was never going to happen. My mommy and daddy never told me they loved me. They hardly ever spoke to me. They'd usually ignore me or just smile and nod as best as they could. I knew they weren't happy with me. They probably do blame me for all the fighting.

I would have run away a long time ago but unlike them I do love them. They're the only people I know. But I have nowhere to go. Just like I said before they're the only people I know, I would have no one to go to. I may not be able to get a good meal here but at least I have a meal here. If I left, I'd probably starve to death.

I may not ever have wanted to be born but its too late already, I'm already alive. But just because I wished I had never been born doesn't mean I want to die. I can't do that to mommy and daddy. I love them a lot.

I stopped playing cards and went to my mommy's room again, "Mommy?"

She was lying down on the bed with her eyes closed, "Hmm?"

"Can you play dolls with me?" I don't even know why I asked.

"Later," she whispered before turning away from me and going back to sleep.

It was always later. That later would come, and she wouldn't play with me. I'd ask her everyday if she could play with me and it was always the same answers, "Later", or, "Not right now, I'm busy."

My mommy never plays with me. Neither does my daddy. My parents don't give me hugs or kisses like all the other parents do. I know that deep down inside they love me. Right? I mean I am there daughter. Is it possible to have a child and not love them?

These thoughts made me want to cry. If there the only people I know and they don't love me that means no one loves me. I walked back downstairs to just catch my dad stumble out the door and leave in the truck. I walked over to the falling screen door and watched him leave. It was raining, for once, outside. I walked to the window near the couch and looked out to the backyard.

I rested my chin on my hands that were rested on the window pane. I looked outside closely at the trees in the woods when I saw something. I shot my head up and stared intently. No one was ever in those woods. We had no neighbors and I knew no one was ever there because I went out there a lot.

I could see it was a man. But just as I was about to lean closer to the window to get a closer look he vanished. I blinked and wiped my sleeve on the window from all the fog I had breathed on it. He was definitely gone.

I got away and sat on the couch. I turned on the TV and started watching whatever was on. Something someone said made me stop and think. She said oh my god. What's god?

I had never heard or read that before. Is god a thing or a person? And does this god thing belong to her? I mean she did say oh my, as if it did belong to her. I tried to think of what god was for a while but nothing came to mind. I had read a lot of books from the basement but none of them mentioned god.

I stopped thinking about it and changed the channel and then something a guy said there made me think. He said Jesus Christ. What's Jesus Christ? Is it the same thing as god? Was Jesus Christ a person? Or a thing? Like a disease or something. But I soon realized that they couldn't be the same things because she said my god which means it belongs to her. Not this guy. I never have read or heard of this either. If I didn't know things like this what other stuff didn't I know?

There are probably millions of things out there I didn't know about. Now that I think of it I want to know what they are. I was feeling excited now but it soon disappeared when I realized I probably wouldn't learn anything more than what I already know.

I frowned at my lack of knowledge. I want to go out there and learn new things. I want to go to school and make friends. I want to love more than my mommy and daddy. I looked at the clock to see it was already time for me to go to bed.

I was going to stay up and watch more TV so I can try to figure out what god and Jesus Christ were but I saw my daddy's headlights. If he found me here awake he'd get mad and start yelling at me. I don't like to get yelled at so I quickly turned the TV off and ran upstairs to my room.

I didn't have to go to sleep right away. My parents don't check up on me like other parents do. So I stood by my window and looked out at the trees from the woods. That when I saw him again. This time I didn't snap my head up like last time. Maybe that's why he left so soon. I just watched him closely for a long time before I walked to my bed and fell asleep.

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