A/N: I mean no offense by using quotes from the Bible in this story. Also, this is my first WOWP fic, it's probably going to be a little out of character, I'm sorry about that. And I'm trying. This will be short, only a few chapters. The rest of the story will be more detailed and the chapters will be much longer than this first one.

Then the man said, "This at last is bone of my bones and the flesh of my flesh;

This one shall be called Woman, for out of the Man this one was taken."

Genesis 2:23

Freshmen Year, Fall Semester

Alex Russo wasn't a bad person. Really. Sure, she did sort of bad things. But nothing too horrible. Nothing that couldn't be fixed with an apology or an "I won't do it again" followed by the batting of her lashes.

So it was safe to say that she never thought of her brother like that before. When Harper would go on and on about how dreamy her older brother was, she'd make a face and mumble "eww" under her breath and proceed to tune out her friend's ramblings.

She was a normal sister. Until that day.

The first time she thought of her brother in that dirtybadwrong way was at his graduation. It wasn't that he was dressed differently, well, other than that hideous polyester gown; there was just something about him that she had never seen before.

He was confident, and as cliché as it sounds, radiant. He was grinning so big that it hurt her face. He was cool, calm and collected during his valedictorian speech, he was elated with his friends and laughed off all of her insults with a ruffle to her dark tresses.

And she easily ignored the flutter in her belly when he would pause what he was doing and send a content smile her way.

It was probably just some bad meatballs from his open house.


It only got worse over the summer.

They went to Florida. And that new confident Justin that she met at graduation came with them. Instead of looking for a cheap summer romance, she spent three weeks glancing at her brother's naked torso and sending glares at girls that were doing the same.


She couldn't go with them to Columbia. She was afraid she'd do something stupid.

Which really, that was nothing new, but now the stupid things she was doing would have horrible consequences.

Before if she messed up a spell or failed a test she was grounded for a week or her mp3 player was taken away. But now…she could ruin everything. Every relationship that meant anything to her.

She hated herself. And how acquainted she had become with words like: taboo, abhorrent, incest. Because that's what it was. This sick thing inside of her. And instead of ignoring it she acted on it. She would hug Justin a little too tight and let her lips linger a second too long on his cheek when she wished him goodnight.

She didn't know what stupid thing she'd do at Columbia. Probably assault him with her lips, beg him not to go and then be disowned.

She's not sure what happens to someone in love with their brother, what the punishment might be. Although she suspects it has something to do with the eternal flames of hell.


Jerry and Teresa notice that Alex is a little more boy crazy than usual this year.

But they brush it off and assume it's because she's sixteen, going on seventeen and that's just what seventeen year old girls do.


Justin's a little more than hurt that Alex barley talks to him. It's been a long semester. It's been daunting, fun, and a little scary. He wanted to tell these things to her. He wanted her to comfort him and sooth his fears.

They had gotten along so well this summer. He thought she had been growing up.

Freshman Year, Spring Semester

He's a little more confident this term. He has a few new friends, he enjoys his classes, and there's a girl in his Chem class that's been trying to catch his eye.

He barely gets this out before Alex sighs heavily into the phone and hangs up on him.

He runs a hand tiredly over his face and clicks the END button.


Alex's grades sucked last term. Her parents are disappointed but they don't seem too surprised by her report card. She's grounded until her grades are Cs. At least.

Harper stops by the sub station more often. But Alex barely acknowledges her and soon the two aren't even talking.

Alex spends most of her time in her room. Reading and researching. Listening to music and writing. Sinning and lusting. Crying.


Losing this battle. Or losing herself.

She isn't sure which.


Alex announces that she's going to church one morning in March. Max furrows his brows and frowns, "But it's not Easter until April."

She just sighs heavily before opening the door and leaving the loft.

Jerry sends a perplexed look to his wife but she just shrugs and goes back to her tea and magazine.


Justin comes home in May. He's scruffy and his clothes aren't exactly clean. That radiant Justin is even brighter than he was at graduation. He goes on and on about Kate. How she gets him like no one else.

He thinks he could fall in love with her.

Teresa is clearly ecstatic. Jerry smiles and looks back and forth at his wife and eldest. Max rolls his eyes. Alex announces she's done with dinner and leaves the table.


Alex has all As and one B on her report card that June.


Jerry and Teresa are a little concerned. Happy, but concerned.


Alex barely leaves her room and hasn't talked to Justin since May.


Justin goes back to Columbia in August. His dorm is close to Kate's and he introduces her to his parents and Max.

She smiles brightly, her hair is shiny and her blue eyes sparkle. Teresa immediately likes the girl.

"I thought you had a sister?" Kate innocently asks. She doesn't notice how all the Russo's tense.

Justin clears his throat, "I do. She's umm…."

"Sick." Max finally finishes. He says it with such conviction and the rest of the Russo's finally have a word for it.

Kate apologizes, says she hopes she can meet her soon.


Alex stays at the loft and sobs into Justin's comforter.

It still smells like him.