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Joanne's POV

" Oh no… This is bad." Yuki said. He now had light red eyes, and his skin was pale as before.

" Why is it? Spending your whole immortal life being a vampire with Joanne, the love of your life, is a bad thing?" Rosalie said in a dramatic way. I shot her a dirty look.

" No. That's not the problem. In fact, that's a good thing. The problem is… How am I going to tell this to Akito?"

" Who's Akito?" Alice asked, putting the mirror away.

" He's the head of the family. If he sees me like this tomorrow, someone's going to get hurt." Yuki said in panic.

" Don't worry! You're not going to get hurt! We vampires don't get harmed. EVER. Except when you rip them apart and burn them but that doesn't matter! We're made of steel!" Emmett said, grinning and punched himself making an impression of a gorilla. Bella punched him.

" What?"

Bella just shrugged and looked away.

" That's not what I'm talking about. By 'someone' I meant by Tohru or Shigure… As much as I hate to mention it but maybe my brother could get hurt…." Yuki said.

" You have a brother?"

" Sorry to not have told you…"

" Now that is a problem." Edward said.

" What? The whole 'Yuki having a brother' thing?" Emmett said. We all looked at him.

" What is wrong with you? Really?" Jasper said.

" What?!"

" Not that! I meant telling it to the head of the Sohma family." Edward said, ignoring Emmett.

" He could act more of his human self just like before..." Bella suggested.

" Of course! Alice! Do you some contacts with you?"

" Got it right here!" Alice waved the box around, " I kept it just in case he really DID become a vampire..."

" Perfect! Yuki can wear those tomorrow! But you have to apply them again after a few hours. And once more, you have to remember to blink at least three times a minute." Edward said.

" You have to let your eyes wander every thirty seconds or so. Humans don't stare at one thing for too long." Jasper added.

" And move your shoulders a little to show that you're breathing." Alice said.

" You also have to move once in a while, too. Like pretending to scratch something!" Emmett added.

" And that's it! If you remember all of these, I'm sure there would be no problems at all" Edward said.

" Except for one problem… Do you still change when hugged?" Carlisle said, his eyes looking at Yuki and back to me.

" Hmm… I haven't thought of that…" Edward said, thoughtfully, " Why not give it a try?"

" Umm… Okay?" I said.

Edward's POV

" Why not give it a try?" I said.

" Umm… Okay?" Joanne said and without another word she hugged Yuki.

* Poof!*

He changed into a mouse but instead of having his normal eye color like he used to, he had bright red eyes. After Joanne loosed her grip on him, he ran back to the couch and looked up at us.

" So… Seeing you guys enlarge means that I still change to my mouse form, huh?" he said then chuckled. We laughed with him but stopped when we heard the door open.

" Hi! Sorry to have come in so suddenly! You see the door was open and…" Tohru said.

" We just let ourselves in…" Kyo finished. Upon seeing Yuki in his mouse form, they both stopped.

" What are you doing, idiot?!?! We could get killed by Akito when he finds out!!!!" Kyo shouted at Yuki, " And why the hell are your eyes red?!"

" Uh... Excuse us for a moment..." Carlisle said and montioned us to come closer and have a short family meeting.

" Are we going to tell them?" Rosalie said.

" We don't have any other choice."

" Unless Jasper puts them to sleep..." Emmett said.

" That will work but there will come a time when they'll find out again. I think it's best we tell them the truth."

" Okay then..." Rosalie sighed. We all looked back at Kyo and Tohru and told them the truth.


" So you're saying you guys are vampires... And Yuki just turned into a vampire too?" Kyo said.

" That's right." Carlisle said. Kyo shifted his position and looked at Yuki and Joanne sitting beside each other across from him.

" And I suppose you both are lovers?" Kyo exclaimed.

" Yeah!? What is it to you? It's not like you and Tohru aren't lovers too, you know! C'mon! It's pretty obvious you both are!" Joanne shouted back. Tohru blushed, " I'm sorry, Tohru. You must be embarassed after what I said."

" No! Not at all! But I'm glad Sohma-kun has feelings for you!" Tohru smiled. Kyo sighed and shook his head.

" How are you going to tell this to the Head of your family? If he finds out, I mean..." Joanne said worriedly, ignoring Kyo.

" I'm not sure... But I'll find a way." Yuki said and smiled.


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