Book 2: Return Home


After graduation Kim went to college in Metropolis and became a reporter. Kim looks just like her earth mother, short red hair and a great body at a hight of 5'4. She was a hero a real hero , they called her Superwoman. She meet many other hero's Spiderman, the Flash and Wonder Woman and many other's. She also had many villain's ready to kill her, but they didn't know she was Kim Possible top reporter of the Daily Planet. She missed Ron so much he left with out saying good bye and it hurt her the most, but when he came back Oh, he was so going to get it and after that she won't let him go at all.

( With Kim at the Daily Planet)

" Lois , let's go it's lunch time , are you coming Shela" asked 25 year old Kim Possible as she looked at her friends.

" Yha, yha Princess just wait" said Shela as she got her thing's together.

" Well, get your ass in gear" said Kim as she rolled her eye's.

" Ok , lady's lunch on me let's go" said Lois. All three lady's left for lunch leaving behind the world of news.

( Space with Ron)

Ron went into space to keep his promise to kill Frieza. Ron grew to be 6'10 and a body of a warrior he was riped, he had the perfect body (Think of Napa's height and a little less muscles ) His hair was long, it reached his lower back.

Six year's in space did Ron good and some bad . The good was he was alive and understood his heritage, he was a elite saiyan and a good one at that he killed all of Frieza's army and all of his family, he also freed all of the slaves and killed many other tyrants in space. But the best thing so far was he found more of his kind one saiyan, one ,one of Kim's and one moon child , his little girl. He hoped they liked earth they were kid's and he taken them in as they were his kid's. Yes , Ron Stoppable was a Daddy he had two son's and one little girl.

" Time to go home after 6 years in space , wonder if Kp misses me I hope I don't get hurt when I get there " said Ron as he looked out of the window on his ship. Earth His home and there was his family, his friends and his Kp.


( Now with Ron)

" Alright Wade Hows Capsule Corp doing" asked Ron as he looked at the 17 year old Wade.

" Great Ron we bought out all of lex corp , some of Wayne corp and we sell to everyone in the world. Ron we are the riches people on earth even richer then Gates . Using Saiyan technology to make everything small and able to fit in your pocket was a great idea " said Wade as he smiled. Wade was tall and lean, he lost all his weight that he had as a kid and had his hair in dreads.

" Cool , and everyone thinks I'm the head of this thing" asked Ron as he looked confused.

" Yha, I used Holo Ron for all the talking and made him act like you too" said Wade as he grinned.

" And Kim what did she think" asked Ron as he frowned.

" She hates it but she dose like how your body turned out good thing I had that camera to scan you body every time we needed Holo Ron" said Wade as he looked at Ron.

" Yha, so is my house ready" asked Ron as he frowned.

" Yup , everything is ready Ron, so when are you going to see Kim" asked Wade as he looked at Ron an gave him his house Keys.

" Oh, well I'm going to drop by my parents first then The Possibles, then Kp if it's not late and if nothing goes wrong" said Ron as he ha a small smiled. He was scared he wanted to see Kim but he didn't want to lose his balls or his life.

" She loves you and she wants to marry you, Ron what you did was wrong Kim could of helped you and she even went to train with Jor-El , so hurry up and stop being a stupid idiot" said Wade as he glared at Ron.

" Yha, yha whatever dude Ok I'm out of here" said Ron as he transported out of there. Ron touched his forehead and went to his spaceship.

( The ship)

"Kid's go get ready to meet your grandparents" said Ron as he looked at His kids.

" Alright" yelled Clark as he jumped up and down. Clark had black hair and blue eye's , he was from Krypton just like Kim. Ron named him Clark because it was close to Kal-El.

" Do we have to" asked Victor as he frowned. Victor like Ron was from Vegeta, his real name was prince Vegeta but when Ron said He would adopt him he wanted a earth name so Ron named him Victor. He had black spiky hair and black eyes.

" Yes, you do come here Serena time to get ready" said Ron to his only daughter. She had long blond hair, blue eye's and she was from the moon. She was the moon princess.

" Ok, daddy can I bring Pandaroo" asked Serena as she look up to her dad.

" You sure can" said Ron as he smiled at her.

" Dad, whats going to happen when we get there." ask Clark as he put on a clean shirt.

" Well, your going to have to wait to find out" said Ron as he winked at Clark.

" Will , we get a mom on earth" asked Victor as he smiled.

" Well, maybe I won't get my hopes up or yours" said Ron as he frowned. He knew his kid's want a mom , but it's not easy trying to find someone to share your life with and deal with three alien kid's plush one for a husband.

" Don't worry daddy you'll find a lady who likes you and us to" said Serena as she smiled at her dad.

" Thanks princess , now lets go" said Ron as he grabbed a small pill like thing. The thing was from his business Capsule Corp. He love them there where so cool having a car in your pocket and able to drive at anytime now that was cool .


Book 2 chap 1 . I got three ways I want Kim and Ron to meet. And I want you guy's to pick.

1: Ron saves Kim and the girl's from a big plane crashing on them,

2: Or Ron buys the Daily planet and becomes her boss.

3: Or the mom's set Kim and Ron on a date.

or all three , but if you have better ideas then tell me. DWS OUT.