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I drove down the damp street to Forks High School, smiling the whole way. An actual smile.

Three months ago I was forced to move to Jacksonville with my mother and Phil. Victoria was out to get me and the wolves thought I would be safer if I left while they fought. I was obviously against it. I wanted to help if I could. Jacob had spent weeks trying to persuade me. He won in the end and I was off to Jacksonville.

Rene was so happy when I first came, I went to school, did my homework, took over dinner for Phil's sake, and all that good stuff. I don't know when it all started, but I started to get sick of it. I began having fun, distracting myself really; he got to have distractions, why couldn't I? I started hanging out with other kids, wearing eyeliner, sneaking out, and blaring music in my ears everywhere I went. I was happy, I was different.

Rene didn't make it a secret that she didn't like 'the new Bella' but I did, so she stayed.

I couldn't help but think of how people would react to me now. My friend Nikki had put auburn-red streaks in my hair and I started to wear a lot of eye makeup. A lot of black eyeliner and shadow. My wardrobe had made a drastic change. I had developed an obsession with skinny jeans. I wore tight shirts and a push up bra almost everyday. I just liked watching boys eyes pop out at the sight of my cleavage.

Today I was wearing my favorite pair of skinny jeans, they were blackish-gray, a long and tight white T-shirt under a cute brown jacket, I threw on my favorite pair on tan open-toed heals on the way out of the house. I couldn't help but think that Alice would be proud.

In conclusion, I looked pretty hot.

It was good to be back in Forks, I missed it. I loved Jacksonville, but Forks was my home. I needed reminders that he was really, and I, surprisingly, missed the rain.

Forks High School came into view and I parked in the student parking lot. I took the key out of the ignition of my truck and put my headphones in my ears. I jumped out of the truck and slammed it then turned my IPod on. With Photofinnish blaring in my ears I couldn't help but feel confident, 3OH!3 always did that to me.

Students looked at me as I passed, no recognition in their gaze. I don't know I was proud of that, but I was.

Mrs. Cope was sitting at the counter of the main office. I couldn't forget Mrs. Cope, the bright red hair made her hard to forget. She looked up at me when the door closed loudly.

"Could I help you, dear?"

"Isabella Swan." I smiled when she gasped.

"My goodness, you have changed so much. Charlie told me you would be coming back, but never imagined so soon. Did you enjoy Jacksonville?" She asked, probably looking for some new gossip to spread around town. For a second I considered making a sarcastic remark that I was pregnant or something, but I knew Charlie would hear and get pissed.

"It was great." I said with a smile.

"Well, here is your schedule. It's the same as when you left." That was refreshing. "You don't need a map, do you?" She leaned down and grabbed one before I could answer.

"No, I think I'm good." I back towards the door. "Thanks, Mrs. Cope."

Outside more kids were in the parking lot. I spotted Angela and walked up to her. Angela was my only real friend from Forks. We kind of lost contact somewhere in my transition. I walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around curiously.

She didn't remember me, I smiled.

"So, I've been gone for four months and you just forget who I am?" I said in mock surprise.

"Bella?" I was shocked.

"Hey, Angy."

"Oh my gosh, you look amazing, Bella."

"Thanks." The bell rang and we walked in.

I explained the situation to her while we walked towards our classes. She was happy to me and noticed that my appearance wasn't the only thing that changed, I was happy too.

I walked into my English class totally confident. I had to introduce my self to Mr. Mason again. When the students heard my name the class erupted in whispers. I walked to the back, enjoying the gawking. I remembered when that used to make me blush a million. I didn't really blush as much anymore, my self confidence is now sickeningly high.

Skip to lunch...

Angela said that I could sit in the usual place. We talked about Jacksonville while we were in line for food. I grabbed a slice of pizza and a bottle of water.

When we sat down everybody gave me a strange look. Jessica and Lauren didn't give me the glare I expected. I knew a way to get it. I turned to the blond boy next to my looking at me in awe.

"Hey, Mike." I said then added a sexy smile. He was taken aback, I loved doing that.

"D-do I know y-you?" It was funny how he stuttered, I tried not to laugh. Angela was giggling next to me.

"Isabella Swan."

That was all I needed to say. Everybody gasped. I looked over to Lauren and Jessica, there it was, my glare.

I took a bite out of my pizza and the questions started.

About ten minutes into questioning I caught sight of two white blurs walking across the cafeteria. I looked over and gasped. It was them, Emmett and Rosalie. Why were they hear? Well, I was supposed to be gone. They had every right to be hear, I guess.

I finished my pizza and focused intensely on my water. I didn't want to see the next people I knew would walk through the door.

I saw them out of the corner of my eye, trying to keep my attention else where was becoming painful.

"Bella, are you okay?" Tyler asked.

I looked up and my eye automatically went to the table on the other side of the cafeteria.

He was looking at me. Oh, get over it, Bella. Edward was looking at me. He was more beautiful than I remembered. He looked the same, well of course he did, he was a vampire. He looked shocked. All of the Cullen's were looking back and forth, between me and Edward. They didn't even recognize me. I saw him mouth 'Bella'. All of the Cullens eyes flew back to me.

My body went back in time. To a time where I would have bet my truck on the fact that he loved me. My heart started to pound and my cheeks began to burn. I was overwhelmed by love. I still loved him. Shit. All of the torture I had gone through to stop thinking about him every hour vanished and I was that stupid, pathetic girl again. I wouldn't let myself be that again, I vowed to myself.

I looked away. "I'm fine." I said but got up and left the cafeteria in a hurry.