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Caleb Ari

Caleb walked slowly into the waiting room, not wanted to drop his precious treasure. The one sleeping lightly, covering her brilliant blue eyes with thin slightly pink skin from just being born, not twenty minutes and seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven second ago.

He looked up to see his family, his big, not-related-in-any-way-besides-work family. His Mom was sitting in the uncomfortable waiting chairs, leaning in his Dad, who was stroking her head lovingly, a subconscious action that made Caleb smile wider. His little brother and sisters where on the floor in front of them, Abira reading a book, Gabe playing is hand held game, and Malka drawing fantastic doodles, what she called doodles were really very intricate sketches of people's faces, mostly Mom and Dad's.

Aunt Abby and Uncle McGee sat on the floor in the corner, more comfortable down there with their only child, a son, with McGee's brain, Abby's personality, Abby's hair and McGee's eyes. A boy they named Kyle Jethro McGee. Aunt Abby hadn't wanted anymore children after Kyle, seeing as his birth was complicated, and it scared her to much to try again.

His Aunt Jen and Uncle Gibbs were walking in with cups of coffee, their daughter, a caffeine addict as well as her father, jumped like someone had set her on fire and ran to her parents. McKayla Kelly Gibbs had fiery red hair and steel blue eyes, which she used to get what she wanted from anyone, including her father. Her brother sighed and rolled his eyes and put his book away and pulled his ear buds from his ears that blasted Abby music having been with Abby and Ziva to much when he was younger. Robert, or Bobby, Frank Gibbs had the same looks as his sister, just his aunts personality.

Caleb's Uncle Ari and Aunt Kate sat on the other side of the waiting room chairs, Kate playing with LA's hair, pulling it back into braids before taking them out and starting again while LA just texted her new boyfriend on her cell. Caleb's two other cousins, Nick and Patrick looked like mini Ari's, but had their mother's mind and mannerisms.

Serena's parents wanted to be there, but were stuck in a snow storm on the way over and would be there as soon as they could. Caleb sighed, he didn't want to wait for them, and you know what, he wasn't going to.

"Guys." At his voice, everyone suddenly swiveled around to look at him. He held his bundle up slightly.

"I want you to meet my daughter. Teresa Ziva David-DiNozzo." Ziva and Abby were the first over, the other girls followed close behind and the men, slowly, knowing their turn with the baby would be soon.

"Want to hold her Mom?" Caleb didn't give her time to answer before the newborn was being softly pushed into her hands. She moved over to the chairs, the girls opened a path like she was Moses and was parting the sea.

Once she sat down, she smiled at the baby.

"Hi, I'm your Savta, Grandma Shelby would be mad if I took her title, so Grams, Nonie or Savta is fine. We will get to it when it comes about." Caleb smiled as his mother handled his first born.

"How is Serena? She okay?" Abby asked, worried etched into her features.

"Great. Both are…fantastic." He breathed out; not really believing this was all real. It took until she was in his arms for him to believe that this was real, that she was real and now, he had to take care of another human being.

He could always ask his Mom. He knew he could ask just about anyone in the room, but found him self more comfortable asking his mother and she knew that she could expect calls at two in the morning with her frantic son on the other line, practically crying as well as his little Teresa, begging her to help him.

And she would answer that if he was calm, she would be too. It would take a while, but they could do it.

They always have and now, it was going to be alright.

More than alright, great.

The End

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