Generations Ago
by Sora Jade

I don't own Digimon.
The little girl timidly pushed open the door to her grandfather's study and said, "You wanted to see me Grandad?"

Her silver-haired father's father turned his chair around and he gathered her in his arms. "How old are you now my little granddaughter?" he asked.

"Almost seven!" she said with pride.

"Not too old for a story I hope!"

"Never! Not for one of your stories Grandad! Yours are the best."

"Well this one you've never heard before. When I was a little older then you, 11 and 1/2, I met my best friend. Do you know his name?"

"Yamato Ishida?"

"He's only one of my best friends, this one you've never met. Yama, and I, and five of our other friends were at camp, and then we were in another world. That's when we met our partners. Agumon, Biyomon, Gabumon, Palmon, Tentomon, Gomamon and Patamon. Later your great-aunt Kari came too. Then, four years after that, four others were recruited to help us too."

"But Grandad Taichi, there's a TV show about that!"

"I know, we let them do that so no one would figure it out that it was real. Now I have something to give you."

Taichi reached up onto the top shelf and pulled down his two most priced possesions.

"Oh Grandpa! Goggles! Can I put them on?"

Taichi grinned and helped his spikey-haired grandaughter slip on the goggles. "You know," he said. "You're the first female to ever wear those goggles! Take care of them for me."

"I will Grandad. What's this other thing?"

"It's called a Digivice Ruki."
The end! Very weird I know, but I just thought it was a neat idea. Should I make a sequel about why she's so hard and cold and why she doesn't wear the goggles during Tamers? I have an idea for that too.