So I Love Your Smiling Face
by BikoNeko/PokeSqrt
Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII and its characters belong
to Squaresoft and not me.

Author's Notes: This here is my second FFVII ever. I
plan for it to be a Tifa Lockheart and Zack fic so if
you don't like them, you should stop reading right here.
The couple is a rather odd one but so am I. I think
there aren't enough of them (and Tifa&Vincent!!) so
I decided to add mine. Just hope you enjoy!

PROLOGUE Man at the Doorstep

"Cloud, where are you going?" Tifa asked as Cloud
headed for the door. "It's raining hard out there."

"I'm just..." he began. "I'm just gonna take a walk,
okay, Tif? I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Um..." Cloud had left. "...sure..." she finished. She
stared at the door for a while, very worried about Cloud.
It was the second time that week. Cloud was always
going out and saying he'd be back but by the time he
actually home, she'd already be asleep. She knew what
he was up to. Cloud had never shown that he missed
Aeris shortly after she died because he knew that he
had a job to do and thinking about her would just
interfere. Now that he had nothing significant to do,
he was probably out, mourning over Aeris. It hurt her
so much every time he did that. It had been going on
for months. Yes, she cared about Aeris, too, but did
she honestly have to steal Cloud's heart?

'No,' she thought. 'No. I can't be thinking bad things
like that. But...Cloud...'

Did she have to love him so much? It hurt. Was she
cursed to live in agony for the rest of her life? Why
couldn't she tell him? All she really needed to say to
him was 'I love you' and it'd all be over. No. No, it
wasn't that simple. If anything were ever that simple
then the whole damned world would be a paradise. No.
Everything had its complications. If she just went
ahead and voiced out her feelings, there would be a
chance for her heart to break into even more pieces.
Surely he would reject her. How could he ever love

She tried to keep back the tears that stung her
eyes and continued wiping the counter. But after a
while, she had to stop because droplets of water
started to fall from her eyes. She hastily wiped them
away but when they kept on flowing, she gave up
and collapsed on the floor.

"C-Cloud..." she whispered through her sobs. "You
heartless bastard..."

Suddenly, there was a pounding at the door. She
looked up. She stood and walked over to the door
to see who was knocking. When she opened the
door, she gasped as a man stumbled to her feet.