Business Pressures:

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The official end of financial year found Roxas at the Oblivion pub with Pence and Hayner in one of their rare gatherings. Surprisingly, Roxas had become quite inclined to come to this bar to let loose and had even befriended the same part-time working bartender he'd been served by the first time he'd ever entered the place. The mullet haired boy, Demyx.

"The usual, I presume?" Demyx called over the live band.

Roxas looked across at his friends, "What do you guys want?"

Hayner pulled a face, whilst reading the drinks menu, "Do I look like a cocktail guy to you? Just a beer."

"I'm not drinking." Pence said, "I've got to drive you guys home plus I have a lecture early tomorrow morning."

"Ok, two beers then, thanks Demyx." Roxas yelled, voice completely drowned out by the loud strumming of guitars. Thank god for Demyx's underrated talent of lip-reading for he merely nodded at Roxas's order and passed their drinks.

As Roxas and Hayner clumsily clinked glasses, Pence sourly eyed their drinks and childishly sulked.

"Why am I always the one who has to give you guys lifts?" he grumbled. Roxas guiltily sunk into his seat.
Contrastingly, Hayner cockily retorted, "Well, that's a stupid question. You're the only one with a car's why."

"You're a real prick sometimes, Hayner, you know that?" Pence seethed.

"So I've been told..." Hayner chuckled.

"Lemme guess," Roxas quipped in, "yet another ex-girlfriend?"

"Is it a crime for me to so generously offer my glorious body for the use of attractive girls?" Hayner asked.

Pence, the ethically just one, scoffed, "It is if it leads to you cheating on Kairi."

"Maybe that's why no girl will even think of going near you now, huh?" Roxas offered.

"I reckon the drought's about to break soon boys." Hayner said slyly, "A nice little brunette just walked in with some friends. 12 o'clock."

Roxas and Pence attempted, and failed miserably, at trying to nonchalantly turned around and face the doorway of the pub.

A small group of attractive girls hovered in the doorway, and striking a pose in front of the clan, was the evident leader, Olette. Roxas felt the blood immediately flood to his cheeks.

"Quite the little number, isn't she?" Hayner watched his friends' faces confidently, "Shotgun. You guys have a choice of the leftovers."

"God, Hayner, the way you talk about girls makes them sound like unappealing food." Pence scolded.

Amidst their bickering, Roxas continued to blankly stare at Olette, slightly confused. Initially her overly-dramatic entrance had caused his chest to twist and then flutter painfully. But the after result was... nothing. He felt nothing for her. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. In fact Roxas was kind of ashamed, considering he'd seriously liked Olette for such a long time that it seemed near impossible for a mere night to fizzle his enormous crush on her down to nonexistence. He'd always considered himself one of serious long-term relationship potential. But, apparently his self-categorisation had failed him. Yet again.

The next half an hour passed at an agonising pace – consisting mainly of Pence and Roxas disgustedly watching Hayner gradually sidle up to Olette's left on the other side of the pub and begin to chat her up. When he received little to no compliance from her, he then proceeded to resort to the next most attractive girl, then the next, then the next... up until he dejectedly came back to the his bar stool and sat down, shooting his friends an icy don't-even-think-about-kidding-about-my-absolute-rejection glare.
A comfortable silence fell over the trio, each left to their own devices and thoughts. At some point Roxas began absently daydreaming about sitting at home with Sora, until his thoughts were abruptly broken into when he felt a presence to his right at the bar.

"Raspberry vodka and a beer thanks, Dem, my man." An all too familiar voice cooed.

Roxas painfully peered over his shoulder, hoping, but deep down knowing the truth, that whoever he thought he had heard ordering some drinks had simply been part of his unpredictable daydreaming.

"No." Was all Roxas said when he spun around to face his neighbour, though having to crane his head upwards as he noted that indeed it was what he had feared and it was Axel leaning next to him at the bar.

Axel's eyes suddenly widened in recognition, and then it slowly dawned on Roxas that there was the possibility that Axel hadn't come to the bar with the sole intent on pestering him. Considering that it had been Axel's favourite pub long before Roxas's, the probability was quite high.

Roxas grimaced as Axel continued to look at him, now he really felt like an idiot, and he knew Axel wouldn't let him forget it.

"Relax," Axel purred, clearly somewhat intoxicated. Roxas was able to smell a strong stench of alcohol coming the redhead, "I'm here on a date."

He then gestured across the pub to a corner booth, where an attractive athletic girl sat.

"Her name's Tifa." Axel said proudly, "She's pretty damn special." He sloppily waved at Tifa who replied by giggling drunkenly and uncoordinatedly waved back, hitting the backs of some customers' heads in the process.

"Wow." Roxas managed, noticing his heart perform what would've been considered a spectacular feat of flip-flops had it been visible. Oh god, not again. Roxas internally groaned, having again found himself to have established a childish crush on yet another poor girl.

"I know, right?" Axel chuckled, his bloodshot eyes glinting brightly.

"Where did you meet her?" Roxas asked, cursing himself for having just initiated a proper conversation with Axel.

"At some party or other..." Axel peered down at Roxas, "... Why do you care?"

"I don't!" Roxas hastily responded, before spitefully saying, "I'm just thinking she must be pretty damn special if you can't even remember where you first met her."

Axel snorted, but didn't get riled up by Roxas' bait, slowly saying, "I was just so amazed by her that I kind of forgot everything else around me... It's like, nothing else mattered."

Roxas blinked a couple of times. He'd never pinned Axel as such a soppy romantic. It didn't seem to agree with the rest of his character – like mixing oil and vinegar.

"Hey, kid," Axel nudged Roxas a little harder than was necessary, "If you ever feel something for someone, don't let it slip." He said, sounding oddly wise, "I'd been an idiot if I gave up Tifa."

Feeling he had said enough, Axel gave Roxas a small nod of goodbye and then, picking up the drinks Demyx had placed ready on the counter for him a short while ago, fended his way through the crowd of customers back towards the corner booth. Roxas continued to watch as Tifa wrapped her arms around Axel's shoulders and giggled at something witty he must have said.

Tearing his eyes away from the couple with great difficulty, Roxas turned back to Pence and Hayner, who were now talking sports, as if nothing had happened.

"God, do only have the one pub in the whole town?" Roxas asked.

Both of his friends turned towards him, with blank facial expressions.

"Why, do you know people here, Roxas?" Pence queried.

"Any girls you can introduce me to?" Hayner jumped in, eagerly.

"Shut up, Hayner." Pence snapped, "For god sake stop thinking about getting laid." He then turned to fix Roxas with a curious look, "You were saying, Roxas?"

But Roxas's mind had already strayed to thoughts concerning firstly Olette and then subsequently Tifa and Axel. He shortly responded, "Oh, no, nothing. Don't worry about it." ---The week proceeding Roxas's outing with Pence and Hayner at Oblivion, Roxas was incredibly jealous. Tifa was by any means, a very attractive girl. She had a pretty face and a very athletic body – which were the two key physical attributes to being eye-catching to any male... her decent sized breasts, were probably a contributing factor as well, but Roxas decided he wouldn't count them as he classified himself a non-perverted male.

At the rare occasions Axel wandered past Roxas's cubicle to enter Zexion's office, Roxas would watch the lanky older male, wondering how on earth he had gotten a catch like Tifa. It didn't add up – Tifa probably had a queue of more appropriate guys lining up for a date with her... and yet she'd picked a guy like Axel? Maybe she went for the whole sharp, clever, teasing thing. Needing to clear his head, one afternoon after work, Roxas found himself outside the library. He didn't have any pressing work to complete, so was curious as to why his feet had lead himself there of all places.

Might as well go in now that I'm here.

Roxas strolled through the automatic doors, his hands in his pockets, and was close to the bookshelves when a voice called out.

"Roxas! Hey Roxas!"

Roxas spun around. It was Olette. She was waving exuberantly at him from the reception desk. He'd managed to walk straight past without even noticing her presence. He hadn't been able to do that since, well, ever since he'd first met her. Roxas reluctantly walked back over to her, deciding a good chat with Olette might be just what he needed, knowing he no longer held any attraction to the girl.

"Hiya Roxas!" Olette chirped, beaming at Roxas, "How are you?"

"Fine. How are you?" Roxas noticed his voice seemed to have resumed its normal pitch and calm speed when he talked to Olette now, in comparison to when he used to get incredibly flustered around her.

"Oh, I'm ok, I guess. Been a bit bored..." Roxas absentminded stared into Olette's green eyes, and the first thing came to mind was the same shade of Axel's. Axel and Tifa. It was a strange mix. With immense effort, Roxas brought his mind back to the present and continued to listen to what Olette was saying, "... We could hang out sometime."


Olette looked slightly downheartedly at Roxas's lack of attention, "I was saying we could hang out sometime... what do you think?" If it had been any other time, Roxas would have jumped at the opportunity to spend some quality time with Olette, but as it was now... he felt awfully blasé about it. She then did a funny fluttering of her eyes at him.

"Is there something wrong with your eye, Olette?"

"What?" she squeaked, "No! I just..." she then turned very pink from embarrassment at this point and busied herself with pretending to type something on the computer. Roxas knew she was pretending, as from the angle he was positioned at he could still see that the monitor was switched off. It was kind of funny, as it reminded Roxas of the way he used to act around Axel.

"It was good seeing you, Olette." Roxas said, feeling there was nothing more to say between the two of them.

"Oh... ok then, Roxas." Olette replied, "Will I see you on Wednesday? You always come to the library on Wednesdays."

"Um, don't think so this week, sorry." Roxas bid her farewell and then had no choice but to proceed out of the library.

That went swimmingly. Roxas sarcastically thought to himself.


By the following week, Roxas was slowly driving himself insane with thoughts of Tifa. If only he could contact her and talk to her, then maybe he could settle this ridiculous obsession he had with her. It was more than Roxas had ever felt for a girl. Like ten times the feelings he had had for Olette. Either he would go forth and get the girl or get turned down – either way resulting in a calming of his raging hormones.

This is why, very late on a Friday night, Roxas stayed back at work, waiting for every last person on the floor to exit the building. Finally, by 11pm, Zexion left, yawning widely and Roxas was free to unlock and search through the personal files cabinets without being told off and punished for not having a permission or suitable reason to be searching for Axel's address.

It took all of 10 minutes for Roxas to eventually locate Axel's file – discovering he lived in a deluxe apartment owned by Grenville Enterprises. Roxas nodded resolutely. Now all he had to do was badger Axel and find out what Tifa's number was and ask her out. It was all but sorted.


While standing outside Axel's apartment, Roxas for an instant considered leaving, but then quickly knocked and thought it best to just suck it up and see through what he was here for.

Footsteps sounded from the other side of the door, and then Axel answered, opening the door wide enough for Roxas to immediately see that there were others who looked around Axel's age in the apartment. Two girls with blonde hair (though one looked much friendlier than the other) and a silver haired boy stared at him curiously. None of their expression came close to Axel's though, who looked utterly shell-shocked that Roxas had hunted him down and managed to find his address.

After an awkward moment or two of silence, Axel turned to his friends and shooed them out of his apartment, though not to a lack of protest. Roxas wandered into the hallway of Axel's apartment as Axel all but physically shoved his friends down the corridor.

"Seriously, get out. Riku, shut up and stop laughing. See you later, Namine, Larxene."

When the door finally clicked shut with a snap, Axel turned around and looked expectantly at Roxas, as if waiting for some sort of snide remark from the blonde. Roxas considered this a fairly understandable conclusion for Axel to jump to, as since when did Roxas ever be nice to him?

Without so much as a hello, Roxas wordlessly tackled Axel to the floor and pinned him to the ground, with one leg resting of either side of the redhead.
"Tell me about your date Tifa." He demanded, angrily, "Where does she live? What's her number? Is she really that interested in you?"

Axel didn't answer, but simply smirked smugly up at Roxas.

"What?" Roxas asked.

Axel propped himself up onto his elbows, leaning close to the blonde, "Green's not really your colour, Roxas."

"What are you implying you – mmph!" Axel crushed his lips to Roxas's, silencing him, and then managed to roll himself on top of the blonde, presenting himself in a dominant position. It was like someone had switched a light on in Roxas's mind. All his thoughts and feelings towards Tifa hadn't been romantic – they had been full of jealously. He had never been envious of Axel for getting Tifa, it had been the exact reverse. He had been jealous of Tifa as she was his competition for Axel.

"You're not drunk this time, are you?" the redhead then asked pulling away, half-joking and half-serious.

"You wish." Roxas squeaked, as Axel's hand wandered under his shirts to trace locations it had probably been before.

"Surprisingly I don't," Axel growled huskily, "Didn't I ever tell you that being bossed around is an incredible turn on for me?"


Axel flashed Roxas his default Cheshire grin, and for the first time since Roxas had met him, he didn't find it deterring at all, "Must've slipped my mind..."

In a frenzy of ripping of clothes as quickly as they both could, and Axel managing to touch any part of the blonde's bare body he could, Roxas then forgot how to speak all together.


Afterward, lying in a tangle of bed sheets on the floor, Axel rolled onto his left side to face the blonde next to him and languidly laughed to Roxas, "I really owe Tifa for this."

Roxas raised a slim inquisitive brow, "Huh?"

Axel grinned guiltily, before beginning his confession, "Well, she's my friend from years back. She came to town and I hadn't seen her in ages so we went out for a couple of drinks... I then saw you at the bar and told her that I might have to pretend we were on a date... heh."

Roxas glared daggers at him.

"I knew you'd get jealous." Axel grinned arrogantly to himself, "So it worked, didn't it?"

Roxas sighed and lightly shoved the redhead's arm before beaming at him, "Yeah... I suppose it did."



and so it's finished. Sorry for such an abrupt ending. But my exams are coming up. I've got 3 weeks of school left and then i'm finished forever! OMG!!! i know you all hate me cos im lazy as when it comes to writing things, as i take like months and months to write a new chapter. So i thought if i finished this one, i would be giving you all some sense of closure.