Chapter 27: Taylor's POV – Full on Day.

We pulled up to school I was riding with Jacob, who was dropping me off on his Harley, with Nessie aswell.

Alicia was with Edward, Bella, Amy and Natalie, in the Volvo, while Jasper, Alice, Rose and Emmett were in the jeep.

"Taylor" I called, well shouted, once he jumped out of his orange, Skyline R34.

"Hey gorgeous" he greeted, once he was in front of me, taking my hand, in his and slipped something into it.

I slipped my hand out of his, and looked at the piece of paper that was lying in my hand. I started to unfold it, before his hand stopped mine.

"Not yet" he smiled, moving off, "I will tell you when" before moving off, waving his hand above his head, before he disappeard, through the school entry doors.

"What's that?" Alicia pointed to my hand.

"I don't know" I finally got out, still starring at my hand.

"Open it" Miki suggested, while shrugging her shoulders.

"He doesn't want me to, not yet, anyways"

"Oh" Natalie inquired.

"I know" I whispered, still a little confused, at was in my hand, I slipped it into my pocket, before starting to walk off towards the school entry, to my locker.

"Amy" Jackson called, "Come here"

Then Amy went off, following Jackson. Robert with Alicia, Kellan with Nat and Peter and Miki, lost in their own worlds.

I walked inside, to head for my locker.

Amy's POV

I followed Jackson, straight past the entrance to the school and around the corner, of the building, just behind the parking lot, where nobody could see us.

"What's up?" I looked up at him, to see him look a little shaken up, and a bit worried.

"Hey" I whispered, my hand going to his cheek, my thumb rubbing soothing circles into his jaw, "What's wrong?"

Instead of answering me, I was pushed against the wall, roughly. Jackson's body pushing against mine; which felt incredible; to me. His lips pushed down on mine, and he plunged his tongue straight into my mouth, making me sigh into his mouth, my legs going limp.

Luckily, Jackson had one arm wrapped around my waist, keeping me up, and my body was pushed more against the wall, which was excellent support as well, otherwise I might've passed out. His other hand was wrapped up around my shoulder, his hand holding the back off my neck while my arms, were thrown limply around his neck.

He then pulled away, but still had my body against his and jammed up against the wall, he started to speak, his voice, barely there, from the lack of oxygen, and I was panting so hard, to get air to flow to my lungs once again.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to, but I wanted to do that, to you last night..." I interrupted him; placing my hand over his lips, and pushing myself up the wall further, so I could lean down and whisper in his ear.

"So did I" then I placed a kiss right under his ear, and slid back down the wall once again.

"Okay, then I have an important question?" he smiled, taking my hand in his, placing a swift kiss on my knuckles. Any minute now he would be on one knee, I chuckled to myself.

"You're not proposing are you?" I raised an eyebrow, laughing on the inside.

"You wish" he rolled his eyes, "Amy, will you be my girlfriend?"

"I'll have to think about that, you are pretty annoying in maths" I smirked pulling my hand from his grasp. Disappointment and hurt flittered across his beautiful features.

"Oh" he muttered, starting to back away.

"Jackson" I shouted, "I was kidding, of course I will" I laughed, jumping right into his arms, placing a small kiss, right under his jaw.

"Amy and Jackson" he smiled, "Forever"

"Don't get your hopes up buddy" I mocked punched him, he just laughed.

I leant in to kiss him, for the first time, as an official boyfriend, girlfriend couple, before we were interrupted.

"AMY" Alicia's voice shrieked, "Come on science, bring lover boy with you, you're in the same class as Robert and I" she smirked, dragging me away from Jackson, by my arm.

"Come on" I linked my other arm with Jackson, then we were off to science, how fun, I smirked inside.

Alicia's POV

I walked into science, with Robert, on my side, his left arm wrapped around my waist, my right hand, wrapped around Amy's while her right arm was holding onto Jackson's jacket.

We took, the last four seated desk, at the right, in the very back corner. Robert on the window, then me, then Amy to my left, then Jackson next to her.

"Okay, class" the teacher started, "Today we are doing a practical experiment, you'll need to split off into pairs, you may begin, once the instructions are written on the board" she concluded.

"Partner?" Robert asked, taking my hand in his.

"Of course" I answered, smiling up at him, I looked over to Amy to see she was already partnered up with Jackson.

"What do we have to do?" I asked, going along with my human façade, I had done this experiment to many times, to count, so had Amy.

"Make the liquid inside the beaker, explode" he laughed, looking like a little kid on Christmas day.

"Amy" I whispered, vampire speed.

"Yeah?" she quickly whispered back.

"How well do you think they're going to do?"

"Let's see, shall we" Amy laughed.

I turned my attention back to Robert. He was halfway done already, and I could tell, by the liquid colour, that he had done something wrong.

"Want to help me?" he asked, tilting his head to the beaker.

"It looks like you're doing well" I lied to him, smiling brightly.

"This is so bad, Amy" I whispered to her.

"I know, but I am having fun" she laughed back.

I looked over to see, Jackson concentrating really hard, on getting all the measurements right, while Amy was trying to hold back her laughter. Once Jackson put some powder in the liquid, he went back to measure something else, but when I saw Amy move, I saw her hand do a small wave, just above the desk, and the beaker move a little bit.

So when Jackson went to put more liquid in, he missed the beaker.

"I could've sworn it was just there" he looked at the beaker, then Amy.

"It didn't move Jackson, maybe you need more sleep" she giggled under her breath.

I turned my attention back to Robert who was staring intently at the jar.

"What are you doing?" I asked my hand over my mouth, to stop me from laughing.

"It should've exploded" he explained, still staring at the jar.

"Maybe, put more powder" I shrugged, and he nodded in agreement.

He went to get more powder, and once he put a teaspoon in, he watched it more, I quickly threw my hand into a fist, tightly, so it was going red, and that my nails, were digging into my skin, that it hurt a little, and channeled it to the beaker.

Well, then it exploded, like I had planned, but maybe I put a little too much force, the liquid went to the roof, and everywhere, but also the glass exploded, going in all directions. Maybe I need a little more work on my power.

"Maybe, al little too much powder" Robert smiled, tightly.

"Maybe, more practice" I shrugged, putting my hand in the other one, sitting them in my lap, offering him a small smile, a innocent smile.

I looked over to Amy, who had her eyes open wide, at what I just did. But she was still concentrating on moving the beaker, every time Jackson looked away. It went on for a couple of more minutes, but I knew Jackson was getting fed up.

"Amy" I whisper, yelled.

"Yeah?" she asked, swing her body to face me, bring her hand movement with her, that was still had the jar, in her power, the jar to say, went flying, straight into the window, smashing everywhere.

"What did I do wrong?" Jackson asked, shaking his head. Amy's eyes were full of shock, her mouth open in a big 'o' shape.

"You did nothing" I shrugged at him, "Maybe you guys are just not the science type"

"I don't think, I will be letting you two boys" the teacher glared t them, "Doing any experiments anytime soon, I will just give it to the girls"

"Yes" Amy and I yelled, hi fiving each other, then breaking out into a fit of giggles.

"I agree, miss" Amy laughed harder.

"Me too"

"Why did I ask you out?" Jackson muttered.

"Because you like me" Amy offered, while he smiled timidly.

"Well class, I guess you can pack up, the bell is about to go" and when she finished the bell rang.

"Come on Amy, to the cafeteria, we need to meet up with the girls. We linked arms, the boys, standing right behind us, chatting about some camping trip.

"Amy, Ali" we heard T.J yell. We turned.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"I need to go to my locker, I'll see you in the hall" he turned and left, while Amy and I went to meet up with the other girls.

Taylor's POV

I was out of class early, so I went straight to the cafeteria, and sat down; as soon as I saw Taylor I waved him over.

"You can open it now" he said walking past, not suiting down.

I pulled out the piece of paper out of my pocket and started to unfold it.

Go to your locker It read.

So I headed for my locker, but told Amy and Ali that I would meet up with them later.

As soon as I got to my locker, I punched in my combination and yanked the locker door open.

There on the second shelf, was a pink folded piece of paper, which on the front said Read Me :)

I pulled it down form the shelf, to reveal, a big, blood red rose, I looked back down o the piece of paper and read,

You may think this is weird… But I want you to go to my locker, now. Combination: 150794. Hurry.

I shut my locker, quickly putting the pad lock on, and ran down the hall, straight for Taylor's locker; once I reached there I put in the combination and yanked his locker open, with a lot of force that it nearly came off the hinges.

There, was another rose, but this time pink, and a bit smaller than the other one, I pulled it out, looking at the stem, there was a small blue piece of paper, tied on there.

Last stop, I promise, but I need you to go to, Nessie's locker, Jacob told me to use it.

I was a little confused, like, what the hell, was with the treasure hunt?

Instead of running to the locker, I took my time, strolling, who knows he could've been lying, and there could've been another note, there waiting for me.

I finally reached her locker, but I didn't have to open it, there was another piece of paper, but this time it was different, instead of having to open it, it was open already, it read,


This might be a weird way, but as soon as you read the question, I want you to go back to your locker, and tell me and answer:

Will you T.J, will you be my girlfriend?


I ripped the note from her locker, and ran to mine, at full speed, not caring that I might be going a little faster than an average human, just wanting to get there now.

"I guess you got my question?" he asked, smiling brightly, getting of the locker, he was leaning on.

"Yes, yes I did" I huffed, trying to make it look like I was puffed from running, stupid facades.

"Well, I need an answer?"

"What else am I going to say?" I inquired, "Of course, YES" I yelled, throwing myself at him, with so much force, that he stumbled back, crashing into the lockers, but I didn't ask if he was okay, I just needed to kiss him, and kiss him I did.

I plunged my tongue straight into his mouth, savoring the taste, while he sucked my bottom lip, in between his lips, the sensation was amazing.

"Were an item now?" he asked against my neck.

"Yes" I whispered in his ear, playing with is hairs, on the back of his neck.

"Well, well, well" Miki's voice travelled to me, sounding a little evil, but it was just her.

"What?" I smirked at her.

"You together, aren't you?" she smiled up at me.

"Yes, we are" I smiled, back, sweetly.

"That's so wonderful, you and Taylor, Amy and Jackson, Kellan and Natalie, all we need is Robert and Ali, and Peter and I" she clapped her hands.

"Umm, girls, Robert and I are sort of already together" Alicia's voice came from the opposite end of the hall, from the way Miki's came.

"What do you mean?" Miki tapped her foot, Natalie already at her side, giving her a look, her hands on her hips.

"Well…" she paused, taking the locket she was wearing around her neck, in her hand and clutching it for dear life, "He asked me yesterday"

I took a look at the locket she was clutching, "What's that?"

"My locket, he gave it to me, when he asked" she smiled, walking over to me and showing it to me.

It was a gold chain, with a thick gold heart pendent, across the front in silver, was her name Alicia, and when the locket opened on one side was her and the other side had Robert.

"Why couldn't you get me something like that?" I playfully hit Taylor's chest.

"I got you roses" he defended himself.

"I guess they'll do" I sighed, giving him a reassuring smile that I was kidding.

"So just Peter and I have to get together?" Miki asked, a little sad.

"Well, no" Peter's voice was near us; "I am asking you now" he smiled.

"Well, before you ask, I accept" Miki smiled, leaning on her tippy toes to kiss him.

"Well, that was easy" Peter smirked, wrapping his arms around Miki's waist, while Miki faced us, and smiled at us warmly.

"There you girls are" Robert said walking down the hall, Kellan on his left, Jackson on his right.

Jackson to Amy's hand in his and pulled her closer to his side, Robert took Ali's waist in his right arm, while there other hands were locked together in front of them and Kellan, had hold of Natalie's hips, while she stood in front of him, her arms resting over his.

Taylor just had me pinned against the lockers, our sides touching each other.

"GIRLS" Alice screamed, running around the corner, "There early"

"What, who is?" I asked.

"The Volturi" Emmett muttered, when he walked around the corner, with Edward and Jasper on his flanks.

"This is not good" Natalie looked toward the entrance of the school, the back at us, we were all looking at one of us, Amy at me, Me at Alicia, Alicia at Natalie, Natalie at Miki, Miki at Amy.

3rd Person

All the girls were starring at each other, while the guys looked at their partners with concerned looks, while the Cullen's were in the corner discussing strategy.

The girls whipped the heads to the entrance, when they heard footsteps, entering the building.

"There's five" Bella whispered, holding onto Edward arm, her other arm around Nessie.

"I wish for all the students to go home" Natalie whispered, still staring at the door, but all the students weren't there anymore, but the boys were.

"Girls, go home, remember you're not in this" Edward growled, pushing Alicia to the side.

"We are in this, if you like it or not" Miki screamed at them.

"No go home" Bella sighed.

"Alicia, do your wishing" Taylor whispered.

"Don't you dare" Edward growled, stalking toward her.

"I wish for all the Cullen's to go home" Alicia stated, Edward getting closer, "And not to return until were done"

With that, the girls looked around the room, to see they were gone, there were only twelve bodies in the hall, five on the other side of the entrance door.

'Where did everyone go?" Kellan asked, a little shaken up, Robert had a concerned look on his face.

"Stay in the corner" Alicia ordered to him.

"I agree" Taylor nodded.

"All boys in the corner" Amy shouted at them, the boys nodded and obeyed.

There was a louder bang, and the front doors, swung open, with force, and there stepped in, five cloaked, black hooded, figures.

"Good evening girls" Aro's voice travelled to them.

"Hello, Aro" Natalie stepped forward, greeting him.

"Alec?" Amy questioned, steeping forward, next to Natalie.

"Yeah?" he pulled off his hood.

"ALEC" Miki screamed at the same time Amy did, launching themselves at him, hugging him from both sides.

"Marcus" Taylor nodded her head, in his direction, "Taylor" he nodded his head back.

"Is that you Felix?" Alicia whispered, moving closer, more than the other girls.

"Alicia, that's you" he pulled his hood off, and looked her up and down.

"The one and only" she laughed, throwing herself at him, jumping up and wrapping her legs around him, hugging him to death, while he twirled her around.

"Can you please put down y girlfriend?" Robert asked, anger written all over his face.

"Oh, got a boyfriend do you?" Felix asked, pouting slightly.

"Yep" Alicia cheered, jumping down from him, and stepping back, to be in line with the rest of the girls, all the guys now standing behind their partners.

"You all have boyfriends?" Aro asked, tilting his head back, making the hood fall off.

All the guys gasped, but the girls remained still.

They only gasped, because they could now see his face.

The blood soaked eyes, set in a papery, looking chalky white face, their lips blue.

"The look like the living dead" Kellan boomed, while all the girls grimaced.

"They don't know, do they?" Marcus inquired.

"No" Miki whispered, shaking her head.

"What don't we know?" Jackson asked a little worry clearly in his voice.

"Nothing" Amy hissed back at him, watching the cloaked figures.

"What do you want?" Natalie hissed at them, steeping back, along with the other girls.

"Well, how can we put this" Marcus started off.

"We" Felix said.

"Want" Alec continued.

"You "Aro finished.

"Why?" Taylor whispered.