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"What don't we know?" Jackson asked a little worry clearly in his voice.

"Nothing" Amy hissed back at him, watching the cloaked figures.

"What do you want?" Natalie hissed at them, steeping back, along with the other girls.

"Well, how can we put this" Marcus started off.

"We" Felix said.

"Want" Alec continued.

"You "Aro finished.

"Why?" T.J whispered.

Chapter 28: Natalie's POV – Information

"We want you to help us" Aro chuckled.

"Help with what?" I asked, standing close to Miki.

"We are at war" Marcus huffed, crossing his arms the other way, moving like a human did.

"You are?" Amy asked looking at Alec.

"Yes, and we need your help" Alec nodded, stepping up near Aro.

"What can we do to help, seriously were a bunch of half vampires" T.J laughed, while the guys gasped in surprise.

I think T.J forgot about them. Jackson was holding Amy by the waist. Kellan had his hands firmly on my hips. Robert, had Alicia, firmly pressed into in his side. Taylor hand T.J by the hand and one arm wrapped around her torso. Miki was placed in front of Peter, who had both arms wrapped around her.

"What do you mean?" Taylor looked down at her.

"Nothing" T.J quickly covered up her mistakes.

"They didn't mean anything by it" Aro waved his hand in front of him, letting that subject pass.

"We need you you're powerful" he looked over to the guys, "In your own special ways"

"Are the Cullen's in on it?" Alicia asked, her eyes wandering over the group.

"No, we are against the Cullen's" Felix growled.

"But why?" I looked over to Felix.

"There are too many of them, Aro feels threaten by them" he shrugged back at us.

"They need to either split or half of them will be destroyed, or if we lose control all of them" Aro laughed, like it was about nothing.

"What if we decide to join them?" Amy asked, stepping out of Jackson's grip toward Aro.

"Then you will die along with them" Felix's eyes were black, along with Alec's Aro's and Marcus's.

"I choose to stand with the Cullen's" Alicia stepped forward, near Amy taking her elbow in her hand to drag her back.

"I do too" Amy nodded in agreement.

"Never turn your back on a brother" T.J nodded, coming up to stand with Alicia taking her hand.

"The Cullen's' it is" Miki skipped up to Taylor, taking her elbow with hers.

"I agree with the girl's decision" I sighed, taking Amy's hand so we were all in one straight line, protecting our boys.

"Well, we will see bout that" Aro laughed, more like chuckled evilly.

"You can't hurt us" Miki hissed up at him.

"Maybe, just maybe I can find a way around Alicia over there, and Alice and get you when your least expecting it" Alec growled at us, his eyes glowing like the night sky; black.

"You wouldn't dare" Amy looked like she was going to lunge any minute; I tightened my grip on her just in case.

"Or maybe" Aro continued on in a menacing voice, "We will hurt, what is close to you.. Not meaning the Cullen's" he glanced up at, Jackson, Robert, Peter, Kellan and Taylor.

"You. Will. Not. Go. Near. Them." Taylor hissed out each word, slowly putting meaning to it.

"You'll also have no help from us" I added in, trying to get the point across.

"Have nothing to say Alicia?" he tilted his head towards her. She was blank, when I took the time to see her, like an angry blank and I knew that she was trying to control herself.

"I wouldn't get her angry" Miki smirked, noticing Alicia as well.

"Oh why not" Alec teased, moving forwards in front of Alicia's face, she didn't even blink, "Is she scared?"

"Nope" Miki shook her head, smiling.

"Then what?" Aro noticed Alicia wasn't moving, like she was concentrating.

"You don't want to know, that's all I'm going to say" Amy laughed.

"Come on, give me your worst" Alec teased, moving right to left, right to left, jumping side to side.

"Amy do the honours, T.J need your help as soon as I say three" Alicia said for the first time in ages, her voice menacing.

"Okay" T.J nodded her head along with Amy, knowing the plan. Miki and I stood back to watch the show. Moving back with the boys, they could see it now but Alicia would make them forget this moment anyways.

Amy slowly lifted her hand; with that motion Alec was floating, mid-air, looking at her with fright.

"You still want them to do it?" I asked, giving them the chance to back away.

"Go ahead, do your worst" Aro instructed watching them intently.

"As you say so" Alicia pulled her hand into a fist, pulling it up from her side and onto her waist. She slowly put her hand out in front of her, still in a fist and all of a sudden opened it. I noticed small marks, where her nails had dug into the skin, and her hand red from holding on with strength.

When she opened her hand, Alec grew bigger, like the size of a beach ball. He then exploded like somebody pricked him with a pin. Then it was T.J's go. She slowly raised both hands and started a fire in the hall; Amy made the pieces of Alec land in the fire, making a small noise when they hit the fire, making the fire turn a purple colour.

"You cannot get away with that" Marcus yelled, outraged at just what he had witnessed.

"Actually we can" Miki laughed, "We gave you the chance to back out, we simply need to protect ourselves".

"Impressive" Aro whistled.

"Aro, we must be off" Felix nudged him.

"Oh such a pity" Aro sighed, "Girls we hope for you to change your minds and to clean up this mess" then they were gone, like bats out of hell, faster than a blink, leaving no evidence that they were even here.

"Did my girlfriend just make someone float" Jackson's voice was shocked, his eyes wide.

"More like, did Alicia make him explode" Robert's voice sounded haunted.

"No, I must be seeing things" Taylor rubbed his eyes.

"Natalie" Kellan's voice was far away.

"Yes?" I asked, looking for him and noticed he was standing with the other guy's, standing at least a hall away from us.

"Care to explain" he motioned with his hand.

"Oh yeah, Alicia" I tilted my head towards them.

"I guess so" she sighed, before wishing them to forget out loud.

"What are you, a genie?" Peter looked up and down, then over to Miki, "What was that?" he stepped away when Miki stepped forward.

"Alicia, did you do it?" Miki looked over to her.

"Yes" Ali nodded back, looking herself over, looking for anything wrong.

"WHY DID YOU DO THAT, ALICIA" Emmett's voice yelled from the entrance door, all our heads snapped up to see a murderous look of Cullen's.

"Alicia, I warned you" Edward stepped forward, looking at her with an angry expression.

"Sweetheart, they needed to do that, they can take care of themselves" Bella took his arm, before he got any closer.

"What did they want?" Jasper asked, examining all of us.

"To join them for a war, against you" Amy answered him, smirking.

"And?" Alice pressed, Rose standing off to the side, not taking any interest.

"We decided to join them, against you" T.J nodded looking at them with sympathy.

"You did what?" Emmett yelled once again.

"Take a chill pill Em, Jesus Christ! We didn't decide against you, we joined you" Natalie yelled back.

"Okay, that's better" he laughed, giving us a warning look to say never joke about that stuff again.

"Not better Emmett" Edward hissed.

"Why the hell not?" Jasper asked.

"They will be with us, when the fighting is" Alice supported us.

"Our job is to protect them, not get them into fights" Edward growled, ripping from Bella's grip and marching towards us.

He marched straight past Miki and I and up to Alicia, taking her hand and pulling her across the room, and pushing her down to the floor in a gentle way.

"You will not be in this" he hissed at her and then looked back at us, giving the message to all of us.

"We will get Alicia to wish you away, all of you" T.J looked at all the Cullen's, "If you don't let us join" she smirked proud of herself.

"Eddie, no, let them join, I don't want to miss out on action, once again" Emmett whined.

"Emmett, shut it" Edward gave him a look, which said don't mess with me.

"Edward, they may help us" Jasper was on our side as well.

"All in favour, of the girls helping?" Alice continued, "Raise your hand and say I" she raised her hand.

"I" I raised my hand.

"I" Amy, Miki and T.J said at the same time, raising their hands.

"I" Emmett and Jasper raised their hands eagerly.

"I" Rosalie raised her hand, "They can kill themselves if they want to"

"Guys, I say I, but I can't put my hand up" Alicia said, I turned to her, to see Edward pinning her hands down at her side.

"Oh, I guess there helping" Bella smiled over at us, giving Edward a disapproving look, "Edward, get off her she's fighting, now let's go"

"Right" he smiled casually over to her, before giving all of us a hard look.

They were gone, the same way they arrived, fastener then a blink of the eye.

"Someone needs to explain and now" Peter looked at us menacingly.

"Now?" Miki asked.

"Now" All the boys said at the same time.

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