Chapter 33: Edwards POV, Where?

I ran up to the girls house, after I went for a quick drink with Bella and Nessie. I didn't even bother to knock as I approached the door, but from down the road I could hear a certain activity going on and I knew it would include Rose and Emmett, upstairs in Natalie's room. How could they handle being in the same house as that?

I listened for what the girls might be doing as I entered through the threshold, but I couldn't hear them, like they weren't even in the house, I raced in the living room, to find no one about, so I searched the rest of downstairs and outside, I noticed Taylor's car wasn't there.

"Emmett, Rosalie" I called softly, knowing they would hear, even though I wanted to roar at them.

"Bro, why are you always interrupting?" Emmett glared, when he popped up in front of me, Rose fixing her hair as she finally made her way down.

"Where are they?" I asked, glaring back at Emmett.

"The girls?" he asked, I nodded, "Inside were we left them".

"Emmett there not inside I searched and Taylor's car is gone" I pointed to where it should have been parking, "And you were meant to be watching them, not upstairs doing your stuff".

"They said they would be fine" Rose hissed, still putting her clothing in order.

"There girls, they get bored" I threatened, "You better know where they have gone".

"Girls do not get bored, when they have a man with them" Rose smiled, looking towards Emmett.

"Oh babe..." Emmett moaned, "You do so much to me".

"Behind closed doors, Please" I begged, "Girls, where are they, Rose, Emmett?"

"You interrupted so we didn't get to finish, put up with it" Rose glared, baring her teeth at me, "They probably went for a drive or a shopping sale, there girls and girls do what they want".

"Ring Alice" Emmett suggested, pointing to the pocket were I kept my mobile.

"Alice" I greeted as she picked up, "Any shopping sales on?"

"Edward Cullen, shopping are we? And not that I know of" Alice teased then got serious.

"No Alice I'm not the girls aren't home, Emmett and Rose lost them" I hissed out, shaking my hand out in front of me.

"LOST THEM, there people how do you LOSE THEM?" She was screeching down the line, Emmett and Rose cringed, hearing her from across the yard.

"Whose lost honey?" Jasper voiced sounding really close to the phone.

I heard Alice pull the phone from her ear and covering it with her hand while she filled him in and added "It's Edward, be quiet".

"What's with tonight and getting busy?" I yelled out in frustration, maybe I needed some too.

"Emmett, Rose how do you lose them?" Jasper yelled into the receiver.

They cringed once again.

"You put me off now and Alice is getting dressed" Jasper sighed out.

"Jasper, she is technically my sister, don't talk like that and we have bigger issues then you and Emmett getting laid" I hissed out, going back inside to see if they left any indication of where they were headed.

I walked into the lounge room, where the television was left on, I sat on the couch, phone still in hand, thinking.

"Breaking news" Flashed across the screen, "There has been reported two car incidents have happened in the same hour with no bodies to be seen".

I watched carefully, while feeling sorry for what their families would have to go through, on the screen pictures scrolled the accidents, my eyes widened, phone clashing to the ground.

"Edward?" I heard voices coming through the phone speaker, "Where on our way, answer!"

"Emmett" I got out, moving closer to the screen.

"Edward, Jasper and I can't get laid, but you can watch T.V?" Emmett sounded confused and disappointed, "Well I guess T.V is second best from sex".

"EMMETT" Rose scolded, "You idiot look what's on the T.V" Rose moved to my side, holding my arm for support, watching on Emmett also joined, his arms wrapped supportively around Rose's waist.

The first live footage that showed up on the screen was a drag car that had run straight into a deserted plane, causing a major explosion, the camera circled the area, giving us all angles.

"That family must be going through hell and where is the body?" Rose was so confused along with the rest of us, but I remember seeing this car, once before, I shifted my eyes to the photos hanging up above the television and saw Amy sitting on THAT car's bonnet, smiling brightly, dressed in a race outfit, her hair out blowing in the wind, "Amy?"

"What was that?" Emmett asked, I just pointed to the picture, "Oh hell no, it couldn't of been... Jasper will freak, we all will, please no".

"Amy?" Rose quivered out, "It can't be".

Another live footage came through, showing us a bridge, a helicopter hovering above the water, where a car had landed, they were lifting it out.

"THAT'S TAYLOR'S CAR" Emmett yelled, causing us all to jump, "Who was in it, it wasn't the girls, it couldn't have been?"

"The girls aren't here Emmett..." Rose trailed off, not finishing her sentence. The room filled with silence, three vampires crowding around a screen, writhing in shock.

I didn't hear anyone stepping into the house, until Alice was at my side, joining in watching the screen with us, "What's this about...Isn't that Taylor's car?"

I nodded facing her, my eyes wide.

Realisation sunk in, "The girls aren't here and Taylor and Amy's car are there, no bodies to be found, they can't be gone, they can't die, remember" Alice screeched, making Jasper run into the room.

"Alice, they can die" Emmett sulked, falling backwards in the couch.

"Who is dead, or dying?" Jasper vampire-sped out.

"The girls, there gone" Rosalie looked as if she wanted to cry.

"We don't know that, Rose" I rasped out, also sitting, while at the same time Jasper yelled "Amy's Dead and the rest of them".

"Everyone please" Alice calmed down, facing all of us, while turning off the T.V that had given us the bad news.

"I just gotten my sister too" Emmett dry sobbed out, "Now she could be gone, for good".

"Why is everyone so depressed?" Alice smiled, clapping her hands trying to brighten the mood of this place.

"Oh well jeez Alice, I don't know, maybe because our sisters could be GONE" I finally yelled out, making everyone look up at me in shock.

"I never wanted to see you like THAT again" Rose smiled sadly.

"Like what?" I questioned, I don't remember acting like this.

"It's how you acted when you left Bella and when you found out Nessie was going to be born" Alice explained.

"It is isn't it... but Alicia is my sister of cause I would be a wreck" I shoved my hand roughly through my hair, grinding my teeth together in frustration, "I wish they had body confirmation".

"I'll call Carlisle and Esme, they have the right to know" Rose sighed, walking out into the hall my mobile in hand.

I took a deep breath trying to work out if they were still in our world or not...

"What's that?" I asked aloud.

"What's what Edward, did you finally lose it?" Emmett tried to joke, but it sounded glum.

"That smell..." I trailed off taking another deep breath, "Another vampire".

"Is that..." Jasper sucked in a breath, "Aro's scent?"

"Sure smells like it" Emmett nodded in agreement.

"What was he doing here...?" Alice sniffed, "and with help from Cain" her eyes opened in shock.

"Cain he is the vampire that can make you say yes to things, right?" Rose asked, walking back into the room, "Carlisle is on his way".

"He makes you say yes..." Edward trailed off.

"Alicia's scent is fresh, it's mostly here" Jasper walked to the couch, pointing next to where I was sitting, "She was maybe here only twenty minutes ago".

"Those accidents were over an hour ago" Emmett pointed to the T.V.

"This is not adding up" Alice confirmed what everyone already knew.

Carlisle and Esme soon joined us in the lounge room, where we informed them of our new discoveries.

"Maybe Nessie can... help" Esme said warmly even thought she looked completely terrified.

"You need me?" Nessie smiled, walking into the room, her smile turning into a frown as she saw us looking glum.

"Can you touch the couch please" Jasper asked politely, pointing to the seat next to Edward.

"Sure?" She sounded confused but touched it anyways.

The room went silence everyone edging closer and closer towards her.

She gasped quietly, so I searched her brain for anything.

In her thoughts it was kind of fuzzy, because she hadn't seen this image for herself, but what she was seeing made me sick... Aro had Alicia pinned down, Cain flirting with her, while making her say yes to everything Aro wanted, one by one he made Alicia, appear in their rooms back in Volterra.

"There in their rooms" Nessie and I said at the same time, facing the rest of the family.

"Well let's go upstairs then and get them" Emmett jumped up racing up the stairs running to Nat's room, "She isn't here Edward, Nessie".

"We meant... Volterra, we have to go get them" I jumped from my seat.

"Oh hell no, you promised not again" Bella appeared in the doorway, arms crossed.

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