Chapter Before:

"There in their rooms" Nessie and I said at the same time, facing the rest of the family.

"Well let's go upstairs then and get them" Emmett jumped up racing up the stairs running to Nat's room, "She isn't here Edward, Nessie".

"We meant... Volterra, we have to go get them" I jumped from my seat.

"Oh hell no, you promised not again" Bella appeared in the doorway, arms crossed.

Chapter 34: Edward's POV, The Ride

"Bella, you have to let me explain" I got up from my seat heading towards the door, where she stood with a firm look and her arms still crossed.

"You are not going back there" She hissed at me her eyes going a flat black, she has never been this way before.

"Bella, were all going" Emmett was at the door with me in less than a second.

"I don't care, he is not going" She pointed at me, glaring firmly at Emmett and the rest of the family.

"We need to Bella, there all there, trapped under Aro's doing" I explained, grabbing at her arm, pulling her to me, "We will be back, no excuse".

"I don't want you to go" she pouted up to me, grabbing hold of my shirt roughly, gluing her soft lips to mine, "I'm scared, Edward".

"Were all scared Bella, but we need to help them" I hugged her tightly to my side.

"Just don't let Aro get to you, please?" she begged her body starting to shake.

"Aro getting us, Bella are you kidding?" Jasper laughed loudly, causing Rose and Alice to glare at him.

"I'm coming with you" Bella demanded, wrapping her arm tightly around mine.

"You are not, stay here with our daughter, Alice, Rose and Esme, only us guys are going" I sighed unravelling her arm from mine.

"Fine" she sighed, signalling Nessie over, before giving me a quick peck, walking back out the door, I would have to make it up to her when we got back.

Nessie also gave me a hug on her way out, Alice, Rose and Esme saying goodbye to their men until they all left the room, leaving only us guys behind.

"So how do we do this?" Jasper asked, raising an eyebrow in question.

"Well, swimming there would be quickest and then we sneak in and grab them" I explained, rushing out all my words.

"Sounds great, but it's not going to be that easy" Carlisle explained, giving me a hard look.

"Edward even I can come up with a better plan and look at me" Emmett explained, chuckling quietly while we all looked at him, he noticed "Shut up, I'm not the smartest crayon in the crayon box".

"You're a crayon now?" Jasper asked, "I thought you were a tool in a tool shed last time you explained your dumbness".

"It's not dumbness" Emmett glared at Jasper folding his arms, "It's being dropped on you head too many times".

"You were dropped on your head as a baby?" Jasper burst out laughing holding his sides tightly.

"Not that I remember, but most likely, would explain it, wouldn't it?" Emmett asked scratching his neck, smirking a little, Jasper nodded still laughing.

"Guys plan, girls at stake" Carlisle mentioned, separating the two boys by standing in between them.

"I like mine" I sighed crossing my arms, "but it does need a little work".

"A lot of work, Edward what is wrong with you?" Emmett complained, crossing his arms once again.

"I'm not the one that admits he was dropped on the head as a baby, or not the smartest crayon or tool am I?" I hissed out.

"Edward get a better plan, otherwise I will kill you" Emmett threatened, moving towards me.

"BOYS" Carlisle shouted, causing us all to stop and look at him.

"Sorry" Emmett sulked, looking like a kid that got his lolly or favourite toy taken away from him.

"Plan" Carlisle ordered, so we sat down and planned out little trip to save our girls.

We had arrived in Volterra, heading straight into the city gates, wearing big black coats with hoods to blend in, as once again, they were having that vampire celebration like that time I was... here.

"Maybe we should go around back of the castle, their rooms should be there" Carlisle nodded towards the right of the castle, "I had a room here once, they should be in the same place".

"Right, to the right it is" Emmett dragged Jasper to the right of the castle.

"What do we do?" I asked Carlisle, standing outside the castle with him.

"We head to the left; they might have changed the rooms"

"Right" I sighed, heading off to the left side of the castle.

We were at the back of the castle in not time, only meeting up with Jasper.

"Where's Emmett?" I asked, impatient.

"Well, he decided it would be a great idea to ask the guard were the girls were" Jasper rubbed his neck, "They took him".

"Wasn't the whole point not to be caught?" Carlisle shook his head, quietly, "We'll get him later, he will survive".

"Idiot I tell you" Jaspers thoughts travelled to me, I just smirked.

"Just don't tell Rose we left him" I whispered back, chuckling, "You'll be cut into little pieces and shoved in a wall, then bricked over".

"Ok quiet it is" Jasper agreed, while Carlisle nodded, we raised our eyebrows at him.

"What I don't want to be in a wall" he said defensively.

"Right" Jasper laughed, looking at me out the side of his eye.

"Let's just go" I sighed, heading in through the back door.

I walked in through the hall, Jasper on my right, Carlisle on my left has we searched for one bedroom.

"Hey Edward, I just thought of something" Jasper's voice was quiet.

"What?" I asked, running a frustrated hand through my hair.

"He will have them in separate rooms" Carlisle finished.

"You have got to be kidding me" I nearly yelled out.

"Edward I smell them" Jasper walked ahead of me to a door that was just a couple metres ahead.

"Open it" I suggested to Carlisle which he did, it was Amy's room.

"Amy, where are the others?" I asked, moving to her side.

She pushed her hair from her face and looked up at me; her eyes were a nice red, with black shadows underneath.

"You are a Cullen, Cullen's must not live" was all she said sounding robotic like.

"Cullen's will be terminated" a group of voices said from the doorway, at the door way Alicia was wrapped in Cains arms, he was smirking, Taylor, Miki and Natalie had their eyes glowing, weapons in hand.

This wasn't good.