Chapter Before:

"Amy, where are the others?" I asked, moving to her side.

She pushed her hair from her face and looked up at me; her eyes were a nice red, with black shadows underneath.

"You are a Cullen, Cullen's must not live" was all she said sounding robotic like.

"Cullen's will be terminated" a group of voices said from the doorway, at the door way Alicia was wrapped in Cains arms, he was smirking, Taylor, Miki and Natalie had their eyes glowing, weapons in hand.

This wasn't good.

Chapter 35: EPOV, Reasons

"Carlisle, what is going on?" I asked, watching Amy carefully as she examined my body, with her blood red eyes.

"Aro's changed them in a way" Carlisle gasped, turning to Jasper who hadn't said a word about this situation yet.

"Amy", Jasper get whispering her name, over and over, maybe thinking that it would help in a way.

"Do. Not. Speak. My. Name, from Cullen lips" she hissed, her eyes scanning him, like she had never seen him before in his life, it made Jasper cringe back, spreading sadness throughout the room.

"What's happened to you?" Carlisle moved to Miki's side, carefully, trying not to set the girls off on us.

"Nothing, we've always lived like this, Alicia and Cain are engaged", Natalie explained, while Alicia stuck out her hand, showing off her ring, "And we have learnt to kill the Cullen's".

"You don't remember your time with us, your brothers?" Jasper yelled, lurching forward, except I grabbed at him, pulling him back to me, placing him firmly at my side.

"Would somebody care to explain, why they can't remember us and they have only been gone for two days?" I asked patiently, but my patience was on a thin line, I was looking at Cain.

"We will" Marcus came around the corner, Caius and Jane flanking his sides.

"What's going on?" Carlisle stepped forward, shaking hands with Marcus, in respect, he did live with them.

"Aro wants them to terminate them and Alicia made our job easy" he nodded at us, "It was killing them and you, or her making them all join us, she just didn't know that it would kill you anyway".

"You tricked them" Jasper hissed, is eyes a flat black.

"Why are their eyes red though?" I asked, "They don't drink blood".

"When they feel tired or weak, Aro will make them drink humans" Marcus explained, smirking slightly.

"That's repulsive, their half humans themselves" Carlisle cringed away.

"They don't realise because of the trance their under and don't you think Alicia and Cain together, will become something big" he ran his fingers down her cheek, making her smile lovingly, Cain lightly moved his fingers across her stomach, "Natalie will be mine", he turned and smiled at her, earning her to smile back and wink.

"Miki's mine" Caius walked up to Miki, dipping her slightly, giving her lips a chase kiss, "Amy belongs to Felix; they're set to move in together".

"Not while I'm here" Jasper once again lurched at Caius, which made Miki bear her teeth at Jasper, sending a wave of pain around the room, making Alec cover it with his numbness.

"Jane, Caius, take Edward, Jasper to Natalie's bedroom, Carlisle, Aro would be so glad to hear your here" Marcus commanded.

"I need to speak to him" Carlisle agreed nodding his head at Marcus, but at Jasper and I also.

"Okay" Jane walked up to Jasper and I, "This is either going to be easy" she smiled sweetly, "Or hard" she lifted her hand with a glare, sending Jasper and I to the floor in pain.

"Easy way" Jasper gasped out, holding himself like he was going to explode.

"Good" Jane slowly put her hand down, while we picked ourselves up, "Come with us" she waved moving to the door, as we followed, Caius trailing behind, kissing Miki first.

We were back in the hall, heading towards the last door that was literally right at the end.

"You'll stay here, we will go get your guards, don't think of trying to escape, it won't be easy" Jane said under her breath, giving us a glare raising her hand again, before Jasper interrupted her by yelling.


"Good then, we will have no problems" Jane smiled, tilting her head at Caius who left the room, Jane followed quietly, moving quickly.

"What are we going to do?" Jasper asked, sitting down on Natalie's bed.

"Find a way out" I hissed out, like it was going to be the easiest thing in the world.

"You're not going anywhere" Amy hissed from the doorway, Felix at her side, holding her around the waist, "Were here to make sure, you stay in here".

"Well, what do we do while we wait?" Jasper asked me, watching Amy as Felix leaned in and kissed her neck, slowly moving his fingers down her side, rubbing though her cotton top.

"Please, I don't want to see my sister like that and especially when it's a guy that has her under a trance" Jasper hissed, eyes flat black once again, his fists clenching and unclenching in anger, nostrils flared.

"Calm it" I sighed, "It won't help, it might just make this situation even worse".

"Would you mind, jumping off the bed Jasper?" Amy asked, smiling at him, making Jasper jump off the bed and ask.

"You remember me?"He asked, smiling brightly.

"No, I want you off the bed so we can use it" Amy pointed to herself then to Felix, "And, the big guy in with the blonde guy, spilled details about you, so you must be Edward, right?" she glared.

"Ahh, yeah" I smiled sheepishly, "Do you think maybe, Aro will let us feed from humans, while we are here, were kind of hungry?"

"You drink humans?" Felix asked eyebrows raised, "Last time I saw you, you were a vegetarian".

"Edward, what are you talking about you know we..." before I could stop him, he stopped himself, "Use the bed for what?"

"WATCH" Amy squealed jumping back on the bed, sitting upright legs dangling over the side, she pulled on Felix's coat, pulling him between her legs. He leant down, kissing along her collarbone, and she sighed in pleasure, leaning back against the bed, Felix on top of her, his hands roaming to her backside, as her arms were up his shirt, roaming his chest.

"Please STOP" Jasper cried, thrashing against my hold that I had on him, "Not here not in front of me".

Amy just sighed again.

"Jasper" I nodded towards the door, "Let's go" after all they were busy 'OCCUPIED'.

"Fine, but when we get them back to normal, I want to know if they you know" Jasper asked, pleading with his eyes for me to get it.

"Know what?" I asked, my mind somewhere else, focused on the girls we had to save.

"Go all the way" he whispered under his breath, shaking his head at me.

"Jasper you sly dog, but she's your sister, gross and Alice won't be happy" I frowned, walking down the hall, Jasper beside me.

"NO" he shouted, which made me clamp a hand over his mouth, "Not like that Edward, I have to protect her from 'this'", he mumbled against my hand, I nodded in agreement.

"Let's go get Carlisle" I smiled lightly, heading towards the 'feeding/hall' room.

"And Emmett" Jasper shook his head, smiling widely, and as we rounded the corner from the hall, a soft moan floated our way, which made Jasper cringe.

Jasper and I just let ourselves into the room, making Carlisle and Aro look up startled, it looked like they were having a very serious conversation.

'Don't do anything' his thoughts flew to me.

I raised an eyebrow in question, we had lots of practice at our silent conversations, and it really annoyed people at times.

'When you look around, don't lose your temper' he thought once again.

I nodded my head, slightly.

I looked around to Jasper, to see him staring to the right, so I faced that way and noticed five throne chairs, one empty and the rest occupied.

Natalie's hair was neatly half up, half down she sat in a long midnight blue dress, that hung off her hips and flowed to the ground, her legs were silently crossed as she stared down at Emmett, who was up near Carlisle.

In the seat next to her was Cain and he had Alicia sitting on his lap, she was wearing a black, knee length dress that was haltered at the top, boob tube like and flowed from the waist down, her hair was out, her front fringe in her eyes, while she stared at me, with a wicked smile crossing her face.

Next to her Was Miki, who had Caius standing behind her chair, whispering in her ear, she had her hair up in a neat bun her fringe out, her dress was white and flowed to her calf's, with a black ribbon tied around her waist, her ankles crossed and her hands crossed in her lap.

At last was Taylor; her hair was out to her shoulders, straightened to the maximum. Her dress was to the ground, flaring in all different directions, a mix of oranges and red, flying everywhere; she was sitting staring right out the window, tapping her nails across the wooden chair.

I growled under my breath, which made Aro chuckle, my head snapped up my gold eyes, meeting his red ones.

"There great aren't they?" he asked, quietly walking over to them, patting Taylor on the knee, which made her look up and smile, "They will do what I need them too".

"Which is?" Emmett asked, staring at Natalie like he wanted to rip her away.

'BANG' the door behind us opened and Amy walked in, her hand in Felix's. Her hair was out, her fringe clipped back, parts were curly and parts were straightened. Her dress was purple and went to her thighs a black slash wrapped around her waist, she came in giggling.

"Edward, they are here, to help me kill you" Aro smiled kindly, patting Miki's hair, like she was some kind of pet.

Alicia's head snapped up as I gasped, and Jasper said "I wish it wasn't like this" while shaking his head.

"Kill them?" she whispered, she stood up from Cain and walked over to me, "You will not touch a single hair on their bodies, not as long as I am around".

She clicked her fingers and as fast as a blink of an eye, all girls surrounded up, "We Will Protect The Cullen's" they chanted, Aro stepped backwards.