Chapter Before:

"So a virgin hey?" Alice asked, giggling slightly, Esme and Rosalie smirking around her, the rest of the girls looking shocked and confused.

"You literally heard that?" she looked so embarrassed.

"Nope, I saw it" Alice tapped her head, "Even though I can't see you, I can hear you".

"Okay we have no time for this, we need to plan and now" I glared at everyone, and Carlisle nodded in agreement.

So we all sat down and planned what we needed to do, when the time came to fight.

Chapter 37: Edward's POV, the Start is here

It had been weeks since we left Volterra and had last contact with them, Bella was worried that we had yet again face another confrontation with them, we hadn't seen them since Nessie was little and now since we havethe girls by our side, we were too big of a family and we must be destroyed or split which was never going to happen.

"Why can't they just move?" Rose hissed, glaring daggers out the window were the girls were playing some mud football.

"Rose" Esme settled down next to her, "They can hear you and they have bonded to us, we are all they have they're practically my daughters".

"Well I don't care if they can hear they are not welcomed here by me and they are going to have us killed" she screeched standing out and heading up the stairs, muttering under her breath.

"Dad" Nessie walked up to my side, Jacobs hand in hers, "We will fight, they're like my aunties in a way, I can't lose them don't make them move, we need them"

"They aren't going anywhere" I rubbed my fingers across her cheek, making her smile widely her brown eyes sparkling with thankfulness but sadness. She twisted herself round to smile brightly out the window, her bronze coloured ringlets fluttering around her watching as Amy tackled Natalie to the floor getting mud all over them.

Carlisle and Esme moved outside to look over the girls, to make sure they weren't going to get their selves in trouble, while Emmett went upstairs to calm down an angry mad women called Rose.

Alice and Jasper sat together, locked in a tight embrace on the couch whilst Bella was hugging me her head on my chest, my head resting on the top of hers, "I love you, Bella" I whispered, closing my eyes tightly thinking of how we first met, me leaving, us back together, new born wars, engagement our wedding and then our little miracle Nessie.

"I love you too" she looked up at me, smiling slightly her hand moved to my cheek and pulled my head down kissing me lightly on the lips, letting her barrier down, showing her love for me in her human eyes and vampire ones, while she kept kissing me, she had now better control over her power and used it all the time, "But remember last time we don't ever say goodbye, I will stand by your side Edward".

"Yes" I whispered, "But this time, it's just us we don't have help".

"This time is because we don't need it" Alice pranced up to us, "This time help will just pop up to us, wait and see".

"Edward" Jasper called to me, "I can feel what you're feeling, but Alice knows what she is doing and don't let that ever escape your mind".

"Edward I trust her and I know you do to, everything will be okay" Bella softly touched her fingers to my lips, making me instantly trust Alice and calm, I nodded.

We all silently sat down on the couches, and call I could hear was Emmett arguing with a frustrated Rose, Carlisle and Esme lightly talking to one another and footsteps hitting mud and the ball travelling through the air, everyone was happy for now.

"MAIL" Miki screeched running inside with a letter in hand.

"Mail?" Esme asked, "We never get mail".

"Never?" Amy's eyes were open shocked, scanning all of us.

"They don't know anybody that would send them mail" Natalie hissed, shaking her head at Amy, while Amy hissed and poked her tongue out like a child.

"When did you go to the mail box and get this, Miki?" Bella asked, her finger pointing at the old looking letter.

"I didn't" she answered, we all looked confused, "It was floating in front of me, so I grabbed it and brought it inside" she shrugged, like it was the most normal thing to find in the world.

"It was floating?" Bella said, stepping away from Miki, moving closer to me, "Someone open it".

"I will" I took the letter gently from Miki's hand and started opening the ancient looking letter, being careful in case it dissolved right in front of me.

I carefully unfolded it and started scanning the letter and all it says was this time in two days they will come and will meet us in our baseball clearing.

"They're coming" Alice and I whispered at the same time.

"We must prepare then, we should start heading up and getting ready" Carlisle announced looking over everyone, "And you girls" he pointed at them, "Go home and stay there".

"Were not helping?" Taylor yelled.

"Why aren't we coming along, this is our fault?" Alicia screeched.

"Yeah, why aren't they going, they're the ones that need to die, not us" Rose glared from the staircase and angry looking Emmett behind her.

"Rose just accept that there here to stay, and lets go save our family" he looked at her then moved down with us.

"We will not go home" Miki crossed her arms over her chest looking like a little stern pixie, she looked like Alice.

"Miki" Carlisle knelt down to her level; "You will go home for me" he looked at her pleadingly.

"FINE" she huffed giving him a big hug and moving towards the door.

"Alicia, go with her" I hugged her too, as she punched me in the chest, muttering she wasn't leaving us, "Go Alicia" I looked at her sternly, which made her hug me tightly.

"Come home" she whispered, "All of you".

"We will" I smiled.

"You better" Natalie looked over at Emmett and kissed him on the cheek "Have fun".

"You know I will, now go" He laughed pushing her towards the door.

"I should say have fun to you, but I can't because it's unfair that I am missing out" Taylor looked up at Jacob, "But come home, please".

"Will do kiddo" he laughed, ruffling her hair as she walked away.

"Amy" Jasper voiced, calling her, "Come here sweetie" he said, once she looked up she slowly moved to his side.

"Why are you upset?" he asked.

"Because what if you don't come home?" she looked up at him, her eyes glassing with tears and when I looked over at the girls they were trying to hold back theirs.

"I'll do anything in my power to be coming home, I can't leave Alice alone either" he laughed hugging her tightly, walking her to the door.

"Whatever you do" Esme started.

"Do not come to the baseball clearing" Bella finished, "We want you to be safe".

"Okay" Amy sighed, "Let's gets going" she smiled lightly, pushing everyone out of the doorway into the cars.

"We will see you soon" Taylor called out.

"Bye" Everyone waved them off.

"Now we must get to the clearing and fast everyone ready?" I asked, grabbing Bella by the waist pulling her closer to me, Jacob hugging Nessie from behind, Rose and Emmett hugging each other, Carlisle and Esme standing tight at each other's side and Jasper twirling Alice into his lap.

"Were always ready" Jasper chuckled, a giggly Alice on his lap.

"Let me fight already" Emmett moved to the door, pulling Rose after him.

"May everyone be safe" Esme's voice lingered in the air as we all headed out to face, what needed to be faced.

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