I'm new to this area, but not to the fandom. Unfortunately though, I haven't kept up with it as much as I would have liked(but my adoration for CC, continues on). After some serious web searching, I was able to find an awesome group of new friends who were kind enough to help me sort out some of the details. I was also able to obtain copies of the episodes that revived the rest of those dormant memories. So, after adding my own ideas, I was able come up with this story.

It's a different take on the pilot of Jesse Hawkes, one that I haven't seen done before. It will contain many of the details from that episode, including some actual scenes and dialogue, rewritten of course, and spiral off into it's own alternate universe from there.

Chapter 1

The sky was clear, a perfect shade of blue on the afternoon of May 3, 1988. Frank smiled to himself as he turned the plane to the right. The joke Jim rattled off not more than ten minutes ago, playing over in his head. Bad taste, no punchline....

A flash of gold caught his peripheral vision and he turned his head over his right shoulder. It was immediately followed by a mushroom of smoke. "What the hell?", he murmured under his breath, taking the plane down slightly, for a closer look. He checked his coordinates over the blazing ground below him.


"Flying Tiger, this is White Eagle, do you read me?". Frank paused, giving Matt a chance to respond. When he didn't, Frank tried again, "I repeat. Flying Tiger, this is White Eagle....Do you read me?". He voice took on a desperate tone when he tried to reach his other two team members and got the same response.


He took the plane down farther, just teetering on a safe altitude, but couldn't see anything from that vantage point. There was far too much smoke. "High Mountain Ranger base, this is White Eagle. Copy?".

"Frostbite here. Go ahead White Eagle", Robin responded.

The cheerfulness of her voice made Frank flinch, as did the realization that the problem wasn't with his radio. "Do you have confirmation that target was acquired?".

"Negative White Eagle", she answered evenly, "The last transmit was three minutes ago, from Flying Tiger, stating they were moving in". The silence on the other end of the radio concerned Robin. "Why Frank, is there a problem?".

Frank couldn't hold back any longer, his friends could be in trouble. "I lost contact with...".

"Hang tight White Eagle, we're checking status now", Robin cut in, waving Izzy over the desk. Cody's head whipped up from the book he was reading. Something was wrong. He jumped from the couch he was sitting on, while he was waiting for Matt to return, and rushed over to the command center.

"That may not be our only problem Frostbite", Frank trudged gently.

"It's Izzy, Frank. Robin switched radios and is calling Matt now".

Robin's eyes flickered up to meet Cody's. "Flying Tiger, this is Frostbite. Do you read me?", she tried again.

Dread began to settle in the pit of Cody's stomach. He watched as Robin tried to contact his brother yet again. "C'mon Matt", he muttered softly, silently praying he'd hear his brother's voice come over that radio.

"Iz? I'm directly over our intended target", Frank called out in desperation, "the whole area's ingulfed in flames. I think there was an explosion...".

That was all Cody needed to hear and he was out the door, the keys to Matt's truck in his hand. He raced up the mountain as far as the road would take him, then made the rest of the trip on foot. He arrived at the cabin in record time, nearly taking the door off the hinges as he barreled in.

"Cody?", Jesse asked as he turned to see his breathless son, standing before him. "Son, who lit a fire under your...".

"Dad", the boy interrupted anxiously, "I think Matt's in trouble".

Not a swashbuckling start, but a start non the less. These first few chapters will contain the "missing scenes" from the pilot, and may start off a little "slow". But, they will pick up in both subject matter and length as we go on. Oh, and sorry for the lame title, unfortunately you can take the girl out of the 80's, but not the 80's out of the girl!

All feedback is welcome, and thank you in advance for reading.