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Sam groaned when he woke, as he tried to adjust to his surroundings. He realized he was tied to a chair. He blinked and stared in shock at Dean sitting on the bed across from him.

"Dean?" He blinked again. "What...what the hell are you doing?" Confusion was in his tone, mixed with fear. Dean smiled.

"I think there's been a misunderstanding," he said softly as he walked towards Sam. He leaned next to Sam's ear. "I'm not Dean," he breathed. Sam stared at him and he struggled against the bonds.

"Sonofibitch," he growled, sounding more like his brother at the moment than himself. "What the hell are you and what have you done to my brother?"

"Relax," the demon possessing Dean laughed. "Your brother is still alive. It's fun to force him to watch while he's hurting his baby brother."

Sam stared at his brother's face in rage.

"What the hell are you than?" He hissed.

"You don't recoginze me? Sam, I'm hurt. You've been wanting to kill me after all, ever since you found out that I held your brother's deal in my hands."

Sam stared at Dean, horrified.


The demon possessing his brother smiled.

"They did say you were the smart one of the two."

Sam stared at Lilith, his body shaking.

"I know what you're thinking," Lilith whispered. "You want to excorsise me, with your mind. But you haven't been practing recently. Your powers are rusty. And you can't be certain that it won't kill your brother, especiall since you're going up against me. Right?"

Sam bit his lip.

"Why am I still alive?" He growled. "You fear me, I know you do. You want me dead. So why not kill me now?"

"Because," Lilith breathed into his ear. "This is so much better. I'm bored and I need some fun. This? Having your brother watch while I get to torture you? That's fun."

With that using his brother's hands she pressed them against his head. He squirmed underneath her grasp and let out an earpeircing scream as sharp jabbing pains radiated through his body.

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