Okay, so I know some of you have submitted ideas, but I have decided that that would be the last chapter. (gomenasai to those of you who really wanted it to continue!!!)


1. Even with ideas, it's hard to have the mind reading with a non-OOC Ikuto (I've gotten multiple reviews commenting about it)

2. Pure laziness ( -.- I know... but it's the truth.)

3. I need to start working on my other fanfics more (I haven't updated either in over a week... I may delete The New Cat in Town until I finish Finding my Heart just because it's just something I made for pure random fun, with no real challenge/goal added)

4. I have a life too! (even if it consists of reading, fanfictions, and games that involve killing random people..)

5. I want to save more time to start learning more japanese

So... once again, gomen ne!!!


to those obsessed Amuto fans like me...



Also... some other awesome pics with Ikuto....

.com/fs32/f/2008/226/3/3/Shugo_Chara_Comic_SUCKERS_by_ (this one doesn't really go for Amuto, but it just made me laugh...)

.com/fs30/f/2008/165/1/4/Tadase_knew_Ikuto__by_ (My personal fav... ^-^)

So I hope these make up for the abrupt ending. Sayonara!