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Early morning the city breaks

I've been calling for years, and years, and years

And you never left me no messages

You never sent me no letters

You've got some kind of man taking all that I want

Lost and there's a cure; you found me, you found me

You Found Me; the Fray

High school. A man had once said that you get out of high school what you have put into it, but either way, I just wanted to actually get out of here in one piece. I'm smart in my own respective way; straight A's on every report card I've gotten. I've always been shy, so my friend count is at about fifty…that is if we are counting books. I read mainly the classic love stories, repeatedly. Sometimes it was nice to pick one up and forget about everything around me, immersing myself in another world. My greatest passion would have to be music, though. I've been singing for as long as I could remember. Music was my only real outlet; my true form of self expression.

I sang in the select choir for the school, which was actually one of my classes. I could have taken regular chorus, too, but it didn't work right with the other classes I had scheduled. I really enjoyed the shows we put on for select choir. The songs we sang were upbeat, and required some dancing to go along with it. The best part about select choir would have to be the new teacher; Mr. Cullen.

This man was, without question, a walking sex god. I don't know one girl in the whole school that has seen him who wouldn't agree with that. Just the way he walked, collectively cool, and how his reddish brown hair was naturally disarrayed in the sexiest style; it practically oozed the words "fuck me". He wasn't just physically attractive. He also was one of the most intelligent people I've ever met. It amazed me how well he played the piano, too. Mr. Cullen was so passionate when he played that I felt like I was actually intruding on something so powerful when I heard him glide his fingers over the keys effortlessly. I never understood why he wanted to become a teacher, when he could have easily become a professional pianist.

"It's very simple," He explained to me once, "that feeling, the rush I get when I play, and the relief I feel when I sing…I want to be able to share that with people; to help them learn how to live life through music. It's a very special thing to me that I don't want to keep to myself."

God, he was so smart.

I don't know how I had a hundred percent in his class. Half of the time I wasn't even looking at my music; I was too wrapped up in watching him play to form words. A few times, I would be staring at him, and he would catch me watching him. My cheeks would flush red, but he would just smile at me. He was such a nice guy, that sometimes you had to remind yourself that he was a teacher. He had just graduated from college, so sometimes it was very easy to let your imagination run wild with thoughts of him; he wasn't much older than my generation.

This crush I have developed for him has become completely out of control. My heart would race whenever I'd see him, threatening to explode out of my chest. I was always more joyous when I thought about him, which was more times than not. The more I fantasized about him, the lonelier I had felt. I knew there was no possibility that he would ever end up with me, considering he was my teacher. Even with the logical understanding that I would never have him, I couldn't help but want him.

My desire for him surpassed any reasonable explanation.

Today would have to be the slowest day of my life. My heart pounded to the tick of the clock, which droned on forever. Somehow, I managed to make it through to eighth period; the only class I've ever looked forward to. My head cleared of all stresses I had throughout the day as I opened the door to the chorus room. Naturally, I was the first one in the room, whereas the rest of the students were most likely to pile in thirty seconds before the late bell rings. Mr. Cullen was sifting through papers when I walked in.

"Isabella! Just the person I wanted to see." He smiled at me, his words causing my heart to pick up speed. He walked over to me and handed me a paper.

"How would you like to do a solo for our show in two weeks?" He asked. He put both of his arms on either side of my desk, his face dangerously close to mine. "You'd sing from here, to here." He pointed to a few lines on the paper.

"If you want me to." I replied, trying not to look into his eyes.

"I'd love you to! This is going to be great. If you are free tomorrow would you like to…." Go on a date with you? Fuck at your house? "…stay after school to work on it?" Damn, so close.

"I'll have to ask Charlie; but I'm sure he won't mind." I smiled, bringing my gaze up to his.

"Just tell me tomorrow before school lets out." He replied, walking over to his piano as the other kids filed into the room just as the bell rang. A short, black haired girl came and sat down next to me; she must be new, because I've never seen her before.

"I'm glad we are all on time today; you guys could really take a few pointers from Isabella here on timeliness." Mr. Cullen said which made my cheeks flair up red.

"Jackass." The girl whispered beside me as she got situated. I gave her the most appalled look; I'd never heard anyone talk about Mr. Cullen like that.

"That sounded rude, but don't worry, I know him." She smiled. I knew him too, but I wasn't calling him a jackass.

"I've never seen you here before." I said, hoping she would introduce herself.

"I'm new. My name's Alice." She told me, smiling.

"I know what that's like." I told her, sympathetically. "I'm Bella."

We couldn't continue our conversation because Mr. Cullen instructed us to take out one of the songs we were going to be working on during the class. We sang "A Teenager in Love", perfecting each part. I didn't really like the song that much, but it was a lot of fun to dance to. Unfortunately for my partner, I had fallen twice in the first ten minutes of working on it.

"I see you have a very great sense of balance, Bella." Alice said sarcastically from beside me.

"Very funny." I replied, knowing she was just joking.

The rest of the class flew by very quickly, like it did every day. I could probably have this class every period, and it still would go by faster than any other day. Alice and I walked out of class together, talking.

"Would you mind it if I sat by you at lunch tomorrow?" She asked before we reached my car.

"I don't really sit with anyone….." I told her, hopefully not proving what a social outcast I am.

"Oh, if you don't want to sit by me, it's okay." She said, looking a little down.

"I didn't mean it like that! I was just basically saying that I don't have anyone to sit with. I'd love it if you sat by me at lunch!" I said enthusiastically.

"Great! I'll see you tomorrow." Alice smiled as I got into my car.

"Bye!" I said, shutting the door.

When I got home, I was welcomed to an empty house, again. Charlie, who is chief police in this small town, was never home before I was. This, and the fact that he can't cook to save his life, made me the head chef in our house. I made a quick pot of soup, before heading up stairs to read.

This was my normal schedule. I'd get up, go to school, come home, read, eat, listen to music, do my homework, shower, go to bed, and then start it all over again. It was pretty boring, but very consistent.

I knew things were going to stay the same throughout the year; as lame and tedious as the years before.

Boy, was I in for a surprise.

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