Don't you worry there my honey

We might not have any money

But we've got our love to pay the bills

Maybe I think you're cute and funny

Maybe I wanna do what bunnies do with you

If you know what I mean

You and I; Ingrid Michaelson


I was seeing something this morning that I never thought I would see in my life; Charlie was drinking at eight o'clock in the morning. This fact was also made even stranger, because he was drinking early in the morning at my illegal boyfriend's apartment. I can't even begin to explain how awkward this was.

"I need to have a serious talk with the both of you." He said, as I handed him his second beer. It would take at least five to get him drunk. Edward tried to calm him down, unsuccessfully.

"Maybe I should start off by saying…"

"No. You'll sit there and listen to me this whole time. You can talk when I tell you to.

I understand the 'young love knows no bounds' and everything that goes with that, but you have to know how serious this situation is. Edward, you could get fired from your job, and you won't be able to teach anywhere with that on your record. And Bella, you're so young. You have so much life ahead of you. You can't get into a serious relationship with your teacher. It will ruin your life! You're so young, you don't even know what love is. You're experiencing lust!"

I stopped him there, because I wasn't going to listen to one of these speeches during my sleeping time.

"You don't know the first thing about Edward and I. You don't know what our relationship is like; you can't judge us based on what you know. I can try to make you understand but it won't get through to you. Carlisle wouldn't even listen to us and you know how patient he can be. I'm sorry if you think I'm letting you down, but this is the greatest thing that has happened to me." I told him. Edward squeezed my hand in reassurance, letting me know he was here for me.

"This could be the greatest thing that has happened to you, now, but you could do some many better things than being known for dating your teacher."

"Sir, I can tell you this for certain; we are very cautious about being professional during school hours. We are anything but inappropriate in front of staff and students. They have no reason to even suspect that we are dating. I would not hurt Bella's reputation like that, nor would I hurt mine. I think that you and my father need to settle down, and understand that we are being very mature about this."

Charlie looked speechless, as if his brain couldn't even form words. I knew we had won, but he was trying hard to stand his ground.

He looked at me with a face that was so concerned that I felt bad for hurting him.

"I don't mean to make you upset dad, this is just the way my life is going."

"You're my only daughter, Bella; you know I just want to see you happy, and have the best life that you can." He said, smiling although it looked more like a grimace.

"You want exactly what I want for her, sir." Edward said.

"If you can make her happy, then I can't get in the way of what she wants. But you better know that I have a shotgun and 99% accuracy on my shots. I also have a bullet with your name on it if you even think about hurting her." Charlie said, making him gulp.

"Hurting her would be the equivalent of suicide, sir."

"Please, call me Charlie." He said, making me sigh in relief.

I offered to make everyone breakfast, and after we ate our meal, Charlie decided to head home.

I didn't spend the whole day at Edward's, because I knew that this was going to be new for Charlie and that I should probably spend more time with him now.

"All we have to do is get your father on board, and we're golden!" I said, hugging Edward.

"Esme can do that I'm sure. He's the only one that is unaccepting of us." He replied. We started to gather my things out of his bedroom so that he could drive me home.

"It'll get better. I'm sure that he won't even think twice about it once I graduate."

"Mmmmm. Two more months." He said, leaning over to kiss me.

Twenty minutes, and eight kisses later, I was home cooking dinner for Charlie. I told Edward that he could probably stay to eat, too, but he didn't want to push his luck.

We ate our pasta quietly, until I had the nerve to speak up.

"Dad, could you try and talk to Carlisle for me and Edward? I think it would be better for you to talk to him than for us to repeat the same argument with him." I said, my voice quiet.

"I…well, I don't know what I'd say. I'll give it a try if it means that much to you but I'm not sure if I can say anything to change his mind."

I kissed his head as I went to clean off my plate.

"That's all I ask."

"Bella, please, just come with me love." Edward said, tugging my hand towards him.

"This isn't about cumming, Edward. This is about me telling you that for the life of me, you know the one I'm intent on keeping?, I will not step anywhere near that boat with you."

He decided that today we needed a big stress reliever, so he planned a night ride on a boat for us. I smiled at his thoughtfulness, but when the plan was put in action, it would prove to be less than wonderful. I was certain that I would end up getting sea sick, or fall off of the boat. Edward laughed at these complaints, and rushed me on the boat anyway.

"I went through all this trouble to satisfy you, please just enjoy this night." He told me, kissing me before he led me to the back of the boat.

He opened up a basket, and began pulling out a different assortment of food. He filled two glass up with red wine, handing me one before clearing his throat.

"I say we toast to love, and continuing to find happiness in each other." He said, his crooked grin etched perfectly across his face.

"I agree." I said, clinking my glass against his.

We ate delicious sandwiches, and strawberries for dinner, saving the best for last. Edward had brought the most amazing cheesecake for desert; it had chocolate swirled with vanilla, and flakes of chocolate on the top. We fed each other, and giggled at how cliché it was.

After we ate, he cuddled me with his back against the railing so that both of us could see the sky.

"The stars look beautiful from out here." He said, his lips parted slightly as he gazed towards the stars.

"This is the most beautiful place to be right now." I told him, tracing my hand with his jaw.

He kissed me slow and sweet, showing me that we weren't something that would be a few months of a lustful relationship. He showered me with affection, and showed me his love for me tonight. I was made special by him.

His hands were keeping me warm, running up and down my forearms as the kiss continued. He stopped once I began to shiver, putting his coat around me instead.

"Thank you." I told him, kissing his cheek.

"I should be thanking you my sweet Bella." I could tell that he was going to say more, so I didn't anwser to him.

"You have been nothing like I would have expected. When I thought you would push me away, you pulled me closer. You've shown me just what love is. You've bounded yourself with me, and I'll never be different after you. You're hold on me is perminent and irreversible. I don't remember who I was before you, but I don't want to be anyone else than the man you've made me."

I couldn't breathe at this point. I was weighing his words in my head, trying to say anything that would come close to how passionate I feel for him.

"There's nothing I can say to that, Edward. You're too perfect. I feel for you more passionately than I've ever felt before, and more passionately than I ever will feel about anyone. You have my heart until you decide you don't want it anymore." I told him, brushing my hand against his.

"I'll have your heart forever than." He said, kissing my lips, and then my forehead.

Forever sounded good to me, as long as I would be with Edward.

I was unstoppable with his love, and I'll never know a love as strong as his.


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