When I Ruled The World....

Chapter 1..............

What if vampires made war on humans, taking over them completely? In a world where humans are considered property and food sources, our favorite characters come together in this retelling of our favorite story....All couples are canon from the book, but I had to make some of them human for this plot to work.

Some things that I'm going to point out to cut down on confusion:

1. Vampires sleep, but they don't have to sleep much. A few hours a week does the trick.

2. The eye color thing still applies, gold for animals, red for humans.

3. Vampires can be both born and created, though the vampires frown on creating new vampires with venom.

4. Vampires CAN eat human food, but it makes them uncomfortable...and sometimes gives them (ahem) tummy issues. And they still need bathrooms because all that fluid has to go someplace.

5. Vampire/human babies do exist in this story, but half-breeds are frowned on; they're not "socially acceptable".

Any other questions? Feel free to PM me or write it in a review. The song for the chapter (and title) is "When I ruled the world" by Coldplay.

The sun trailed across the floor, shining in from the dusty glass. Esme shivered as her breath came out in a fog. It was sometime in November, late autumn, but winter was already starting to show its face. Moving carefully out of the makeshift bed, she was careful not to disturb her younger sisters. Alice and Bella lay huddled up together. They'd been sleeping that way so that they could share their body heat.

The embers in the small fireplace had nearly gone out. Putting in the last few twigs, Esme sighed and tried to coax the deep red flickers to life again. It wouldn't do to get sick on top of everything. Since their parents had been captured, Esme had taken it upon herself to keep their small family going. Now that the vampires had overthrown the human rule, things were getting tough. The vampires demanded either household slaves or what they called "blood-mules", humans that were farmed for their blood. Esme had managed to keep her sisters safe for three years after their parents had been caught.

"Mmmm," Bella mumbled, rolling over.

Esme sighed and smiled at her sisters. At seventeen, she was the oldest. Bella was fourteen and Alice was thirteen. All three of the women shared their brown eyes, although they differed somewhat in shade. Esme's eyes were more of a cinnamon color while Bella's were more of a chocolate. Alice's eyes were so dark that they almost passed for black. The three of them also shared the same heart-shaped faces and dimpled smiles. Esme had taken after their father with her caramel waves while Bella and Alice had inherited their dark locks from their mother. Alice's hair was the darkest, two or three shades darker than Bella's.

Okay, I have the fire going. It should warm up here in just a moment, Esme thought, now I just need to solve the food situation.

The thin stews that they'd been eating barely passed for meals. Even rice and beans were getting hard to find. Esme knew that the girls were getting tired of those, but they never complained.

"At least we have our freedom," Esme sighed to herself as she searched the dark corners of the room. The usual rice and beans were left, but they would have to find food soon. There was only enough for each one to have a small portion.

Bella rolled over and opened her eyes.

"Stay under the covers," Esme told her, "don't get out until this room warms up a little bit. Keep Alice warm."

Bella did as she was told. As soon as their breaths became invisible again, their meager meal for the day was nearly done.

"I was wondering if you were still alive," Bella teased as Alice began to stretch, "you haven't moved since last night."

Alice yawned.

"I had a very interesting dream and I didn't want to leave it," she admitted.

Bella rolled her eyes.

"You're always dreaming. What was it about this time, was it the blonde boy with the strange golden eyes again?"

Alice blushed guiltily.

"Yes," she admitted sheepishly, "but something was different this time."

"Well, don't keep us waiting," Esme said, ladling their food into bowls, "let's hear it."

Alice stared guiltily at the worn quilt that adorned their makeshift bed.


"Come on," Bella said impatiently. Esme handed her the steaming bowl, then passed one to Alice.

"He was...an....a....vampire."

Bella nearly spit the mouthful she had everywhere.

"A vampire?! Alice, are you crazy!"

Alice stared into her bowl, obviously embarrassed.

"What's so bad about it? Vampires are very attractive," Esme said, sitting down on the foot of the bed with her own bowl.

"Esme, how could she dream about something so...vile? Look at what they did to our world, Esme! They took over everything! We've lost our home, our parents, our freedom-"

Esme opened her mouth to object to the last part.

"--yes, we have," Bella continued, "we're always having to hide! We're always having to run away and we're skin and bones because we're too afraid they'll catch us to get a decent meal!"

"It was just a dream, Bella. Just a dream."

Esme placed her hand on Alice's.

"Was he a nice vampire?" Esme asked.

She nodded.

"He called me his 'little pixie'. He didn't care that we were different...just that I was me and he was him. We were walking through a garden, just talking together. I told him I could sort of see the future and he actually believed me."

It wasn't uncommon for Alice to have dreams about the future. Sometimes her predictions actually came true.

"Did you get a name?" Bella asked, pretending to be interested for Alice's sake.

"I can't remember what it was," Alice admitted, "just that it started with a J."

They finished their meal and got up to help Esme with the dishes. Though the shed they lived in was small, it was very tidy. All three of the girls' dresses were tattered and patched up in places, but Esme had taken the best care of them that she could. The only problem with the clothes was that the girls were outgrowing them. Alice didn't look like she'd get much taller, but Bella was getting very long legs. Esme wished that she could provide for them better.

A frantic pounding on the door suddenly got their attention. Bella dropped the broom she was using. Esme opened the door a crack.

"Them vampires are coming! Run for your lives!" the old man yelled. Outside, humans were scattering every which way. Before Esme had time to even think, a blur of white knocked the old man down. Within seconds, his drained, lifeless body fell to the grass. Crouching over him was none other than a vampire. Looking up at Esme, he grinned a terrible bloody grin.

Esme slammed the door behind her and moved an old dresser in front of it.

"What do we do?" Alice asked, her formerly red face pale with fright.

"I don't know," Esme admitted, "we're trapped. There isn't another way out. Hopefully they won't-"

The explosion of splintering wood dashed her hopes. The girls screamed and ran across the room, pulling Esme with them.

"Oh, no you don't! You're coming with us!"

The vampire kicked the remains of the dresser out of the way. He had a very thick English accent and auburn hair. Two others came in, one bald with dark eyes and a woman with flowing, thick red hair.

"Esme, do something!" Bella pleaded, but they all knew there was no fighting the vampires. With skin almost as hard as diamonds, they were nearly impossible to hurt. The three girls were dragged from their homes and escorted to a van. Handcuffs were promptly placed on all of them.

"We should get around six-thousand apiece," the one with the accent said to the other two, "not a bad deal if I say so."

"Esme, where are they taking us?" Bella asked.

"I don't know," she admitted.

The car passed several other humans. A few of them had died in their struggle against the vampires, but most of them were standing in clumps, afraid to fight. Bella and Alice were too young to remember when humans used to rule the earth, but Esme remembered even though she didn't fully understand what had been going on.

I used to rule the world...

seas would rise when I gave the world

now in the morning I sweep alone...

sweep the streets that I used to own...

I used to roll the dice...

feel the fear in my enemy's eyes

listen as the crowd would sing

now the old king is dead,

long live the king...

I hear Jerusalem bells a' ringing

Roman cavalry choirs singing

"Be my bearer, my sword and shield"

my missionaries in a foreign field

For some reason I can't explain

Once you were gone,

it was never an honest word...

but that was when I ruled the world...

I discovered that my castles stand

upon pillars of salt, pillars of sand...