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None of this is real, I'm sure of it. It must be a joke. A sick and twisted joke that was being played on me, of all people, me!

It couldn't be real, not now, when I have come so close to admitting that I could have more feelings for Ichigo. It's taken me a long time, but I'm firmly sure I do love him.

I stood frozen in the ancient room, with all the Kuchiki Elders and him. He was standing next to me with his passive eyes staring intently into the wall behind the old man that stood in front of us.

It's not true. It's not true.

'Rukia, will you accept the proposal?' The hoarse voice broke my illusion.

It is true.

'Yes.' The quiet whisper seemed like a pledge to sell my soul. It felt the same, for that I'm sure. I fought back the dying urge to cry. Instead, I closed my eyes tightly, trying to lock them away.

'Very well then. Preparations will begin immediately. You are both dismissed.' He turned his back and I was stupid enough to open my violet eyes.

One tear escaped, which shocked me. I expected a lot more. Maybe locking them away did work.

I waited for Nii-sama to walk ahead of me. I didn't want to cry in front of him. How feeble would I feel then?

A sad smiled filled my features as we made our way to the destination we felt only normal for a moment like this.

Home. The manor. Where I would live the rest of my life, no matter what.

I was to marry Byakuya. The Elders desperately wanted an heir. I was meant to help produce it.

A small but audible laugh slipped past my lips. I couldn't tell if he even bothered to notice me. My head was low and I watched my feet walk towards a hell I didn't want to live.

I noticed quickly his image in my vision and I stopped where I was, lifting my head to inspect the sudden halt.

He didn't look at me, didn't even glance my way. I knew he was angry, upset and confused as I am. Somehow, I could always sense these things about him. Yet his motionless features did not point to any emotion in particular.

I watched his face carefully, trying to read anything.

'I'm going to my office, in the barracks.'His cold voice informed me, then his cold figure vanished.

I sighed to myself, staring at the toe of my shoe.

'This is going to be a long life.' I groaned and continued to the manor.

It took much attention and devotion for me to even reflect on the weather today. Normally, I noticed the weather first thing. It was strange I hadn't today.

Even sitting at the window seat, in one of the many lounges, my favorite lounge, I focused intently out the window, forcing myself to notice the useless and depressing fact.

It was sunny.

I never liked the sun. I couldn't understand the reason, but rain always seemed more appealing.

What I would do right now to just see a drop of moister that wasn't overflowing and blocking my sight.

I couldn't sell my soul. That I have already done.

As I concentrated thoroughly on the glass of the window and not the image outside, I suddenly was happy I had today off. I wouldn't have been able to hold my tears back for to much longer.

What was I going to tell Captain Joshiro? What was I going to tell Ichigo? The man I not so long ago confessed my love too. If only I had the chance to tell him. If only I had said no.

Of course, if I had said no, I would have been ridiculed by the Elders for not feeling honored and all that other noble crap their always on about.

As I took my next breath, an appetizing smell filled my senses. Dinner.

Which meant Byakuya would be home soon. This dinner could be fun.

I must have been here for hours, sitting at the window, watching my life I could have lived flash past my eyes. The chef never cooked dinner before or after six o'clock, and the meeting with the Elders was just after lunch. I remember because I had lunch with Ichigo.

Another sigh escaped my lips as I stood and wiped away the tears on my already damp sleeve.

Fun was absolutely, undoubtedly not the word to explain the torture I felt during dinner.

Everything was silent, but not the normal silent that always seemed to occur during meals. This silence was morbid, cold...empty.

I had to end it. We sat at the table as the chef cleaned up our plates. It took a lot of courage, but I finally managed it.


'Don't call me that.' He cut me off. His comment sounded like a snap.

I was about to open my mouth to object but he continued, not even looking my way.

'If we are to be married, Nii-sama is an inappropriate name.' His careless statement fixed my expression.

Why would I overreact like I had. He didn't snap at me.

'Oh.' I breathed, to stunned by his obvious logic. 'Byakuya...' It felt strange, but I should get used to it.

'How was your day?' It was a stupid question and I expected him to pass it off like he usually does.

'Horrid.'He stood abruptly and walked out of the room.

I would have done the same soon enough. I just didn't know where to go.


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