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Making my way out of Ichigo's house, I felt miserable. Something so perfect, was about to be taken away from me, and I didn't want to give it up for a bunch of old guys wanting a kid. But, I had agreed, as much as I didn't want to, and I had a duty to the noble Kuchiki's, my family.

I reached the door first, and opened it, expecting one of our friends. Renji stood there, with the smuggest smile I've seen on him yet. My brow quirked in interest. "Why are you so happy?" I asked.

At least someone else is happy, being depressed like this all the time, isn't the way I want to live the rest of my life.

"Nothin'. Just kicked three more Hollows asses. I think I'm on a role." I shook my head, he could be so cocky sometimes.

"Well, we have enough information, lets get it back before dark." I ordered, turning Renji around and pushing him off the door step.

He didn't hesitate to open the gate there, he was eager to get back and tell everyone he's about he's day. He turned, waved to Ichigo and walked in, I followed not far behind, not even risking a last look at Ichigo.


Arriving home, I had my share of the report to write up and a sudden urge for more ice-cream. When all of this is over, I'm bound to be the size of Rangiku's breasts! But the ice-cream does work, unfortunately.

Walking towards my room, I greeted the maids, performing their chores in utter silence and jogged up the stairs. I had my fair share of Hollows today, I had no idea it was getting so bad, and ignored the pain in my legs.

My room was still in place, everything was where I left it and thats how liked it. I placed the papers Renji had given my on my small desk and left with the intent of facing Byakuya during a lavish dinner served every night.

However, as I reached for the door a knock sounded from the other side, and I opened it wearing a face of curiosity. Maybe Momo wanted to talk again.

Instead of Momo, one of the younger maid, Ryoko, I'm pretty sure her is, stood with rosy cheeks. "Pardon the intrusion Rukia-san, Byakuya-sama asked for me to inform you that he will not be attending this evenings meal due to a sudden illness." The woman bowed in respect and hurried off back to her duties.

However, I just stood in my doorway, shocked. Of all the emotions I could have felt, I was shocked. Byakuya never told me, or had one of the maids tell me that he wouldn't be at dinner. He just wouldn't show up.

Disregarding the nagging curiosity and worry in the back of my head, I closed my door and made my way downstairs to eat my meal.


Through the entire time I sat in the extravagant dinning room, slowly and silently eating what was served, I kept worrying about Byakuya. It was rare for him to fall ill, and when he did, it usually got bad.

Even thought the idea of marrying him was daunting, I still cared for him, and I hated to see him ill.

I sat in my room, at my desk writing out my share of the report, it was close to midnight when I had finished it, and by that time I was parched. Getting up, in just my grey slacks and singlet, I headed for the door.

When I opened it, I wished I hadn't. Standing there, with nothing bar a pair of loose pants, was Byakuya. He had paused in the hall, just as surprised as I was, I'm sure. Quickly looking down to the floor, attempting to hide the blush that had quickly reached my cheeks, I apologized.

"I-I'm sorry, Byakuya. I didn't know you were still awake." I sounded like a caught school girl peeking on her crush getting changed in the locker room.

"Don't worry about it." He replied, facing away as well.

I looked back up, sure that the blush had left and was shocked to see a large gash residing on my fiancé's chest. That same worrying feeling returned, and without thinking my hands reached up to inspect the injury.

"Byakuya." I paused, my hand touched the redness surrounding it, and it didn't take me quick to realize it was blood. "How did this happen?" I breathed.

It looked like someone had tried a very bad job at cleaning in. I wasn't satisfied with it.

"It's nothing." He added stoically.

"Nothing! Your bleeding!" I reached for his hand and started to drag him downstairs. Though I was positive he was walking, I wouldn't have the strength to drag him.

We ended up in the dinning room, and I pulled out a chair and ordered him to sit in it. He didn't refuse.

After I was sure he would stay put, I used Shunpo to my bathroom cabinet, where I kept everything, including fluffy slippers and got out the small first aid kit I kept in there.

Rushing back to him, I pulled out another seat and sat directly opposite him, placing out the objects I'll use to fix the wound. All Byakuya did was seat silently and watched as I worked on his injury.

Sick of the silence I broke it. "How did you get this, anyway?

"A Hollow."

"And you didn't go to Squad 4?"

"It wasn't a serious injury."

"You and I have different 'serious injuries', don't we?" This was nice, beside the awkward feeling in the pit of my stomach.

"I suppose so."

Another pause filled the room. But, strangely, I welcomed it.

I continued to work on the wound, while Byakuya tried to impersonate a statue. The statue had a lot of competition.

I tried my best at cleaning and clothing it, but I wasn't as good as Squad 4. However, this would at least satisfy the two of us. During the whole time I sat there, I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks, and I couldn't help myself from staring.

I had never seen Byakuya like this before, he is well built which I imagined he was under his uniform, and for a second, I actually thought he looked kind of...sexy.

GAH! RUKIA WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!? I retracted my arms and quickly packed everything back into the kit.

Avoiding as much eye contact that was absolutely necessary I stood, preparing to leave. "Finished. I'm sorry to have kept you so long." I bowed and rushed off quickly to the kitchen for the drink of water I had first originally sought out for.

But as I was leaving the room, I swear I heard Byakuya whisper a thank you.


It didn't take me long to fall back into unconsciousness, after what had happened with Byakuya. I felt so embarrassed of myself, I just wanted to stop thinking all together.

How could I have thought, just for a second, that Byakuya was sexy? It was stupid. I didn't like him in that way, I always thought of him as a brother, nothing more, nothing less.

Then why this sudden turn around?

I smothered my head with one of the many pillows on my bed, frustrated with myself. The sun hadn't hesitated to wake me up, I supposed it despised me as much as I despised it. Siting up in my bed, I thought carefully about my day.

There was no way I would feel comfortable to face Byakuya today, so avoidance is a top priority on my list. I did have my report to hand into captain Ukitake, and he was ofter in his office this early in the mourning. If he wasn't ill again that is.

I took a quick five minute shower and rushed to get dressed, if all my plans were to work out correctly I had to be quick. Wasting time was not an option. If I looked to be to busy with work, no one would ask questions.

I reached the 13th barracks, my raven hair wiping my face with the currents of the violent wind, oddly with a smile. I really felt happy to be here. Unbeknown to me at the time, I was being watched.

"Hi Rukia!" A slurred soprano voice chimed behind me. Jumping out of my skin, laughter emitted from the same voice and a much more husky one.

I turned, shock written all over my features and saw two very drunk seated members of our squad. Calming down, I sighed at the two of them. How normal.

"You scared me half to death." I exclaimed, my hand resting against my beating heart.

"Oh, Rukia, your scared at anything!" Kione giggled once more.

Sentaro walked up beside me and placed his arm around my shoulders. "Yeah, Rukia. You need to relax more, have some fun," Jumping away next to Kione they both wore large smiles. "Like us!"

"But your both drunk." I pointed out.

They turned in unison to study each other, then back to me, their eyes both had a little gleam. "It's not that hard to get drunk, Rukia." Kione laughed.

Sentaro reached for my arm, and began dragging my towards one of the barracks many buildings. "Come on, we'll help you."

"B-but, I don't want to get drunk." I added, fear layered my tone.

As if it was a miracle I felt a sweet presence behind me, instantly calming me. The other two stopped in their tracks. "Kione, Sentaro. Let Rukia go on with her duties, I want you both sober the next time I see you."

We all turned to see Captain Ukitake wearing a smile. He was used to the normal antics around here and could only smile at them now.

Kione and Sentaro giggled and ran off. I wouldn't like to know where, but who ever they were going to go pester I felt sorry for them.

I gazed back up at Captain Ukitake, now smiling down at me, I replied with one myself. "Good morning, Captain."

"Good morning, Rukia. How did your mission yesterday go with young Renji?" He questioned.

Captain Ukitake was a very laid back type of man. Just being around him made me feel relaxed, it was something I secretly admired about him.

"It went very well, thank you Captain. Renji and I have split the report in two. He'll give his to Captain Kuchiki today." I added, using one of the many formal titles for Byakuya.

"Ahh, yes. Thank you, Rukia." He added as I handed him my share of the report.

I bowed my head slightly in respect and began walking away from captain Ukitake who know unfolding the report.

"Oh, Rukia." I paused, and turned.

"Unfortunately there is some new paperwork on your desk. You might want to finish them sometime soon." He smiled then walked off in the opposite direction.

I inwardly groaned at the thought of more paperwork. I didn't have the title of Lieutenant, but I defiantly had the amount of paperwork to prove it.


Sitting on my desk chair, my legs hugged against my chest and my head resting on my knees, as I looked out the window to the small garden, this time I didn't cry. I smiled.

After speaking with Ichigo, everything seemed less harder than before. Even ignoring the large stack of paperwork just sitting on my desk was easy. Though I was sure most of it was due by the end of the day.

I stayed in that position for what seemed like a life time. I liked not having a care in the world, being able to smile freely. It was nice.

However, not everything can last forever.

I swirled my chair around to see who had knocked and opened my office door.

And there he stood. The man I had planned to avoid all day was standing in my door way.


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