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It was late, Bella's breathing was steady and I knew she was deep asleep. This was the time at night that was the longest. Watching her but trying desperately to not touch her. Perhaps just the lightest touch wouldn't disturb her. My fingers barely whispered across her arm, moving up towards her neck. I lingered there, caressing her soft skin, feeling the pulse of her blood flowing beneath my fingers.

Unable to stop myself I moved my face down to her neck, allowing myself to breathe in the scent of her. My nose gently nuzzled her neck and she threw her head back and moaned. One simple moan set my icy body on fire. I moved my fingers further down, venturing into uncharted territory.

She shifted in her sleep slightly, allowing me easier access as my fingers advanced. As quickly as I questioned the course of my actions I pushed them aside. I wasn't going to move beyond this exploration. No one would be the wiser in the morning.

Slowly my fingers moved further down. From my angle I could see the swells of her breasts beneath her light top. Surely she wouldn't notice a gentle caress. Just one, that was all. Moving down I allowed my fingers to softly graze her breast. The soft skin was amazingly pliable beneath my fingers. My hand covered her, almost floating above her breast but not quite. Not knowing where this sudden confidence came from I allowed my finger to graze her nipple. Instantly it hardened beneath my finger. I was in awe of the responsiveness of her body. I flicked my finger once again, hoping to elicit the same response.

A much louder moan escaped her and she arched her back into my hand. Not wanting to stop but not wanting her to wake Charlie I raised my hand from her. Her body turned towards mine, almost on instinct seeking more. Her warmth radiated from her body, my body felt like it was on fire too. I rubbed my hand along her back, tracking the delicate bones of her spine, coming to rest on the gentle swells of her bottom. Deciding not to linger I moved my hand lower, caressing her thigh. I could feel the warmth emanating from her center and I wanted to explore it. Carefully I hitched her thigh up onto my leg, allowing me easier access.

"Edward," it was a cross between a whisper and a moan.

"Shh love," patting her hair softly I moved onward towards my intended mission. Moving my hand down her thigh I quickly reached my destination. Even through her pajamas I could feel a light dampness. It pleased me to no end that I did this to her, that just close proximity to me made her wet with desire.

Needing to feel more than my current position allowed I pulled my fingers away. Examining her pajama bottoms I decided that the easiest way to gain access would be tearing a small hole in them. My mind made up I quickly tore them and gently pushed her panties aside. The warmth was unlike anything I had every experienced. Oh so gently I moved my fingers up and down her slickness, my breathing becoming labored as I tried to maintain control.

Suddenly her eyes snapped open. She looked stunned but not angry.

"Edward….don't stop," I smiled at her as my fingers continued their ministrations. Small moans filled the room and I covered her lips with my own, trying to contain them.

"Shh my love, don't forget who sleeps in the next room," she nodded, her eyes wide with lust and desire. Her body acted of its own accord, pushing and pulling against my hand, finding the rhythm that would bring her release. The wetness leaking from her only served to increase her speed as she grasped my shoulders, digging her head into chest. The sounds coming from her only served to arouse me further. My erection strained against my jeans, aching for attention. This was about her though. My needs were inconsequential in this moment.

Increasing my speed to match hers I tried to watch her face as she exploded. It was hard to keep track of the expressions that crossed her beautiful face. I had never seen her look as lovely as she did in that moment. I had never loved her more either, knowing that she was mine. Her moans were muffled in my chest and the blankets surrounding us. It took a moment for her breath to return to normal, for her to be able to speak again.

"Why?" She looked deep into my eyes, not embarrassed but wanting to know what had come over me.

"I couldn't help it, night after night I lay next to you, I may be immune to your blood but not your body," my eyes looked down her, lingering on ever luscious curve.

Suddenly she was pushing me and I allowed myself to be pushed back, wondering what had come over her. She came over my, lying on top of me while her lips attacked mine. Her fingers wandered over my body. She lifted her body slightly when she reached my pants, her fingers trying desperately to open the top button. I pushed her hands away gently. She started to shake her head, but quickly I had her on her back and stood up.

I could tell by the look in her eyes that she thought I was going to walk away so I used my speed to quickly remove my clothes and dispel that notion. She gasped as her eyes took in my body. To her credit she did not look away when she took in my massive erection. A blush quickly filled her cheeks though and without warning I was back in bed, my hands tearing her clothes away from her, not caring about being considerate.

She pushed away the scraps from her body and opened her arms to me. I hovered over her, my mind questioning my actions for a split second and then she raised her lips to mine and all questions left my mind. She was mine and I was going to have her. Slowly I kissed her lips revealing in the passion held in a simple kiss. My hand reached down to her wetness, trying to ascertain if she was ready for me. She moaned and pressed into me, wanting more.

Slowly I guided myself into her. I tried valiantly to maintain control as I was engulfed by her warmth. It was unlike any feeling I had every experienced. Words could not describe the energy that was coursing thru my body. Ever so slightly I began to move within her. Her body writhed beneath mine, her moans escaping at regular intervals. I was going to remind her to be quiet when her hips started moving with mine, matching me stroke for stroke. All attempts at remaining coherent were lost. Moving together as one was more than I could handle. I knew that I would not be lasting much longer and I took Bella's lips with my own. I wanted to try to let her know the passion I had for her. She pulled away, her head thrashing back and forth as she moaned while I moved inside her. The sight of her in the throes of passion was more than I could handle. With one last thrust I exploded within her. She exploded with me, our moans echoing in the small room. Our lips met again, hungrily tasting one another, wanting to savor the moment.

My mind was slowly coming back into focus, recovering from the incredible experience that had just occurred. I shifted to the side of Bella, raining kisses down upon her head. I should have realized, should have heard sooner the sounds of Charlie coming down the hall but by the time I registered the sound it was too late.

The door to Bella's room flew open, slamming against the wall. Charlie stood in the doorway, his face bright red a shotgun in his hands which he quickly raised at me.

"What in the hell do you think you are doing in my home?" His face was an unhealthy shade of red and I was concerned about his health but realized that it wouldn't be judicious to mention it at such a time.

Quickly I raised the blanket to cover us, my mind no where near equipped to explain the situation in a way that he would accept.

"Daddy," Bella apparently was willing to attempt this. I felt bad, having to have her face him but I had nothing to offer at this time.

"Don't Daddy me Bella," he stalked further into the room, never lowering his shotgun. I realized that perhaps I should act frightened, surely any normal teenager in this position would be scared.

"Mr. Swan," I held my hands up, trying desperately to think of anything that would placate him.

"Not a word from you Edward, get out of my house again, I do not want to see your face around here again." I simply nodded and attempted to redress, trying hard to remember that I had to slow down to appear normal.

"Isabella Marie Swan, get your clothes on now," he looked around the room and noticed her shards of clothing scattered about. "What in the hell did you do to her?"

Silence was my only option here. I simply looked down, pulled on my shoes and went to Bella's side, trying to protect her from his anger.

"Step away from my daughter before I arrest you. I will not hurt her but I can not say the same for you." I nodded, silently checking his mind to ensure that Bella was safe before squeezing her hand and walking out.

I felt bad leaving Bella in that situation but I couldn't risk pushing Charlie over the edge, he would quickly become suspicious if bullets started ricocheting off my body. Walking out the front door I headed to the woods and ran home, trying to find a way to explain what had just happened because I was sure that Alice had filled them in. I wondered what the repercussions of our tryst would have because I couldn't wait to have Bella alone again but I didn't see that coming to fruition any time soon.

Well more will be coming very soon. Hope you enjoyed. Thanks!